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#8isgreat My Marriage Is Redeemed

Today I celebrate EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of holy matrimony to my wonderful husband, Kevin. For the past week I’ve been posting all the things I love about being married and I had to share them with you all. The count down leads to a recent video where I shared how God redeemed my marriage through his word and a great marriage ministry. I hope you enjoy it and appreciate your spouse even more. Also, check the end for additional marriage encouragement blogs. 
In 7 days I will be celebrating EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of marriage to Kevin Kemp. Let the count down of marvelous things and compliments begin! During our 8 years I’ve watched my husband grow into an amazing man. People have always complimented me for being his cheerleader and I will never stop, lest some thot, I mean rock cry out for me. His leadership has kept us on an upward path and I’m glad he is wholeheartedly following The Most High. His presence in our home exemplifies God’s definition of love because he is so patient with me, kind to me, and definitely doesn’t keep a record of my wrongs. His love for me proves that God’s word is true and can still be applied in 2015. There is nothing like being with the man that God designed with me in mind, for me to mind. FYI #8isgreat and #TeamKEMP is almost there. #November1st​

In 6 days we will be celebrating EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of marriage!  I still remember every vivid detail of the day he asked me to marry him.  I still remember every moment from our intimate wedding.  It is amazing how much our life has changed in just 8, seemingly short years.  My husband is my hero because his hard work funds #TeamKEMP and he has never complained about it.  He allows me the grand opportunity to be a homemaker and has entrusted me to educate our children.  He is a phenomenal provider and because of his due diligence, we want for nothing.  Only The Most High can multiply exponentially by subtracting an income.  I’m just grateful for a husband that doesn’t mind going to work!  Kevin Kemp is a super provider, priest/pastor, and protector. #8isgreat

In 4 days I will be celebrating EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of marriage to Kevin Kemp! I’m a bit excited, can you tell? My husband is the best pastor that I’ve ever had. He loves me just as commanded in the word of God. He always teaches us Bible studies and we get a snippet of his sermons first. My favorite time in our marriage was when we didn’t have a church home and he would sit us down throughout the week and teach. That season was awesome because I got to see how much he had grown. Also love the fact that he lives what he teaches because a sermon is better caught than taught. People are often surprised to hear the things that we have went through because looking at us now you would never know. But, that is how believers are supposed to look. God’s grace and mercy is amazing. The blood of Jesus can transform you! Our family and marriage is a testimony to what our Sovereign and Almighty God can do. #8isgreat #TeamKEMP


Since life kept me from posting yesterday, I had to share two things today about Kevin Kemp.  My husband is a great protector. I feel so safe with him but not just naturally safe.  Although, I’m definitely not nervous if something were to go down because my husband has the coldest hands and Denton, TX. He is also still looking for Mr. Clean from the library incident.  My husband protects my emotions by handling issues without me even knowing. He also calms me down during my outbursts and ensures that I don’t make any rash decisions that will adversely affect our witness. <– Yep. The secret to taming the infamous Pop Off Ministry is a Godly husband. #getyouone  My husband also protects me spiritually which is greatly appreciated.  He is my covering. <–#thatsbible His guidance ensures that we are not taken advantage of.  He equips me with the a clear understanding of the word so I can teach our children.  Did y’all know that we will be celebrating EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of marriage in just 4 days or nah? πŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ’ž πŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ’ž #8isgreat #TeamKEMP

In 3 days, #TeamKEMP will be celebrating EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of marriage and I am super excited about it.  Today we will keep it short and sweet.  My husband is loved and respected throughout our community. I find it hilarious that people who deem us “radical” and “super saved” assume that we are not liked.  Well, just let it forever be known that people like us, love us, and we have friends.  No matter what church we are at, he volunteers to help out or someone asks him to help out.  One day he spent most of the service seating people at OCBF like we were members.  Kevin Kemp is a phenomenal leader and a diligent worker for the Kingdom. #8isgreat #iluhKevin

Today, I am complimenting Kevin Kemp on ORDER.  Oh yes, he runs a tight ship and makes sure the entire family falls in line.  His instructions aren’t hard to follow and ensure our home is not divided.  EVERY decision, aside from the annual Vice palette purchase, goes through him.  It has to because the weight of our family’s success falls on his shoulders.  Now, a long, loong, looooooong time ago I might have went against the order.  But, I was foolish and viewed God’s order as control.  Yep, I was one of those anti-submission type of Christian women.  I was one of those “always have a plan B” type of women.  But one day I had to realize that if I kept being disobedient or focusing on plan B, I was going to destroy God’s perfect plan A.  I thank God for my light bulb moment.  It was then that I realized I was a foolish woman, destroying my home with my hands.  That’s when God transformed me and over the years wisdom has come.  I build my home now and most importantly I THANK GOD FOR DIVINE ORDER!!  I THANK GOD FOR SUBMISSION!!  Kemp carries the weight of our team well and I try my best to help him by doing my part.  His house is in order which also qualifies him to preach God’s word. #thatsbible In just 2 days we will be celebrating EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of marriage. #8isgreat #TeamKEMP

Tomorrow we will be celebrating EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of marriage.  It doesn’t seem like a long time at all but I’m grateful for everything we’ve achieved.  Today, I had to compliment Kevin Kemp on his goal setting and follow through.  Looking at his original board (I love it when he breaks boards), he has accomplished every goal he set for us that year.  Sometimes I feel stalled and get frustrated wondering is the next goal going to happen.  Husband always keeps his cool, ensures me that we are on track, and reminds me of all the things we’ve achieved. <— So glad he isn’t hemotional.  I have several options after his reminders but I always choose to trust our path.  He is obedient to God and I’m obedient to him so I know that we will get those desires.  In fact, since he seeks God in everything, all of his desires are what God desires for us.  That’s what you call Psalm 37:4-5 coming to life. #thatsbible #TeamKEMP #8isgreat #iluhKevin

Today I celebrate EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of holy matrimony to Kevin Kemp.  Every year I pray that God gives him a better wife and he does by changing me.  I’m honored to be his wife and to serve such a phenomenal protector, provider, and priest.  Today I thank God for Kevin being a phenomenal father.   I love it when our sons try to walk and talk like him.  His daily presence in our home definitely makes a difference.  The message last night reminded me that I have the opportunity to show my children something different.  Kevin has always been so patient with me as I learned what having him in the home truly meant.  My husband is changing the world, one Kemp at a time by being a great husband and attentive father.  So glad our marriage is redeemed and I look forward to every anniversary we will spend together. #8isgreat #TeamKEMP #iluhKevin

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Make this week exquisite, 

~Ta’Neisha K.~


I’m EQUIPPED to succeed!


Yesterday was a bad homeschool day. It was one of the worst homeschool days we have had in a while. It started off okay, but as soon as we got to our new unit of creative writing, I could see my son was not interested. That’s when the war started.

As soon as I start explaining the new unit and showing my excitement, I could see him shutting down. He immediately showed he wasn’t interested in writing that day and slowly started the assignment. A planned fifteen minute exercise took us nearly an hour to complete. I couldn’t believe it. I explained to him that he was more than equipped to do the work because I had taught him in the previous lessons. He still didn’t want to do it. He thought it was going to be hard. His mind was made up and nothing I said could change it.


This truly inspired me because it reminds me of my relationship with God. He is constantly showing me the direction that he wants me to go in and it terrifies me. I am 100% uncomfortable with every glimpse of my future that I’ve seen. I love it when he shows me things that my husband and children are going to do. I seriously get overjoyed and excited. But, when he begins to display his plan for me via visions, dreams, or confirmed prophecies I just feel…

I just feel scared. I feel unprepared. I feel unworthy. I seriously don’t want to mess it up. I just think that since I’m comfortable where I am that I should be able to stay there. But we all know that a stagnant life is not beneficial to anyone.

Back to the story…
Eventually my son started to do the work, understood most of the work, asked questions about the new material, and finally completed the assignment. Yes, he was forced, supported, and encouraged to push through it because I REFUSED TO LET HIM GIVE UP.  He complained but soon realized that though the new work was hard, I had prepared him for it via our previous lessons. He was equipped for success.


Back to the lesson/life application…
I realize that God is saying the same thing to me right now. “Yes, it is new. Yes, it’s hard. BUT I’VE EQUIPPED YOU FOR THE WORK.”

I am terrified. I will honestly admit that my life in Christ has been nothing short of spectacular and amazing. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t followed every step that he laid out for me to the best of my ability. When I am obedient to him, I am blessed beyond measure. Why would I give that up?

I think yesterday’s horrible homeschool day was what I needed for encouragement. I’m strengthened to run on and see what the end will be. I’ve been prepared for the next “big thing” by The Most High. I AM EQUIPPED TO SUCCEED!

Make this week successful,
~Ta’Neisha K.~

While There Is Still Time To Say “Thank You”…


While there is still time to say “thank you,” I want to appreciate my Lord and Savior for the gift of salvation and the daily blessings that I don’t deserve. I’m so grateful for the miracles, love, and peace that only you can provide. I’m in awe of you, Most High, Counselor, Creator of all, Great King, the Only Wise and True.

While there is still time to say “thank you,” I tell husband that I couldn’t do any of this without him leading me. Kevin your strength and patience with me deserves an award. Seriously. I must concur with my father’s words of “she’s a handful” but most days I’m two or three handfuls. You provide for us. You cover us. You teach us the word. You are the best pastor, provider, and protector.

While there is still time to say “thank you,” I remind my children daily that they are the best “arrows” a mom could hope for. My oldest is a great kid. Most days I’m trying to figure out how he turned out so awesome but I know God did 99% of it. Since he got the first child on the right path then I know #2 will be a great kid too. I’m grateful for how they interact with one another. I also enjoy seeing their personalities and talents come alive while teaching them in school.


I could go on for a million more mentions but you get the gist of it. In the passing months I’ve had friends lose spouses, children, family members, and even pets. Any loss is tragic. No matter the age or relationship, I’m always reaching out to those that have lost what was near and dear to them.

I’m not trying to turn this post into a morbid rant but while there is time to say “thank you,” SAY IT! Don’t let this Thanksgiving be a time where you only appreciate those you see often. Make time to call, text, email, or write a letter to those you haven’t spoken to in years. Use this time to forgive, reach out, reconnect, and move forward. As any grandmother would say, “give people their flowers while they yet live.”


So, let Thanksgiving 2014 be your official THANKS GIVING DAY! Appreciate those all around you for everything they do.

Here are a few of my “Thank You” gifts…

Hey librarian, thank you for recommending great books to go with our homeschool themes.

Hello donut shop worker, my son always appreciates the extra chocolate glazed donut holes you give us, in addition to the complimentary ones. Thank you!

Pizza buffet worker, I appreciate how you put my special order in as soon as my family walks through the door, before we pay. You’re so attentive and we thank you.

Pastor, your sermons seem tailor made for what we are dealing with. Thank you for being used freely by God.

You, great blog friend that read this post until the end, YOU’RE AWESOME! Thank you for supporting my hobby. I hope you have a grand Thanksgiving and phenomenal holiday season.

Make this week pleasant,
~Ta’Neisha K.~

Grandfathers are GREAT!


Here recently, we went on two vacations which included visits to our grandfathers. Now that you’ve read the previous sentence, ask yourself these quick questions:
-When is the last time you visited your grandparents?
-What is the last time you visited your aunts or uncles?
-When is the last time you visited any of your older family members?

If you have to really think to remember these visits, then it is past time for you revisit those people and create some fresh memories.


There is nothing like spending time with those who are responsible for creating the awesome parents that created you. There is nothing like taking a trip down memory lane and learning some of the history that lies within your veins. There is nothing like watching eyes of all ages light up as older generations meet, hug, and love on younger generations. There is nothing like family.


During our visits I got to meet family on my husband’s side, that I’d never met before. I met aunts, uncles, cousins, and second cousins that I have enjoyed getting to know. I made some precious memories, tasted Aunt Barbara’s famous culinary creations, attended a birthday party, and pick some apples from my grandfather’s Apple tree. I learned the history of my husband’s grandfather and how he changed his life. I also enjoyed listening to my own grandfather tell me where he was when President Kennedy died. He also shared memories of my grandmother that I’d never heard before. While visiting, I made sure that I asked hard, life questions and I received truthful answers from both of them. I was so grateful that they were open, honest, and willing to share their lives with me.



Life is short. My grandfathers have lived on this earth for 80+ years but that is not a long time. No matter what older relatives you have left, MAKE THE TIME to spend time with them. MAKE THE TIME to spend with your family. Share the history with your children and take photographs of these precious memories.

Click the link below to hear the stories and lessons that I learned while visiting my grandfathers.

If you are interested in emailing me directly then use this contact form.

Make this week memorable,
~Ta’Neisha K.~

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Special shout out to my great husband for encouraging me to be better, reach higher, work harder, and especially for his persistent pushing.

If my Comfort Zone were an actual place, I imagine that it would have mood lighting, plenty of plush of pillows, and a sectional couches with recliners. Why? Because I love seating options. In my Comfort Zone there would be soft music playing, a fire place, and a waiter serving my ginger peach tea with lemon 24/7. Did I mention the on demand masseuse?

Doesn’t my Comfort Zone sound like a relaxing establishment? So you can understand that when this challenge was suggested to me it made me COMPLETELY UNCOMFORTABLE. Nevertheless I’m glad I decided to do it. That’s why I’m so grateful for my husband. He truly knows what I need before I notice it.

I could give you a myriad of reasons as to why you should stay in your comfortable place but the truth is none of them matter. As a believer, I understand that when it is time to move then it is time to move. Even if you try your hardest to stay in your Comfort Zone, God is going to make it so uncomfortable that the thought of remaining there will be unbearable.

Tips and Reminders
1) Don’t be scared to leave the familiar for the unknown. Truth be told we can all sense “the shift” prior to that season starting. You can run the opposite direction if you desire but I prefer to go forward and strive towards the next level.
2) Don’t let your “first step fear” cause you to miss out on grand opportunities. I know how nervous I feel when I decide to take on a new task but I enjoy the feeling I have once I’ve exceeded my initial goal and expectations. I would never experience that success if I didn’t move from my Comfort Zone, in obedience to God, with confirmation through his word.
3) Complacency will halt your growth. Saw this picture via Encourage Me Rofasho’s Instagram and thought it was a #nuffsaid moment.

Via Rofashojo Instagram

Via Rofashojo on Instagram

Is it scary to step out of and subsequently depart your Comfort Zone? Ummm YES! But I am excited to see what lies beyond my cozy and convenient corner. I’m not sure where life will take me but I know that in over 30 years God has never failed me. Look for clarification in his word. God is faithful and will fulfill every promise.

To hear details about how I’m stepping out of my Comfort Zone check out my latest video.

Make this week AWESOME,
~Ta’Neisha K.~

Great Things of 2014 – 1st Quarter

Can you believe the first quarter of the year is almost over?!?! Time is truly flying by but that must be because I’m enjoying every moment of life. Here are some great things that have happened to me during the first quarter of 2014.

First, as a family we’ve enjoyed getting to know our newest member. Our youngest is now 4 months and he is so much fun. We enjoy loving him and are still amazed about his surprise arrival.

Second, our homeschool made it through new baby boot camp and we are back to our normal schedule. I’m so appreciative of all the advice I received about how to teach with a newborn. The best advice was to enjoy the baby, which is what we did. Of course it was hard at first but things did get easier as time progressed. Now he even sits in the classroom with us.

Third, I enjoyed a fun night out with my friends. We attended a concert for one of my best friend’s birthdays. I enjoyed the event but I did call and check on my three kings constantly. Daddy survived his first time keeping two rather than one and told me to “stop calling and enjoy myself.” Check out my blonde hair and gold makeup.

Fun night with Friends

Fourth, my family has continued our commitment to fitness. We’ve been walking to the park several times a week, we play family basketball, race each other, do jumping jacks, etc. It feels great to enjoy the outdoors together. I also find that exercising together makes it more enjoyable for me.

Fifth, I decided to laugh more often. I saw this tweet from UberFacts
@UberFacts tweeted at 9:17pm – 14 Mar 14: Children laugh an average of 400 times a day, while adults laugh about 15 times a day. This saddened me and I made it my mission to truly LOL a lot more. If I find it funny I don’t giggle, I literally laugh out loud. This has made me feel great. I suggest you try it. My children will not out laugh me. Even typing that last sentence made me laugh.

There are so many great things that happened to me and my family during the first quarter of this year. In life it is easy to focus on the bad things for an extended time and briefly enjoy the good things. I’m not doing that anymore. Life is too short to skim over the great things.

For more great things check out my recent video.

Make this week grand,

~Ta’Neisha K.~