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God Has You Covered

I posted this status update on December 30, 2015 but the words still ring true today. Remember to remain obedient to God each day of every year and He will keep you covered.

“The story details are simply amazing but I will just hit you with the high points.

1) Quick transition can seem scary but when you’re obedient to the will of The Most High you shouldn’t be afraid to move swiftly. He’s got you covered.

2) Frustration in work is normal. Take a deep breath, take a break, and get back to doing what you’re supposed to. No labor, done in good faith is EVER in vain. He’s got you covered.

3) Keeping a prayer journal is an amazing tool. You have an actual log of every life battle and how God brought you out. Oh, and on the days you don’t think he is moving then just look in the mirror and realize that you’re still here. He’s got you covered.

4) As a wife I get the privilege to experience all our adult problems but not necessarily bear “ultimate responsibility” as my husband does. Sometimes life happens and it is super wacktastic. My favorite part of every day is letting him know that he is doing a great job. Our pastor, protector, and provider is awesome and I’m amazed at how he bears it all. Kevin is built for it and he has us covered. Kevin is obedient to The Most High God. HE HAS US COVERED!

Remain obedient in 2015 so you don’t lose your covering.”



Happy New Year!

Ta’Neisha K.


God, I thank you for answered prayers!

Does God hear me when I pray? 

Will God answer my prayers? 

How do I know my prayer has been answered? 

Every believer has wondered these things at one time or another.   I’m simply posting this blog as a reminder to myself and encouragement for every other believer out there.  Know that God hears us, answers us, and will give us a sign.  I hope you enjoy my testimony.



I’ve been eyeing an easel for the children for years but hadn’t purchased one yet.  Yesterday while we were walking through Toys-R-Us I saw several and quietly prayed “God, thank you for our easel” as we walked away.  While driving out of the neighborhood this morning, it was my turn to lead prayer time.  Today I decided to say a prayer of Thanksgiving rather than ask God for anything.  During the prayer I saw that an easel was lying on the curb of our neighbor’s home.   My husband probably thought I was crazy when I shouted “God, thank you for our easel” as I pointed to the curb.  We pulled up, he placed it in our car, and we drove to worship more grateful than we had been minutes prior.

I was so happy!

Now, was it a coincidence that we just happened to drive down the street and run into the very thing that I had prayed for the day prior?  Probably so, but I believe that God desires for me to have what I ask for.  Seriously, I serve the only God that can do anything! A simple easel request is not too hard for the Most High.  His quick response on my prayer reminded me of how sweet it is to receive an answer from God.




Recently I have been praying about some things and felt so discouraged.  Yes, joyful Ta’Neisha felt dejected.  I’m known for encouraging and uplifting believers as the Holy Spirit leads; however, when it was my turn to be encouraged it seemed that no one noticed.  (That’s just a trick of the enemy because we are never alone and the word offers encouragement.)  In fact, in my time of need it appeared that others required my support all the more which caused me to put my hard time on hold.

My confidence was renewed during a worship service a couple of weeks ago when a young woman, that I have only spoken to twice, provided reassurance on everything that I have been praying about.  I’m usually the person initiating these conversations but this time I was on the receiving end.  My faith in God was reinforced because I knew that he had heard every word I’d only uttered in secret.  I left that service rejoicing!



So, based on my 34 years of life, I can truly say that a righteous believer should never fret about the power of prayer.  Prayer is our required way of communication with the King and a gift to us, in my opinion, because it allows instant opportunity to speak freely with El Shaddai in the name of Jesus.  And, if you feel like you don’t know how to pray then don’t fret because there is a verse for your situation.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just opened my Bible and prayed God’s word back to Him.  I bet you never thought a children’s art accessory could inspire or be a reminder of the faithfulness God.  You never know what God will use to remind you of his powerful presence.

So dear believer, keep pressing, keep believing, and definitely keep praying! God is faithful, hears our prayers, and he will answer you.
Make this week prayerful,

Ta’Neisha K.

Don’t forget to pray for your marriage and your pastor.

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Faith Through Frustration 

It was FOOTBALL SATURDAY!!!  Our oldest had just scored a touchdown on the field, while the sleepy, frustrated, and hot toddlers were acting out in the bleachers.  As team mom, I tried to smile and push through the tantrums but at half-time, I was fed ALL THE WAY UP.  I decided to head to the car and at the park entrance gate I saw a boy sitting alone and crying.  My heart melts because the boy looks like he is my oldest son’s age, with glasses and everything.  Mind you, I watched several families walk past him and not acknowledge him at all.

Mother instinct kicked in, I approached him and introduced myself, but kept some distance.  He told me he was lost and couldn’t find his mother.  I asked if he could help me help him by telling me his name and who he is here with.  Then, I took him around the park until we found his brother’s team and his mother.

I’m so glad we found them.

Now, I’m not writing this to brag or to talk bad about the parent who lost their child.  I am writing this because even though my children’s behavior had me frustrated, it was all part of God’s plan to get me to be there, at the time that child needed me to help him.  The story of this lost son had a happy ending and for that I’m so grateful.

There are times in life when we are so frustrated and wondering what is happening and why is it happening.  Yes, even the Holy Ghost filled believer will occasionally wonder.  But, if you’re being obedient to the will and word of God, then you need not wonder or wander astray in times of frustration.  He is faithful to his children and he loves us.  Don’t fret or let the cares of your current situations deter you from the high calling in Christ Jesus.  Don’t second guess your ordered steps and wander off course to try things your way either.  It may be uncomfortable now, but if you hold fast you will grow from this and your testimony will help someone else.

This couldn’t have happened at a better time because lately I’ve been rethinking my steps, wondering if I missed something.  I had been asking “God, did I get it wrong?”  I’ve found myself wondering what is going on and why it is happening to me.  But today’s situation reminded me that my frustration is not for naught.  God hears me, perfectly ordered my previous steps, and continues to order my current and future steps.  Even in this very situation, after the boy was returned to his mother, I could hear the Father saying “just trust me because you’re in the right place.”

God is so faithful!

I take joy in knowing that wondering moments in my walk are quickly ceased by his word.  I only know to trust him.  I must keep my faith through my frustration so I can pass the test and grow.  The same goes for you because in due time, if you abide in him, all trials become testimonies.  So dear believer, keep pressing!

Keep the faith through frustrations so you will endure until the end.



Make this week triumphant,

~Ta’Neisha K.
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God WILL Provide

This social media status came across my memories today and I had to share it with you all.  

“Husband was on the phone when he said the quote of the day, “My wife hasn’t worked in 7 years.”  I remember praying to be a SAHM.  I remember the day I became one and my husband said “God will provide.”  I remember people telling me that once my first becomes school aged then Kevin would require me to work again.  I remember others saying once we have a second child there’s no way I could stay home.  I also remember those saying I need a side account just in case he didn’t let me have any money or was stingy with his check.  I DISTINCTLY remember checking every single person, in the most Holy way. 

We’ve never bragged about what we have because honestly, we barely had “it” in the early years but God always provided. He has blessed the work of my husband’s hands tremendously. I’m grateful for Kevin Kemp because he has never made me feel inadequate or inferior for not bringing in more than a little YT money. He values my work at home and enjoys every benefit. Everything either of us makes is ours and no secret anything is needed. 

God is faithful to those who are faithful to him.  I love my King because he honors the King of kings.  There is nothing like life with The Most High especially when I get to share it with my wonderful husband.  Don’t let other’s comments interrupt God’s plan for your life.  Remind them that your home is not up for discussion and that God takes care of his children.  Long and random but I thank God for a reminder of where we came from and a glimpse of where we are going.”

I posted that status on August 11, 2015 but these words are still true today.  Never forget that God is more than able to equip, give provision, lead, and guide you through your life.  Just remain obedient to his will and the Word of God in the Bible.  He has never broken a promise.  He has never failed.  His perfect love for his children is everlasting and his truth will endure forever. 

If you ever get concerned about his track record, read your Bible and watch your faith come alive again.  Take a trip down memory lane and revisit the miracles He has performed for friends, family, and even yourself.  Even as I write this, life is happening and I’m truly concerned but I know God is able. I’ve trusted him through our journey and I will never be persuaded to stop.  He is never failing!  He is powerful!  He is great and mighty!  He is love and truth personified!  He reigns forever and ever more! He is! He just is!  

Never doubt his presence, power, and promises.  Be strong believers.  Remain obedient. ENDURE!  
God WILL provide.

Make this week powerful,

~Ta’Neisha K.

Rember Your History of Victory

This challenge comes at a time in my life when so much transition is going on in a grand way.  First, we completed our family when we were blessed to have a great little girl (pregnancy blog coming soon), and second we have moved from the home and town where our love and life began.  Both of these wonderful things have been a marvelous addition to the story of our lives as #TeamKEMP but come with natural moments of excitement, nervousness, healthy fear, and more.  The good part for obedient believers is that all these emotions also come with a pure peace from God once you realize his plans are perfect and have never failed you before.

I took some time while packing to remember what life was like for Kevin and me before marriage, children, and all the adult responsibilities we’ve added on over our fifteen years of being together.  We were eighteen and nineteen year old young adults when we met and through obedience unto God, our life has turned into so much more than we could’ve ever dreamed.  I’m so glad that I made time to journal some of our triumphs, testimonies, dreams, goals, and blessings because it has given us a record of our victorious history in Christ.  The Most High God is so faithful and we are grateful for the care he has taken of us as we have dated, gotten married, been fruitful, and multiplied.

history of victory.png

This month I suggest you make some time to go back down memory lane and REMEMBER YOUR HISTORY OF VICTORY.  Doesn’t the bold and underline make that phrase sound super awesome?  That’s because your story is super awesome, amazing, fantastic, and even prize-winning.  Your obedience in Christ has allowed you to accomplish great things and God has blessed you more than you’ll ever know.  So, when you think of a “thank you Lord” moment, write it in a journal so you will never forget.  Tell the stories to your children, grandchildren, and teach them to do the same so the faithfulness of our never failing, omnipotent, and omnipresent God will continue to be told forever.  And always read, memorize, and speak scripture to share the foundation of and history of our beliefs.

Check out my recent video to hear some of #TeamKEMP’s history of victory and what I use my various journals for.

Make this week prize-winning,

~Ta’Neisha K.


WIFE TALK: Wife First

I posted this status on Facebook a few years ago and thought it was a great reminder to put our vows before all the other jobs we encounter. 

I know I’m not the only one…

I don’t know what it is about my anniversary that makes me feel like a new woman in love all over again.  I go out out of my way to look extraordinary to remind Kevin of why he picked me.  BUT THEN I think about my daily routine prior to 11/1.  It is always my intention to be a wife first but often I forget.  When Kevin comes home he is tired, I’m tired, Kenden is tired.  We eat, prepare for bed, etc and it starts all over the next day.  This is no one’s fault.  It happens to all of us.  So I encourage all my wife friends to make it your mission to be a wife. 

FYI THIS IS NOT A SEX THEMED POST <–your bedroom is your business–> this is an enjoy your position fully post.

Start little by little.  Maybe adjust children’s bedtime routines to ensure you two have daily alone time.  Talk and listen to each other MORE THAN the basic “how was work?”  Discuss your goals, dreams, tell the stories of how you met.  Maybe include some adjustments in what you wear to bed.  I’m not saying spend every night covered in silk and lace <–but if you do go on girl!–> but there are many cute cotton chemise gowns that can replace an old laundry day t-shirt.  And it will make you feel better.

Ladies this job gives us a million additional titles per our family.  There is a way to manage it all. WIFE FIRST!!  I’ve been doing this and it works.  Don’t know how long before old habits resurface but I will always have this post as a reminder and my short list to hold me accountable.

Remember your marriage is victorious,
~Ta’Neisha K.~

#8isgreat My Marriage Is Redeemed

Today I celebrate EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of holy matrimony to my wonderful husband, Kevin. For the past week I’ve been posting all the things I love about being married and I had to share them with you all. The count down leads to a recent video where I shared how God redeemed my marriage through his word and a great marriage ministry. I hope you enjoy it and appreciate your spouse even more. Also, check the end for additional marriage encouragement blogs. 
In 7 days I will be celebrating EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of marriage to Kevin Kemp. Let the count down of marvelous things and compliments begin! During our 8 years I’ve watched my husband grow into an amazing man. People have always complimented me for being his cheerleader and I will never stop, lest some thot, I mean rock cry out for me. His leadership has kept us on an upward path and I’m glad he is wholeheartedly following The Most High. His presence in our home exemplifies God’s definition of love because he is so patient with me, kind to me, and definitely doesn’t keep a record of my wrongs. His love for me proves that God’s word is true and can still be applied in 2015. There is nothing like being with the man that God designed with me in mind, for me to mind. FYI #8isgreat and #TeamKEMP is almost there. #November1st​

In 6 days we will be celebrating EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of marriage!  I still remember every vivid detail of the day he asked me to marry him.  I still remember every moment from our intimate wedding.  It is amazing how much our life has changed in just 8, seemingly short years.  My husband is my hero because his hard work funds #TeamKEMP and he has never complained about it.  He allows me the grand opportunity to be a homemaker and has entrusted me to educate our children.  He is a phenomenal provider and because of his due diligence, we want for nothing.  Only The Most High can multiply exponentially by subtracting an income.  I’m just grateful for a husband that doesn’t mind going to work!  Kevin Kemp is a super provider, priest/pastor, and protector. #8isgreat

In 4 days I will be celebrating EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of marriage to Kevin Kemp! I’m a bit excited, can you tell? My husband is the best pastor that I’ve ever had. He loves me just as commanded in the word of God. He always teaches us Bible studies and we get a snippet of his sermons first. My favorite time in our marriage was when we didn’t have a church home and he would sit us down throughout the week and teach. That season was awesome because I got to see how much he had grown. Also love the fact that he lives what he teaches because a sermon is better caught than taught. People are often surprised to hear the things that we have went through because looking at us now you would never know. But, that is how believers are supposed to look. God’s grace and mercy is amazing. The blood of Jesus can transform you! Our family and marriage is a testimony to what our Sovereign and Almighty God can do. #8isgreat #TeamKEMP


Since life kept me from posting yesterday, I had to share two things today about Kevin Kemp.  My husband is a great protector. I feel so safe with him but not just naturally safe.  Although, I’m definitely not nervous if something were to go down because my husband has the coldest hands and Denton, TX. He is also still looking for Mr. Clean from the library incident.  My husband protects my emotions by handling issues without me even knowing. He also calms me down during my outbursts and ensures that I don’t make any rash decisions that will adversely affect our witness. <– Yep. The secret to taming the infamous Pop Off Ministry is a Godly husband. #getyouone  My husband also protects me spiritually which is greatly appreciated.  He is my covering. <–#thatsbible His guidance ensures that we are not taken advantage of.  He equips me with the a clear understanding of the word so I can teach our children.  Did y’all know that we will be celebrating EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of marriage in just 4 days or nah? 💕💓💞💕💓💞 💕💓💞 #8isgreat #TeamKEMP

In 3 days, #TeamKEMP will be celebrating EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of marriage and I am super excited about it.  Today we will keep it short and sweet.  My husband is loved and respected throughout our community. I find it hilarious that people who deem us “radical” and “super saved” assume that we are not liked.  Well, just let it forever be known that people like us, love us, and we have friends.  No matter what church we are at, he volunteers to help out or someone asks him to help out.  One day he spent most of the service seating people at OCBF like we were members.  Kevin Kemp is a phenomenal leader and a diligent worker for the Kingdom. #8isgreat #iluhKevin

Today, I am complimenting Kevin Kemp on ORDER.  Oh yes, he runs a tight ship and makes sure the entire family falls in line.  His instructions aren’t hard to follow and ensure our home is not divided.  EVERY decision, aside from the annual Vice palette purchase, goes through him.  It has to because the weight of our family’s success falls on his shoulders.  Now, a long, loong, looooooong time ago I might have went against the order.  But, I was foolish and viewed God’s order as control.  Yep, I was one of those anti-submission type of Christian women.  I was one of those “always have a plan B” type of women.  But one day I had to realize that if I kept being disobedient or focusing on plan B, I was going to destroy God’s perfect plan A.  I thank God for my light bulb moment.  It was then that I realized I was a foolish woman, destroying my home with my hands.  That’s when God transformed me and over the years wisdom has come.  I build my home now and most importantly I THANK GOD FOR DIVINE ORDER!!  I THANK GOD FOR SUBMISSION!!  Kemp carries the weight of our team well and I try my best to help him by doing my part.  His house is in order which also qualifies him to preach God’s word. #thatsbible In just 2 days we will be celebrating EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of marriage. #8isgreat #TeamKEMP

Tomorrow we will be celebrating EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of marriage.  It doesn’t seem like a long time at all but I’m grateful for everything we’ve achieved.  Today, I had to compliment Kevin Kemp on his goal setting and follow through.  Looking at his original board (I love it when he breaks boards), he has accomplished every goal he set for us that year.  Sometimes I feel stalled and get frustrated wondering is the next goal going to happen.  Husband always keeps his cool, ensures me that we are on track, and reminds me of all the things we’ve achieved. <— So glad he isn’t hemotional.  I have several options after his reminders but I always choose to trust our path.  He is obedient to God and I’m obedient to him so I know that we will get those desires.  In fact, since he seeks God in everything, all of his desires are what God desires for us.  That’s what you call Psalm 37:4-5 coming to life. #thatsbible #TeamKEMP #8isgreat #iluhKevin

Today I celebrate EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of holy matrimony to Kevin Kemp.  Every year I pray that God gives him a better wife and he does by changing me.  I’m honored to be his wife and to serve such a phenomenal protector, provider, and priest.  Today I thank God for Kevin being a phenomenal father.   I love it when our sons try to walk and talk like him.  His daily presence in our home definitely makes a difference.  The message last night reminded me that I have the opportunity to show my children something different.  Kevin has always been so patient with me as I learned what having him in the home truly meant.  My husband is changing the world, one Kemp at a time by being a great husband and attentive father.  So glad our marriage is redeemed and I look forward to every anniversary we will spend together. #8isgreat #TeamKEMP #iluhKevin

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Make this week exquisite, 

~Ta’Neisha K.~