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#ProudMom, Congratulations Bear!!

This summer Kenden entered several contests and he has won a total of $100.

  • $25 for June Reading Contest
  • $25 for July Reading Contest
  • $25 for July Activity Contest

The final $25 was won for achieving 1st place in the Writing Contest for 6-12 year olds.  He submitted his 500+ word research paper called A Primate’s Life.  I’m so proud of him!

The most amazing thing about his prizes is that he gave them out to everyne in the household.  He said with everything that’s happened,  we all deserved to buy something.  He is my FAVORITE FIRSTBORN!!  Because of his generosity, his grandparents awarded him with double his prizes and the tablet he was saving up for.  Again, we are all so proud of him!

You can read excerpts from all the winners here:

Summer Contest Writing Winners – Schoolhouse Teachers 
As a homeschooler I occasionally wonder if I am giving my children the perfect education.  Moments like these I’m so grateful for confirmation that we made the right decision and are on the right path. God is so faithful to ensure that his children are always reminded that he is guiding us and has perfected our path.  It is our prayer that he is glorified by the fruit of our household and the generations to come.
Make today grand,

Ta’Neisha K.


REVIEW: Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!

Greek n Stuff logo

This year Team KEMP Academy decided to learn Greek with the help of a curriculum created by Karen Mohs of Greek ‘n’ Stuff.  For approximately five weeks we have been learning this language via the Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! – Level 3 Set which includes the Student Workbook, “Full Text” Answer Key, Flash Cards, and the Pronunciation CD.



Going through this language as a family has definitely been fun, interesting, and full of adventure.  The Greek language has often been associated with higher education, finer lifestyles, and biblical scholarship so one might find it initially intimidating.  At first, I was a bit hesitant in attempting to learn Greek because my only familiarity of the language included a few mythology lessons in high school and several academic organizations in college.  Growing up in the south I’ve also heard quite a few preachers break down scripture using Greek which was always a sign that they attended seminary.  However, after a quick discussion with the family, Bear had convinced us all that we could handle the language and shouldn’t skip out on the opportunity to truly try something we’re not familiar with.  A few weeks in and I’m so glad we all listened to the courageous Kemp.


Even though we are newbies at this language, Level 3 is recommended because it starts with a review of the Greek alphabet as well as previously taught vocabulary from Level 1 and Level 2.  Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! – Level 3 Set is thirty-six lessons which include reviews, plenty of activities to practice reading and writing, and bible copy work.  To complete the bible copy work a Greek interlinear version of the New Testament and blank journal/notebook must also be purchased.  Bible copy work begins with the book of John and students are encouraged to start copying only one word each session and add more as they progress in the curriculum.  This allowed practice of correctly placing accents, punctuation, and breathing marks.


The provided schedule of lessons suggests students complete one lesson in the student workbook per day.  Our homeschool will continue to complete a lesson daily, Monday through Thursday during the upcoming school year.  The Flash Cards were located in the back of the Student Workbook and I just cut them out, affixed them to colored paper, laminated the set, and placed them in Ziploc bag for storage.  The process didn’t take long but you can also purchase the Flash Cards on a Ring to avoid having to personalize your family’s set of flash cards.  The Pronunciation CD is definitely a MUST HAVE because there were a few words that I have been mispronouncing.  If it wasn’t for the CD, I would’ve never known and definitely could have passed my ill-informed Greek to my children.  The alphabet song is easy to learn, teach to others, and would be a great way to introduce the language to young children.  I even found myself singing it to the preschool class during Vacation Bible School.


Overall I thing this will continue to be a good fit the Team KEMP Academy because it introduces the language in small doses and has plenty of repetition.  Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! – Level 3 Set  breaks down the language all while including activities that challenge you to dig a bit deeper and increase knowledge daily.  The courageous Kemp, Bear, has enjoyed using these items and never forgets to practice the flash cards everyday.  Funny that I have to remind him to clean his room, but he reminds me to practice Greek ‘n’ Stuff.  I wonder why…

Blog cropped disclaimer

You can check out additional Homeschool Review Crew blog posts featuring more products offered by Greek ‘n’ Stuff via this multilingual hyperlink.  There you will find reviews on the Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! – Level 2 as well as several KJV and NIV bible studies including Jonah & Ruth, Esther, I Samuel, and Acts.


Κάνει πλάκα αυτή την εβδομάδα,

TaNeisha κ.




Florida’s Treasure Coast Here We Come!


This month our homeschool had the grand opportunity to review a book from the By the Way Book Series collection.  Bear, our eldest, chose to read Florida’s Treasure Coast Here We Come because his aunt recently moved there and he wanted to learn about the area.  This book is one of six, currently available, that showcase the adventures of two children named Alex and Lexi.  Every book is hardcover and features a different location on the globe, fun facts, scripture references, and beautiful pictures.  To see a few pages in this book, check out our February Homeschool Wrap-up via my recent video.

First, let me say I was so excited to check out this series because it offers a biblical worldview and acknowledges God as the creator of all the amazing places the children visit.  The beautifully written parent letter on the inside cover explains how our lives are to be “one gigantic teaching classroom where faith is passed from one generation to another,” which is the basis for this series.  Throughout each page you will see your faith being shared within the scenarios as well as the science, geography, and history facts.  I also love that this book was filled with many interactions, portraying that the wisdom of God and his praises can be shared at every age.



In our story, Alex and Lexi leave their snowy abode to visit grandparents in West Palm Beach, Florida. FYI: I’m 100% jealous of these fictional characters because I’d definitely trade cold air and snow for sandy beaches right about now.  While in town these two visit the beach where they (and the reader) learn about various trees, climates, sand, hurricanes, birds and how God cares for them, and the ocean. The book also gave detail about various sea creatures, the history behind Treasure Coast, and Native American Tribes from that area. Various parts of Florida’s wildlife, bugs, insects, animals, and reptiles were also discussed in detail along with local historical figures and landmarks. The tale flows seamlessly and every mention made sense and added to the story in a great way.
Here are my suggestions for reading this series in a school (homeschool) setting.

  1. Look through the book to see the variety of topics included and decide on what you want to cover.  Since it is filled with so much information, you can choose to focus on certain topics and skim over others. 
  2. Take your time reading the book with your students.  For example, we spent a week reading this book and focused mostly on the story and marine life.  The historical portions of the book can definitely be used as a separate study or to enhance a history curriculum you are already using.
  3. Create age appropriate activities based around the topics you’ve decided on so these books can be used with every grade you teach.  For 3rd grade, I had Bear summarize the pages read on the previous day and asked him questions about the facts included.  This was great practice for public speaking and reading comprehension.  He also practiced writing by sharing a schedule of his perfect day in West Palm Beach, FL.  For our preschoolers, I used the animal an marine life photos to share how God created so many amazing things.


current books.jpg

All in all, I was happy with the outcome of our experience in Treasure Coast with Alex and Lexi.  Florida’s Treasure Coast Here We Come is the first book in the By The Way Book Series.  According to the teaser on the last page, the children’s adventures continue in the Smoky Mountains wherein these two are sure to fin more of God’s wonderful creations.  As of now, there are also adventures written for Pennsylvania, Ohio, Washington, and Colorado.  In late April, you will be able to find books about their newest journey through New York City and the first international trip by the pair to Ireland.  These books are currently only available as physical copies; however, you can expect to see news on eBook versions in the near future.


For reviews on the remaining books within this series be sure to check out The Homeschool Review Crew post by click this super long, yet amazing hyperlink.



Make this week adventurous,

Ta’Neisha K.






Why We Celebrate CHRISTmas

Dear Believers,
During this holiday season, more than ever before, I’ve seen plenty of videos and status updates turned debates depicting the “truth about Christmas.”  However, I hope that you are being mindful of the information and the source thereof.  Study, learn, grow, and teach the truth but be careful that your knowledge doesn’t turn you away from God, through Jesus Christ.


You’re awakened, we get it.  

The world is pagan, we get that too.
Celebrate if you want to or ignore the day all together, but don’t beat down your family and friends because of your new found knowledge.  Remember, it isn’t wise to reprimand people and then go eat their food and accept their gifts on 12/25.  I know that Galatians 4:10-11 is used to argue why we should only celebrate God’s holy days and feasts while Jeremiah 10:1-4 is argued to avoid Christmas trees.  I believe this awesome sermon, Traditions 109: Celebrating Christmas by Pastor Lewis, does a phenomenal job of discussing these arguments.  You can download the sermon and the study guide for free via the links at the end of this blog.




Our family continues to celebrate the observed date of the birth of Christ on December 25th each year, even though we know all about Saturnalia and the false “virgin birth” parallels.  We choose to acknowledge the ONLY virgin birth because we are grateful that Jesus Christ was born.  We are thankful that God knew mankind needed a savior and he graciously gave his son for us.  We are joyful because Jesus stayed true to God in word, deed, death, and resurrection and will save all who believe and endure until the end.  We are hopeful through the trials of life because, the Holy Spirit is our comforter, Christ is our advocate, and one day he will return wherewith every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that he is Lord.  We celebrate CHRISTmas on December 25th because we understand that no matter who put this on the calendar, ANY DAY IS A GREAT DAY TO CELEBRATE JESUS CHRIST!



So. . .
Merry Christmas! Merry CHRISTmas!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

No matter what, if, or how your family decides to celebrate, remember to live a life that is pleasing to our truly worthy King.  Celebrate the gift of Christ daily in word, deed, and  faith so you will endure until the end.  You can’t ignore the impact the Christmas season has on giving, especially to those less fortunate.  If you choose to no longer buy gifts, give your time via volunteering for a reputable charitable organization, your church, or work.  Don’t let this season or any opportunity pass you by without showing the light of Christ to those around you.

Be sure to make time to listen to the sermons and view the study guides listed below for additional information on Christmas, Halloween, and Easter.  All items can be downloaded for free via the exministries links provided.


Make this season bright,

Ta’Neisha K.


Sermon: Traditions 109 Celebrating Christmas

Study Guide: Celebrating Christmas

Sermon: Three Wise Gifts

Study Guide: Three Wise Gifts


Sermon: Easter Sun-day

Study Guide: Easter Sun-day


Sermon: Tricky Treats

Study Guide: Tricky Treats



God, I thank you for answered prayers!

Does God hear me when I pray? 

Will God answer my prayers? 

How do I know my prayer has been answered? 

Every believer has wondered these things at one time or another.   I’m simply posting this blog as a reminder to myself and encouragement for every other believer out there.  Know that God hears us, answers us, and will give us a sign.  I hope you enjoy my testimony.



I’ve been eyeing an easel for the children for years but hadn’t purchased one yet.  Yesterday while we were walking through Toys-R-Us I saw several and quietly prayed “God, thank you for our easel” as we walked away.  While driving out of the neighborhood this morning, it was my turn to lead prayer time.  Today I decided to say a prayer of Thanksgiving rather than ask God for anything.  During the prayer I saw that an easel was lying on the curb of our neighbor’s home.   My husband probably thought I was crazy when I shouted “God, thank you for our easel” as I pointed to the curb.  We pulled up, he placed it in our car, and we drove to worship more grateful than we had been minutes prior.

I was so happy!

Now, was it a coincidence that we just happened to drive down the street and run into the very thing that I had prayed for the day prior?  Probably so, but I believe that God desires for me to have what I ask for.  Seriously, I serve the only God that can do anything! A simple easel request is not too hard for the Most High.  His quick response on my prayer reminded me of how sweet it is to receive an answer from God.




Recently I have been praying about some things and felt so discouraged.  Yes, joyful Ta’Neisha felt dejected.  I’m known for encouraging and uplifting believers as the Holy Spirit leads; however, when it was my turn to be encouraged it seemed that no one noticed.  (That’s just a trick of the enemy because we are never alone and the word offers encouragement.)  In fact, in my time of need it appeared that others required my support all the more which caused me to put my hard time on hold.

My confidence was renewed during a worship service a couple of weeks ago when a young woman, that I have only spoken to twice, provided reassurance on everything that I have been praying about.  I’m usually the person initiating these conversations but this time I was on the receiving end.  My faith in God was reinforced because I knew that he had heard every word I’d only uttered in secret.  I left that service rejoicing!



So, based on my 34 years of life, I can truly say that a righteous believer should never fret about the power of prayer.  Prayer is our required way of communication with the King and a gift to us, in my opinion, because it allows instant opportunity to speak freely with El Shaddai in the name of Jesus.  And, if you feel like you don’t know how to pray then don’t fret because there is a verse for your situation.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just opened my Bible and prayed God’s word back to Him.  I bet you never thought a children’s art accessory could inspire or be a reminder of the faithfulness God.  You never know what God will use to remind you of his powerful presence.

So dear believer, keep pressing, keep believing, and definitely keep praying! God is faithful, hears our prayers, and he will answer you.
Make this week prayerful,

Ta’Neisha K.

Don’t forget to pray for your marriage and your pastor.

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The Fragrance of A Godly Woman

2016-04-24 13.42.09.jpg

Today, I had to take time to remember my beautiful Grandmother, Deborah Dunmore, for everything she instilled in me by raising my mother.  I’m still in awe that I remember so much of what I watched her do for her family, even though she was gone before I had my own to tend to.  She had her own businesses, ran a beautiful home, was active in church, and always honored my grandfather, the lord of her home.  Initially, when Kevin decided to allow me a chance to stay home, I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to do what I saw my mother and grandmother do.  Years later, I am so grateful to be a pro at this, while having my own businesses, and teaching other women to do the same.


I remember a preacher speaking at my husband’s grandmother’s funeral about the fragrance of a wise woman.  Fragrance lingers, whether it is sweet or a foul stench, you will smell it.  You can catch someone’s fragrance on your clothes and pass it along to others even if you’re not trying.  So, looooooonnnnngggggg after you’re gone, people will smell your fragrance in how you reared your children, took care of your husband, paid your debt, handled priorities, etc.  Deborah is no longer here but I CAN STILL SMELL HER FRAGRANCE in the way her husband still smiles when I mention her name.  Her children, grandchildren, great grands, and great great grands are coming along just fine because of her sweet smelling fragrance.


Daily, I tell Trinity that she will be an awesome wife, mother, helpmeet to her husband, and sweet fragrance to her household.  Some days, I’m not sure what life will bring or how we will move forward after things happen.  Some days, I’m not sure if I can tend to my great husband, Kevin Kemp, teach my wonderful children, keep the house in order, and have some time to exercise and read for “me time”.  But, God! I do it all, barely on some days, but I do it all.  I’m doing my best to leave a SWEET FRAGRANCE that passes along to my family and everyone I come in contact with.

For more on my testimony of being raised by fragrant women check out my recent video.


So, wives, mothers, women of God, what fragrance are you wearing today? Sweet? Sour? Spicy? Foul?  Is your life a true sacrifice to God through Jesus Christ? 



Make this week fragrant,

~Ta’Neisha K.