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Review: Bible Study Guide For All Ages

This review needs no cute introduction because all the materials we received from Bible Study Guide For All Ages speak for themselves. Today, I’ll be discussing the Beginner (3-K) first-quarter lessons, Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade) first-quarter lessons, and the Wall Maps and Timeline set.

The Beginner (3-K) set includes Beginner Student Pages and a Beginner Time Line. The student pages for each lesson include a large picture of the story, comprehension questions, and activities. There was also plenty of reading on each page for adults and not children. I think the showcased text should be written for younger children since some can read by this age. Teaching dialogue is shown in bold text on these pages too but I think that should be included in a teacher key instead. The Beginner Time Line includes 34 colorful, card stock pictures designed to show major people and events in the Bible. These were perfect for Bam Bam and Princess to visualize the bible stories and they liked walking through the timeline each school morning. This was specifically designed for non-reading children but I think all younger children can benefit from using it.

The Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade) set includes Intermediate Student Pages, Intermediate Teacher Key, Bible Book Summary Cards. The Teacher Key provides detailed instructions for each lesson. Directives for the placement of the corresponding map and timeline labels are also given. A copy of each student page is shown providing the correct answers. Review questions, additional scriptures, and teaching tips are available for each lesson as well. The student pages break down the bible stories using activities, art, and questions to help your children dig deeper. Each lesson begins with memory review exercises to go over the biblical timeline and previous lessons. The large Bible Book Summary Cards are flash cards that represent the message of each book within the Bible. A description of the pictures and comprehension questions can be found on the back of each card. Bear enjoyed the discussion and activities but preferred to use the timeline rather than the book summary cards.

The Wall Maps and Timeline set
includes three large maps and a two-piece timeline covering creation until now. Three wall maps are provided which show important places mentioned throughout the bible. The timeline and maps are printed on high-quality paper but should be laminated if you want to keep them for a while. The labels, instructions, and keys can be found inside the three-ringed Label Book. This book includes cardstock labels for every lesson in this curriculum. Though the maps and timeline work hand in hand, they don’t need to be located along one wall. Our timelines are on one wall and the maps were placed on the adjacent wall. These items take up plenty of wall space but it is so worth it.

Overall the Bible Study Guide For All Ages curriculum paired well with our current history studies. I appreciated that all age groups covered the same material and each lesson was easy to present. I think the activities within the Beginner (3-K) and Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade) lessons were geared toward a traditional classroom setting but they can be modified for your homescool. We used this twice a week throughout the late Spring and early summer. The Wall Maps and Timeline set was my FAVORITE feature of this curriculum and we will definitely continue using it throughout our next school year.

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Bible Reading Plans, Part 2

It’s time for me to share an updated list of bible study reading plans that I have enjoyed since beginning of 2018. If you haven’t already be sure to check out the previous post featuring My 4 Favorite Bible Plans. I separated this list by topics and hope that you find something that peaks your interest.

MARRIAGE: It’s always great to have reminders to treat your spouse well, love them a conditionally, and pray for them. These reading plans have helped me remember who is priority in our home and to continuously pray for our endurance as a Christian married couple.

PRAYER & STUDY: These studies are devoted to learning how to pray effectively and gain a better understanding of commonly used scriptures. Twisted was one of my favorites because it provided details and background for the accurate meaning of misquoted passages.

MOTHERHOOD: These mommy motivational studies are so much fun to do in the morning. I love the honesty of the authors, the realistic situations presented in the devotionals, and the encouragement each provides.

FOOTBALL PLANS: I decided to search for plans that I could do with my husband and oldest son. I was so excited when I came across these football plans and elated when the guys wanted to join in. We liked discussing them each day and I learned so much about the sport.

2018 has been my freest year yet! I definitely attribute that to starting and ending my days with God. I appreciate the convenience of the YouVersion application and the variety of plans offered to the users. These are great to begin, reignite, or deepen your connection with God. No matter the plan length, make time to study the bible daily and apply God’s principles to your life.

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Ta’Neisha K.

Body Talk: Love Your Selfie!

I posted this in 2015 and was encouraged all the more when it came across my Facebook memories a few weeks ago.

“Random FYI: It frustrates me to see photos from high school and remember how I thought that I was “fat.”  All women do it.  Ladies of all ages, embrace your bodies and every mark on it.  If you don’t like it then do the work to change it but never self shame.  I love all of me!  This body beat graves disease!  This body birthed and nursed 3 super cool children and carried precious angel babies!  This body is awesome now and will still be awesome as I lose weight!  Love your WHOLE self. Change if necessary but never stop loving you.

#confidenceiskey #embraceyourbody #loveyourbody #workhard #earnyourselfie #loveyourselfie”

Love your selfie 3 IG

So, that is my tip for today and actually the reason I wanted to encourage you all to love your selfie this month.  Embrace every part of your body, without shame and be grateful that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by the Most High God.  If you want to change how you look then feel free to; however, adjust your body to be healthier and live longer, not for vanity or out of self pity.

Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out; you formed me in my mother’s womb. I thank you, High God—you’re breathtaking! Body and soul, I am marvelously made! I worship in adoration—what a creation! You know me inside and out, you know every bone in my body; You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit, how I was sculpted from nothing into something. Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth; all the stages of my life were spread out before you, The days of my life all prepared before I’d even lived one day. Psalm 139:13-16 The Message Bible

Love your selfie 3 b

 I recently participated in a YouVersion bible reading plan called Captured & Crowned: 7 Days of Promises  during which you read about God’s view of you, understand your Christ-centered value, and obtain a sense of esteem based on biblical principles.  We enjoyed this reading plan and I decided to share one of the prayers from the study.

“God, forgive me for complaining about the body you have given me.  It is a blessing to be able to walk, talk, breathe and hear.  There are so many people who can’t do those things.  I want to take a fresh new look at my body image in a way that honors you. Help me to praise you for each and every part of me.  Also, help me to work on my inner beauty even more than I do the outside. Thank you for the gift of my physical body. Amen” **obtained from Day 2 of Captured & Crowned: 7 Days Of Promises  via YouVersion**

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Ta’Neisha K.


The Lord’s Prayer Curriculum with Kid Niche Christian Books

Today’s review features a look into the bible and prayer curriculum Weave Your Word in Me — Part 1 from Kid Niche Christian Books.  This program is designed to walk upper elementary students through The Lord’s Prayer with various activities, thought provoking questions, and correlating scripture.

Kid Niche 4

The complete Weave Your Word in Me curriculum uses My Whole Self Before YOU, which is rhythmical prayer modeled after The Lord’s Prayer, as the basis for each lesson.  Part 1 includes thirty-six lessons which focus on God as our Heavenly Father, importance of prayer, Jesus Christ, Christ’s ministry on earth, the resurrection, salvation, and Christ’s return.  The lessons come packaged perfectly and pre-punched for a three-ring binder which makes storage extremely easy.  Each lesson includes various scriptures that reiterate the focus and give the student opportunity to breakdown the verses for clearer understanding.  Throughout the workbook the verses are clearly marked for the translation used and the answer key features responses for:

  • English Standard Version (ESV)
  • King James Version (KJV)
  • New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE)
  • New American Standard Bible (NASB)
  • New International Version (NIV)
  • New King James Version (NKJV)

Kid Niche 5

During our review period we used this curriculum three times a week and depending on their length, some lessons were spread over two days.  I enjoyed discussing the scriptures with Bear and listening to his responses which led to some great conversations over breakfast.  The provided comprehension questions were great for verifying his understanding of the verses, especially because we use the King James Version.  I also enjoyed how each lesson ended with a prayer outline giving your child the chance to expand their prayer language and ability to have a specific focus for each prayer.  Kid Niche Christian Books also provides additional activities for each lesson as FREEBIES on their website.  The activities within this workbook and on the website include:

  • Cartoons
  • Charts
  • Definitions
  • Drawing
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Matching
  • Sequence
  • True and False
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Art
  • Puzzles
  • Games
  • Poetry

The only concerns I had in using this curriculum was some of the artwork illustrations used throughout, though quite popular, aren’t actually in support of Christianity.  Any images we deemed inappropriate were explained to our son before we moved on.  In addition, we opted not to use the My Whole Self Before YOU prayer since Bear had already memorized the KJV of The Lord’s Prayer.  The model prayer also left out a portion about forgiving others and God’s power in Heaven and Earth which can easily be explained to the audience this curriculum is geared towards.  I think the model prayer might work better for younger students and definitely isn’t needed for this particular program.  These minor issues didn’t hinder our experience in anyway but I felt they needed to be noted for this review.

Kid Niche 1

Overall, we have enjoyed this bible and prayer curriculum from Kid Niche Christian Books and will continue using it for the remainder of our school year.  Weave Your Word in Me — Part 1 has been a great in-depth look at The Lord’s Prayer and I feel that the tweaks made for our household only enhanced our learning experience.  This curriculum would be a good match for homeschools, elementary Sunday School programs, and I even suggested it to the Christian after school program directors that I know.  The complete Weave your Word in Me program is currently available as a set or each part can be purchased individually.

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 You can read additional reviews on this curriculum from other homeschoolers via this hyperlink.

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Ta’Neisha K.


My 4 Favorite Bible Reading Plans

Recently I shared the post about Why I Love My Bible during which I shared information about why the word should be near and dear to our hearts.  Since writing that post my Passion for studying God’s word has been reignited and I found myself learning more and more. I am so excited to share with you a few Bible plans that I have completed recently.  These plans range from 3 days to 90 days and have required me to commit to reading scripture daily.   What initialy was a monthly goal turned into a strong desire to seek God all the more.

Each plan can be  found via the YouVersion website or bible app which is available for all devices.  Depending on the plan length I would spend approximately 5 to 60 minutes studying daily. I also love that you can listen to the audio version of the scripture which became my favorite thing to do while cooking dinner.  You can also share your plan progress with your friends for extra accountability.

Before we dive in, here is my recent video about why we NEED the Bible.

Here are my recently completed favorites:

  • Bible in 90 Days came at a very hard time in my life. Over the summer we were dealing with the sickness of my father-in-law and I just found myself truly sad and discouraged.  I decided to read the entire Bible as a reminder of the all powerful God that I serve.  Doing this gave me so much comfort and also provided peace to my family as we listened in the car and at home.  If I ever missed a day I would double or triple the next reading until I caught up.  I made sure that I completed this program within exactly 90 days.


  • God, Help Me Not To Mess Up My Kids! The name says it all but doesn’t include that this was an awesome prayer plan.  I had no idea that this 5-day commitment would walk me through praying God’s word over my children and household.  As a busy mother sometimes we feel like we don’t have enough time to tarry before the Lord but this plan provided so much insight to a deep, thorough, effectual, feverent prayer life.
  • What To Say At A Funeral came at the perfect time because when my father of all past I really did not know what to say to my husband. Yes we are firm believers and I still had no words for him other than “I’m so sorry honey.”  This short reading plan provide various ways we can encourage believers who have lost their love ones.  The author also explain things that he did not want to hear and I made sure not to say those to my husband. I really think that this plan helped me be there for my family and encourage them with the word rather than my pain filled emotions.


  •  Finally, Mama Needs A Do-Over came at a time when I wanted to help encourage another homeschool mom. Turns out this plan helped me too!  Within this reading plan you will find ways to conquer, reset, and find peace in hard days.

There are so many other plans that I could share with you but I will save those for Part 2.  Right now, download the YouVersion app if you have not already and make time to dive into the word of God.  You can set reminders for your reading plans and share them with your friends so they can see your progress or lack thereof.  Sometimes I would use the app to read the scriptures but often I find myself flipping through the pages of the physical Bible.  The app is cool but there is nothing like holding the word of God.

You can find additional information about why we should study the word of God here.

We NEED The Bible!!

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Precious Moments With My Arrows


One of the great joys of my life includes combing my daughter’s hair and putting it in the most adorable styles. I love seeing her with ponytails, zigzag parts, barrettes, bows, and bangs. It truly gives me so much joy. Her reaction to the styles is priceless as well. As I’m preparing her hair with moisturizer, water, and coconut oil, I always ask her “what do you want me to do to your hair today?” At her current age, she responds in random minion speech along with a few English words that I recognize.  Then, I simply say “okay” and give her the style that I think she requested.

Now the styling process can be a bit chaotic depending on how Princess feels that day.  Let’s keep in mind that she is a toddler so we know they never sit, stand, or stay at your command.  After a bit of squirming, wiggling, squealing, laughing, smiling, and in between “I love you” exchanges the job ends up getting done.  I love how tiny hands reach up and grab strands of hair as I style it because I know she’s trying to figure out what I’m doing.  I also enjoy how she hands me rubber bands, the comb, and brush upon request, along with every barrette she can find.


Cute anecdotes aside, I enjoy every opportunity provided when it comes to spending some alone time with each of my children.  With Bear, I enjoy letting him teach me how to play the latest game or the cool new dance moves.  Currently we are taking Spanish and Sign Language classes together so those sessions give us time to bond while we both learn something new.  With Bam Bam, I look forward to our morning snuggles and exercise time because he is our earliest riser.  And I do mean EARLY RISER.  No matter what time he goes to bed, he is up like he has to be at work by 7:45 am.  We have plenty of one on one time during preschool and our creative play this school year has been so much fun.



Spending the precious moments with our arrows is needed to connect with them, build (strengthen, restore) your relationship, and keep the lines of communication open.  And, if you’re like me you can also use it as an opportunity to answer that age old question asked to every parent with multiple children. “Which one of us is your favorite?”  I just simply remind whomever I’m engaged with that they are my FAVORITE <insert child’s name here> and their uniqueness is going to be used for God’s glory.  I look forward to these moments because in a full house it is hard to find quality time for each child on a daily basis.  During these moments, I talk with my children and ask open ended questions to see what the latest thing on their mind is.  All the while, I’m mentally praying and seeking God for guidance on how I can be a great mom to each arrow.

So, moms, enjoy the precious moments with your little ones because time is always moving forward.  We will never have our babies back so it is up to us to nurture the individual relationships so they can mature and grow along with our children.  When you’re sitting there with your precious gift from God laughing or teaching them something new, pray over them and share your faith with them.  Our faith is the most precious gift of all and there is nothing more rewarding than watching our sharp arrows (adult children) walk the narrow path (stay in God’s will) and teach their arrows (our grandchildren) to do the same.  To hear more Raising Sharp Arrows, watch my recent video about Psalm 127.


Remember to make the time spent with your children, quality time.quality-time

For additional encouragement, check out this Mommy Moment video about speaking encouraging words to our children.


Make this week excellent,

Ta’Neisha K.


Study. Journal. Pray. Repeat.

Prior to marriage and children I remember having so much time on my hands.  I could read an entire book within three days and study on a whim so finding time for personal bible study was never an issue.  Lately, tending to husband and chasing our three arrows often left me wondering if I had time to add anything else to my schedule.  But, I thank God for the revelation that we are all given the same twenty-four hours each day and will make time for what is important to us.


Nowadays, I make time daily to study scripture then pray and write about what I’ve read.  I also realize that when I don’t spend that time with God I feel empty after some time because my prayer and study time energizes me.  I’m also grateful that I don’t always study the scripture alone because I enjoy learning from my husband and in women’s fellowship.  It is my prayer that every scripture read is done so with understanding and willingness to subsequently grow.  I also believe that if I need further clarification God will provide it via additional research, sermons, or conversations with other mature believers.

All these and a myriad of other questions can be asked when bible study is discussed, planned, and/or created.

  • When you read your bible what is your purpose?
  • Do you truly listen to each word as you recite it in your head or aloud?
  • Do you desire to learn something new?
  • Do you grow when the word prunes you or do you ignore what you just read?
  • Do you see the issues of others while reading the bible or are you focused on what God wants you to learn during study time?
  • Do you make time to memorize scripture and teach your children to do the same?
  • Do you have a version you can understand?
  • Do you compare what you’ve read in alternate versions to the 1611 KJV?

I can’t answer these for you but I will say that as we mature spiritually, our answers should change as well.


In 2017 it is imperative that every believer become a student of the word more so than ever before.  So many things are going on around us and there are many that claim to be Christians without ever truly meeting Christ.  Often, church members hear the preacher but don’t make time to be the Berean and study to ensure his three points and anecdote match up with the text.  If we call ourselves “people of God (through Jesus Christ)” shouldn’t we desire to read the book our faith is based on?  Shouldn’t we desire to be more than milk fed babes that only repeat cliché’s for strength rather than the precise scripture that should be hid in our hearts?  Shouldn’t our our words and deeds portray the fruit of the spirit of God?  Dear believer, don’t let this be you in 2017!

This year, find a bible that you can understand but be sure you read it alongside the 1611 KJV.  This year, commit to memorizing several verses, entire chapters, and then complete books of scripture.  This year be the friend or family member that can provide powerful prayer and encouragement from the scriptures when asked or as the Holy Spirit leads. This year be the church member that can say “Pastor, in December when you preached Before Goliath, from 1 Samuel 17:33-37, I love how you compared the preparation David had in the fields through bravery, being underestimated, and even slaying several animals much bigger than him to our spiritual growth process. You did an awesome job of breaking down the importance of preparation and not trying to go forward in ministry before Gods timing.”


This year study, journal, pray about what God has shown you and repeat this process daily.  This year be a direct reflection of life CHRISTstyle through your fruit and holiness.  This year teach your children the holy scriptures, which are able to make them wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 3:15).  Never underestimate the power of the unblemished, God breathed scripture because it is truly the LIVING WORD that prunes and molds us for growth naturally and spiritually.


For additional encouragement on the power of prayer and to get FREE prayer calendars and devotional downloads check out my recent blog post.


Make this week reflective,

Ta’Neisha K.