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Textured Finger Painting

While watching YouTube I came across a fun video by Our Realistic Homeschool Life featuring a fun, new way to finger paint. Her video featured adding texture to the paper which gives the children something different a feeling as they are creating their masterpieces. Here’s a list of the supplies you will need for this activity:

  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Paper or styrofoam plate
  • Paint
  • Construction paper or cardstock
  • Mixing mediums (optional)

I had a my oldest son help the children create their glue stick art. Next, they were able to freely use the color palette to create the cutest pieces.

The in results where amazing because all the children, even my oldest, enjoy this project and were able to truly express themselves in a really meet away. Each of their masterpieces perfectly display their personalities and I was so happy to try this art project with them.

Be sure to check out a tutorial and a blog featuring this cool way of finger painting.

Also, don’t forget to check out the original video that inspired me as well.

Make this week artistic,

Ta’Neisha K.


The Pencil Grip, Inc. Kit & Scissors Giveaway

Pencil Grip 3

Princess and Bam Bam enjoyed using  The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors and The 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit we received from The Pencil Grip, Inc.  Today I am so excited to share details about these products and within this review you will also be given an opportunity to WIN BOTH ITEMS for your household.

The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors were a perfect addition to our weekly preschool activities as we created various autumn themed art projects.  My favorite part about these scissors is the permanent plastic safety shield that contains the blades, ensuring your children do not injure themselves.  The ergonomic shape provided crisp cuts and made these scissors easy to hold for our little lefty, Bam Bam, and for our Princess who is a righty.


In addition, the yellow training lever is a flexible spring designed to automatically open the scissors back up after they are squeezed close which helps little hands tremendously.  As a former preschool teacher, I often remember children getting frustrated when their scissors didn’t “open back up” or were “stuck closed” after use so the training lever would have been such a big help to me back then.  The training lever can also be folded in once you’re comfortable with your child’s cutting ability and are ready for them to have less restricted use.  These scissors are suggested to be used for ages 3 and up but our two year old daughter used them, with supervision, and had no issues.

Pencil Grip 2

The 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit includes The Crossover Grip, The Pinch Grip, and The Pencil Grip – Graduation.  The Crossover Grip is best for training younger children to properly position their pencil or pen.  The “super hero cape” hovers over the fingers and definitely reinforced Bam Bam’s positioning.  This grip did fit a larger sized mechanical pencil and he held it comfortably without any complaints.  The Pinch Grip is a transition piece which replaces the larger “super hero cape” with a partial covering that allows for a bit more freedom.  This also gives the user a clear view of how they are holding the writing utensil and gives opportunity for self-correction.  The Pencil Grip Original – Graduation is one that can be used for any age and provides continued support, comfort, and durability for many uses.  It is also important to note that all grips are latex and phthalate free.  Be sure to visit the website for FREE DOWNLOADS which include information on how to use the grips, teaching tips, and a reference chart featuring correct and incorrect handwriting grip positions.

You can see how we used these items in our homeschool via my recent video.


Now, for the moment you’ve all been reading for…

Pencil Grip for IG 2

A big thank you to The Pencil Grip, Inc. for sponsoring this giveaway!  One winner will receive one pair of the The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors and  The 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit.  This giveaway ends at midnight on October 24, 2017 so don’t wait to enter!


Pencil Grip 4

Be sure to check out additional reviews from other homeschoolers by clicking this hyperlink.

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Make this week grand,

Ta’Neisha K.


Spring Wreath & Other DIYs I’ve Tried

By my teenage years I’d come to realize that I have the desire to purchase the MOST EXPENSIVE thing available when it comes to home décor, fashion, hair, and even makeup; however, I definitely don’t have the budget.  As a result of not currently being a multimillionaire I have become a budget friendly, DIY QUEEN! I can recreate or create ANYTHING I set my mind to.  I probably hold the record for most use of the 30% off coupon at Mardel and the 40% off coupons from Hobby Lobby and Michaels.  Seriously, I need a trophy or something.

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Through the years I have made shirts, blinged out shoes, tutus, denim vests, specialty items for my children, and furniture.  Whenever I see something I like that is out of my budget, I just search for a DIY tutorial and prepare to make it on my own.  Having a baby? I created my own gender reveal box and all the favors for our party.  Oh and let’s not forget that you can DIY makeup, manicure, and pedicure items too!  I have also made my own concealer palettes, blush palettes, pressed eyeshadow, and gorgeous highlighters.  After learning how to do my own acrylic nails due to a tragic nail shop incident, I have even used my favorite makeup to create unique acrylic and polishes for my nails.  I’ve even had several friends ask me “is there anything you can’t do?

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I learned my DIY determination from my crafty mother.  She can definitely make something out of nothing and I’ve watched her do it for years.  Anytime I do a DIY I always ask her for opinion and I listen to her advice.  Sometimes I do my own thing, against her strong suggestions, but that’s nothing I haven’t seen her do before and it always turns out awesome.  She has taught me how to do my own hair and create marvelous projects at minimal cost and for that I am truly grateful.  I love my DIY mama!

So, after much thought and the frustration of paying for it to be done, I decided to conqueror the door wreath.  I purchased tools from Wal-Mart, the supplies from Dollar Tree, and spent approximately $13 for everything used.  My ONLY TWO SUGGESTIONS for conquering this project is to not be apprehensive because it was truly easy and watch a few tutorials to get an idea of how to create your masterpiece.  You can watch my tutorial of this beautiful floral wreath via my recent video.


If you enjoyed that DIY then you will definitely love seeing the other tutorials I have to offer via this YouTube playlist.  And don’t fret if you think a tutorial is missing because I have several more scheduled to edit and upload in the coming months including gift baskets as well as blinged out high heels and denim jackets.  As I learn to create something new I always offer to teach the skill to my family and friends.  I definitely make time to share the skills with my children as well just as my mother did with me.



If you want to see a first glimpse of my DIY projects before the blog post or YouTube tutorial comes out then be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

So, what’s your next DIY project going to be?

Make this week creative,

Ta’Neisha K.