Today, I Need Some Encouragement 

Last month, my family endured a devastating loss and after all we’ve endured, rest is definitely needed. Usually, I’ve prepared my monthly blog posts well in advance but right now, my mind is all over the place.  I am typing this completely worn out at 1:00 am CST in our hotel suite.  My family is resting after a long two weeks and I think tonightI will FINALLY get a long overdue 8 hours of sleep.  I look forward to coming back in September with a tribute to our family member and some great series but until then, enjoy these reposts and recent videos. 

This week I needed some encouragement so check out my recent video about the covering of God and check out the blog post by clicking this fantastic hyperlink.

Make this week grand,

Ta’Neisha K. 


My Super Husband is our Superhero

Let me tell you about how much I enjoy being covered by the man that God designed for me to mind.  On March 26, 2017 our town was hit by a terrible storm from a hovering tornado that subsequently touched down a neighboring city.  After the first wave of bad weather the children and I went to bed at 8:30 pm while Kevin stayed awake.  We slept PEACEFULLY!  I was awakened shortly after midnight by our bedroom lights when the electricity came back on.  As I blew out the candles, Kevin let me know that everything was okay, we did have some damage, and that he was finally going to sleep.

Protection blog 7

I decided to check my phone before going back to bed and that’s when I saw the missed calls and text messages from concerned family and friends.  I also checked our neighborhood Facebook group where I saw the pictures posted by my husband and other neighbors showcasing the local damage.  Prior to going to sleep I followed every instruction given by Kevin and I knew we were going to be okay because he said so.  I had no idea what was going on outside after I closed my eyes. While we were sleeping my husband stayed on watch, assessed our damages, gathered and shared information with the local firemen that were on scene, and even drove throughout our neighborhood to offer immediate assistance where he could.  Y’all, I love this man!

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On March 26, 2017 our entire day was filled with several emergencies ranging from bad to worse but I’ve never felt more peace.  I’ve only shared the evening emergency in this blog; however, there were several other events that required our immediate attention and reaction, starting at 8:15 am on that Sunday morning.  After each occurrence Kevin didn’t sit on the news but rather quickly assessed, created a plan, and immediately put it into action.  He put his logic, initiative, and problem solving skills to work and coupled it with prayer and encouraging words to ease my mind and our children.  My husband assured me that things would be taken care of and that we were going to be okay.  I believed him.

I believe him.

I believe IN him.

Protection blog 5

God is the same way when it comes to the issues of life.  If you are his child, staying rooted in his word, being obedient and continuing to walk the narrow path then you have no reason to fear.  Yes, life happens but God has already assessed your situation, created a plan, and will guide you as he sets every noun (person, place, or thing) in motion.  Don’t fret, worry, or be dismayed because His system is designed for His children to remain victorious.  Remember, the bible is filled with verses that should serve as instant encouragement and reminders that we are victors and conquerors.  As I read God’s ordained word, I believed Him.

I believe Him.

I believe IN Him.

On March 26th, we slept peacefully in the storm because we trusted our leader wholeheartedly and will follow him anywhere without (much) question.  Yes I said “much” because I am human.  My husband made sure his family was safe and then went to help others.  I’ve never been more proud of him.  As we slept and dreamt, he worked diligently to ensure his household was awakened in safety and peace.   Again, he also quickly navigated us through “life happening” situations throughout the entire day and made sure we had everything we needed.  That’s why I am so thankful to be married to the man that God designed for me to mind.  God has blessed our family with a phenomenal protector, provider, and priest that truly loves and sacrifices for us just as his word commands.

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Kevin, I will continue to be obedient to you as the lord of our home just as our vows stated.  You’ve kept your word and have earned my complete trust in every aspect of our lives.  I feel so safe with you.  I know I can count on you to go above and beyond the call of duty without hesitation.  You are a grand man and I’m so honored that you chose me to spend your life with.   Thank you for your love and leadership on every day and especially on March 26, 2017.

Protection blog 6

For additional encouragement about the power in being protected check out my recent video.

Make this week peaceful,

Ta’Neisha K.

Overcoming February & March Goals

Hello March, what took you so long to get here?

March Goal Blog 6

Let me tell you all something very important, February was a rough month for me.  All these years I never realized how much I relied on food to get me through the issues of life.  I mean of course I enjoyed an occasional pint of ice cream or Dairy Queen Blizzard after an argument with my college boyfriend.  What young girl didn’t?

March Goal Blog 1

And yes I might have turned to some southern style comfort foods like cream gravy over starchy potatoes or macaroni and cheese when the going got tough. Wait, that’s not normal?

March Goal Blog 2

Okay well maybe the speech I gave myself time and time again that since my thyroid was an issue hindering my weight loss, I didn’t need to work so hard.  In fact, maintaining all this extra weight was okay as long as I didn’t gain.  I totally believed that 40 pounds ago. 

March Goal Blog 3

Yeah, so now you see why February was such an emotional month for me.  Along with the normal stress of life I just had to choose the month filled with extra issues to kick my food addiction.  So here I was dealing with a hospitalized husband WITHOUT OVEREATING!  I was also forced to handle other pop up issues including lost friendships, a rumor report I shut down, father-in-law’s illness, and season of depression that I hung onto longer than I should have.  Lord, I really needed that ice cream and carbohydrate high last month.

March Goal Blog 7

Once I did some research and realized what was going on I completely understood why I felt so overwhelmed with emotions and assumed I had no other way to handle them.  As a believer, I had to also do some biblical research to understand what was going on with my body.  I definitely suggest the Error of Man and Error of Man 2 DVDs by Pastor Lewis because these were very helpful and included tips on how to combat this weight loss journey naturally and spiritually.  I also enjoyed Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead as well as Fat Sick, and Nearly Dead 2 via Netflix as both were great motivation to kick sugar and carbohydrate addiction out the door.  I also did a lot of research about my thyroid and what foods I can eat to help it function better. **When doing research look for reputable sources and always consult a physician and nutrition when making changes to your diet.**

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This month I look forward to continuing to conqueror this weight loss and learning more about proper nutrition for my family.  #TeamKEMP has been so awesome to come along this journey with me and they haven’t complained that much about the new foods.  We try a new food each week and most have been a hit.  I’m grateful for such an amazing support system because some people don’t have that.  I also plan to complete another cleanse this month.  Also, “according to my research” as my systems get cleaned out I know what to look for I can combat my withdrawal symptoms while my body get used to an even healthier, healthy lifestyle.

To see my February Weight Loss Wrap-Up check out my recent video

You can also see my March weight loss goals and a detailed look at my Faith Fitness Planner via this recent video.


Don’t forget to download your FREE FITBOOK GOAL GETTER CALENDAR HERE

March Goal Blog 8

I am going to conquer goals in March guys! I am going to beast every workout in April! I am going to vanquish any doubters in May! I am going to obliterate pounds June! I think you get the point here.  In 2017 I will be victorious over this because I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME. (Philippians 4:13)



Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Christian encouragement post from last week about Raising Sharp Arrows.


Make this week peaceful,


Ta’Neisha K.


Celebrating the Love of My Life

First let me say that I am honored to celebrate the most amazing man on the planet.  For this birthday I wanted to take a trip back down memory lane to the the birthday posts from the past, thanks to Facebook Memories.

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Today, in honor of this handsome, suave, intelligent, upstanding, strong, courageous, honorable, sexy, chivalrous birthday boy we created a fun video to show our love and appreciation for him.  It was so much fun to record and edit with my children and each one of us shared a special message with him.  We hope that you enjoy it just as much as we did.

On this Valentine’s Day, make time to let your family (estranged or close) and friends (near or far) know how much you love them.  Life is short so don’t waste any more precious time remaining distant from those you love.  Forgive, apologize, take lots of pictures, hug often, laugh until your stomach hurts, and make great memories with the ones that you love.


Oh and ladies, if you have a hot date planned for tonight, watch my recent tutorial for a beautiful makeup look that will sweep him off his feet.


Make today lovely,

Ta’Neisha K.

February Weight Loss Goals


I am so excited to share all the awesome things that happened to me during the month of January.  First, I have dropped another 8 pounds! WHOOP WHOOP! I didn’t meet my goal of 10 pounds this month but that’s okay because I accomplished so much more.  I am now able to do strength training five times a week and I do at least 30-45 minutes of cardio six days a week.  On Sundays, I rest and do a complete body stretching session and give my body time to recover and prepare for the upcoming workout week. I am definitely pleased with the way January wrapped up and you can see more of my accomplishments and the failures, including a 2 pound weight gain, via the first three videos placed throughout this blog post.


Here are a few more great accomplishments:

  • Husband worked out with me 4 times this month
  • Our children participate in my daily workouts
  • Clothes are fitting looser in the legs and around the waist
  • Double chin on my face is smaller and starting to disappear
  • I signed up for my second 5K
  • My journey has encouraged others to begin their own weight loss journey


But wait, there’s more! Check out these additional accomplishments:

  • Stamina during workouts has increased tremendously
  • Able to complete an entire strength training session without taking longer rests in between sets
  • Family members and friends are noticing my weight loss
  • Tried (and enjoyed) two Salmon recipes
  • Dropped a dress size



So, in February I plan to tighten my diet and take the entire house with me down the narrow path to a narrower waist.  As the head chef for Château Kemp, it is my duty to ensure our household puts nothing but the best into our temples.  Four years ago I removed 90% of our dairy intake from our diets.  Yes, we enjoy the occasional cheeseburger and southern macaroni and cheese dish, but we no longer use cow’s milk in our recipes and have seen extraordinary benefits from it.  I’ve also increased the water intake of the entire house and decreased the sugar we consume.  I’ve eliminated high fructose corn syrup/corn syrup (except for birthday goody bags), alternative (diet) sugars, along with GMOs and gluten will be the next thing to go.  Yep, GLUTEN FREE IN 2017! 

You can find out more about our family goals, hear what Kevin (husband) thinks about the changes, and learn about my annual goals via my recent video.


There is no telling what other household transformations will take place during this journey but I looking forward to good health and soul prosperity this year (3 John 1:2).  I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13) so I’m going to continue to do my part and trust that He will help me be successful.

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Make this week prosperous,

Ta’Neisha K. Curriculum Review



Our homeschool, Team KEMP Academy, was given the awesome opportunity to review Yearly Membership with a phenomenal, fully stocked, subscription curriculum website called  This website consists of over three hundred courses and resources ranging from preschool to high school covering math, language arts, science, reading, writing, art, music, foreign languages, computer programming and other electives.  But wait, there’s more!  You can also access unit studies, parent’s courses and assistance, bible studies, monthly menus, custom schedules; special needs focused options, and video lessons.  Upon arrival to this site I was a bit overwhelmed, in a great way, by everything that was offered and I can’t wait to share my experience with you. has been brought to us by The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine and my favorite part was noting that this website is not aligned with Common Core.  So far we have enjoyed using the Preschool Playground section and have started the ABC: What Will I Be course with our 3 year old, Bam Bam.  I loved the idea of this course because it breaks down the alphabet by careers and introduces children to the letter as well as math, science, sensory play, and crafts for twenty-six careers.  I love setting up the sensory play for the careers and allowing Bam Bam’s imagination to roam as he plays while he learns.  We are also using the Pre-K Activities Read and Play lessons for story time which provide activities and recipes to correspond with local library books, bible stories, and holidays.


As a mom, I’m often reminded that what works for one child, might not work for the next one so I was so excited to see that a myriad of additional resources are provided to ensure the parents and students have smooth transitions to each level of homeschooling.  The Literacy Center provides preparation and reading for preschool through second grade as well as comprehension for third and fourth grades.  I’ve been using this section to prepare poetry lessons for our third grader, Bear, and I love how it breaks down each essential skill for understanding content no matter what the genre. also provides each member with a complimentary subscription to World Book e-book Library website and includes a list of classes that correspond with the library.  The Focused Learning Centers provide direct links to courses, lessons, and articles that can aid in educating children that are struggling in specific areas.  In the Special Needs area you will also find articles, tips, encouragement, and a nineteen part program to help families prepare, modify, and adapt lessons to teach their children.  The High School Help area includes information on creating transcripts; assigning credits to courses, taking standardize tests for college, and finding and applying for scholarships.


This website has been a great tool in lesson planning for our next semester of school and family bible study.  I have checked out something new in the Just For Parent’s section each day and found numerous bible studies, marriage enrichment videos, recipes and monthly menus (Yes, one less thing to do!), and homeschooling tips.  I definitely encourage you to consider Yearly Membership and see what all they have to offer your entire family.  There is also a monthly membership option as well as substantial discounts for civil servants, HSLDA or Home Life Academy members, coo-ops and homeschool groups that qualify.


To check out more reviews from The Homeschool Review Crew and see how other families are using this website, click this super cool, large hyperlink.



You can check out our December Homeschool Wrap Up and get a coupon code for their Christmas sale (ends 1/15/17) or a code to try this website out for $1 via my recent video.

Make this week resourceful,

Ta’Neisha K.


January Weight Loss Goals

Like most, I used to set my New Year’s resolutions with plenty of hope for success but little to no follow through for action.  In October of 2016, I decided enough was truly enough because “nothing changes if nothing changes” and I that’s when I noticed a difference.  I am so excited to kick off 2017 actively pursuing my resolutions in weight loss and journaling on a daily basis.  I couldn’t believe I met my goal for last month and I am so enthusiastic about what the remainder of 2017 will reveal as I grow in strength physically and spiritually.

In 2017, I have an annual weight loss goal of 120 pounds, by losing 10 pounds each month.  I’d definitely consider that an aggressive goal, however; I am more than sure that true diligence will pay off tremendously.  I am enjoying the workouts and the healthy eating habits.  I had already started changing our household dietary regimen two years ago so fine tuning for weight loss hasn’t been a scary transition.  I look forward to trying the new recipes I see on social media and on the weight loss apps I frequent.  Most dishes have turned out to be savory and loved by the whole family while others only require a bit of tweaking thus becoming our next favorite.  Finally, I’m enjoying the accountability I’ve received from family, especially my husband and children, friends, and on social media.  I’ve received so much support on this journey thus far and it is truly encouraging to me.


This month, I’ve set several goals and placed them on my Fitlosophy Monthly Motivational Goal Calendar (FREE download)  which I’ve hung on the refrigerator.  I’ve also recommitted to setting weekly goals, small rewards, and even tracking my food and exercise in my fitbook.  To hear my goals for the month of January, see my sweet reward for last month, and see how I log my workouts on the motivational calendar watch my recent video.



All in all 2017 is off to a great start! Let’s support one another in completing our resolutions and being successful in all areas of life.




Make this week triumphant,

Ta’Neisha K.