Review: Math Refresher For Adults

Some adults are intimidated by teaching or assisting their children with math. Well, Math Essentials has created the perfect solution via Math Refresher for Adults. This workbook provides review materials, example problems, and an online lesson library to enhance your skills.

Math Refresher for Adults is a power-packed workbook that features tips, technique, and reminders to enhance your math skills. This book can be worked through from beginning to end or you can use the table of contents to find a specific section of the study. Some of the topics covered include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division Chama fractions, decimals, percents, and geometry. Various parts of working with integers, algebra, charts, graphs, as well as word problems are also covered. Each section also includes a note-taking area and review questions

The back of the book includes a solutions sections with answers for each of the problems within the book. An alphabetized glossary is also available, giving definitions and examples of various mathematical terms. An important symbols page, multiplication table, prime number chart, squares and square roots chart, and a fraction/decimal equivalents chart are also included in the back. These resources pages are perfect to quickly reference as needed.

Each section includes access to accompanying video lessons. These are password protected and available via their website. The instructor clearly explains the material as they work through example problems. Additional,
password protected videos can also be accessed via a different website. This information and password are available in your book about and tips sections.

This workbook worked well in our home and was used by me at least twice a week. I decided to use post-it notes to separate the topics we covered in my refresher book each month. Prior to each lesson I reviewed the topic and checked to see if they were any problems that I could use to help teach Bear. For some occasions, I found this book was very helpful in preparing me to educate him during our school year. However, this will be a lot more helpful to me when it is time for him to get deeper into algebra and geometry. Those are the subjects I need to “refresh” the most so I will definitely refer to this book then.

Overall, Math Refresher for Adults will be a consistently used resource in our homeschool for years to come. This book would also make a great gift to those you know are preparing for something that requires them to update their math skills. Consider gifting this to those who are:

  • Returning to college
  • Helping children with their homework
  • Preparing for GED, SAT, PSAT, or PRAXIS test
  • Starting college
  • Job hunting and might need to take a math assessment
  • Preparing for Teacher’s Certification test
  • Teaching math or GED classes

Math is used by myself and my family daily in homeschool, cooking, grocery shopping, figuring out a tip, paying bills, or ordering things online. It is imperative to keep practicing this skill and learning more so that we are able to fully function in the world today. Math Essentials created Math Refresher for Adults to provide grown-ups with a convenient opportunity to reacclimate themselves with mathematics. Let the tips on these pages and in the videos help restore your confidence in this subject and make your job as a home educator much easier.

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Review: Bible Study Guide For All Ages

This review needs no cute introduction because all the materials we received from Bible Study Guide For All Ages speak for themselves. Today, I’ll be discussing the Beginner (3-K) first-quarter lessons, Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade) first-quarter lessons, and the Wall Maps and Timeline set.

The Beginner (3-K) set includes Beginner Student Pages and a Beginner Time Line. The student pages for each lesson include a large picture of the story, comprehension questions, and activities. There was also plenty of reading on each page for adults and not children. I think the showcased text should be written for younger children since some can read by this age. Teaching dialogue is shown in bold text on these pages too but I think that should be included in a teacher key instead. The Beginner Time Line includes 34 colorful, card stock pictures designed to show major people and events in the Bible. These were perfect for Bam Bam and Princess to visualize the bible stories and they liked walking through the timeline each school morning. This was specifically designed for non-reading children but I think all younger children can benefit from using it.

The Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade) set includes Intermediate Student Pages, Intermediate Teacher Key, Bible Book Summary Cards. The Teacher Key provides detailed instructions for each lesson. Directives for the placement of the corresponding map and timeline labels are also given. A copy of each student page is shown providing the correct answers. Review questions, additional scriptures, and teaching tips are available for each lesson as well. The student pages break down the bible stories using activities, art, and questions to help your children dig deeper. Each lesson begins with memory review exercises to go over the biblical timeline and previous lessons. The large Bible Book Summary Cards are flash cards that represent the message of each book within the Bible. A description of the pictures and comprehension questions can be found on the back of each card. Bear enjoyed the discussion and activities but preferred to use the timeline rather than the book summary cards.

The Wall Maps and Timeline set
includes three large maps and a two-piece timeline covering creation until now. Three wall maps are provided which show important places mentioned throughout the bible. The timeline and maps are printed on high-quality paper but should be laminated if you want to keep them for a while. The labels, instructions, and keys can be found inside the three-ringed Label Book. This book includes cardstock labels for every lesson in this curriculum. Though the maps and timeline work hand in hand, they don’t need to be located along one wall. Our timelines are on one wall and the maps were placed on the adjacent wall. These items take up plenty of wall space but it is so worth it.

Overall the Bible Study Guide For All Ages curriculum paired well with our current history studies. I appreciated that all age groups covered the same material and each lesson was easy to present. I think the activities within the Beginner (3-K) and Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade) lessons were geared toward a traditional classroom setting but they can be modified for your homescool. We used this twice a week throughout the late Spring and early summer. The Wall Maps and Timeline set was my FAVORITE feature of this curriculum and we will definitely continue using it throughout our next school year.

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Home Depot Humvees (Art Appreciation Vlog #2)

We have been enjoying our art emphasis while we are on summer break. Art is usually a subject that we don’t get too often during the school year so I like to take time during our breaks to focus on art projects. For today’s our project we created wooden Humvee cars with a free kit from Home Depot. These kits were given out at our local arena basketball game.

Check out our vlog via this recent YouTube video

This art project was also completed as part of a collaboration can I participating in. This collaboration was created and hosted by Our Realistic Homeschool Life. Be sure to visit the playlist to view the other videos featuring creative art projects by children.

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What awesome art masterpieces have your children recently created?

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Review: MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs

For the past few months, Bam Bam has been mastering phonics via the Reading Intervention Programs offered by MaxScholar. This unique, multi-sensory, mobile, activity-based program was designed specifically to help students with Dyslexia, ADHD, and other reading processing problems. I decided to review this program for additional assistance in correcting our four-year-old’s speech impediment. We used this program at least four times each week and the lessons took approximately 7 to 15 minutes to complete. Let’s walk through the website and discuss how each part worked for our homeschool.

Assessments for each reading program offered is available when your child logs into MaxScholar for the first time. Scores indicate your child’s placement and level of difficulty within each intervention program. I helped Bam Bam take the phonics and reading tests. The phonics portion was too long for a young child and there was not an option to pause testing and come back to it. Because of the time that it took us to work through phonics, we decided to take the reading test the next day. He passed most of the reading comprehension questions because he was able to look at the picture while I read him the story and then tell me what was going on. Since my son is currently learning how to read he was not able to work through most of the reading test. I had to use the skip option for a least 70% of it. Based on the final results he was placed in Level 2 for phonics and Level 0 for reading which was accurate for him. His dashboard only provided options for phonics and reading but there are five additional programs offered.

The MAXREADING section was the least used out of his two options. The directions are for the student to read the story, highlight various aspects, and answer questions. The reading program is designed with stories that have chapters unlock after you pass the comprehension test. The stories were long and included too many words for his level of a reading. Even though he could not read the text he was able to listen to the story, read by me, and answer the comprehension questions out loud. It showed that he did understand what was going on but does not know how to gather (read) the information himself.

Though this section was not a favorite for us I do think that highlighting important things, understanding the main idea, and answering comprehension questions are all great skills to learn at this age. I also believe that a picture book option should be made available for children who do not know how to read. Sight words flashcards and adding audio to shorter stories are also other options that should be looked into.

Our favorite Reading Intervention Program was MAXPHONICS because of the layout and activities. We are currently working on reading lessons and this program lined up perfectly alongside that. Each lesson includes introducing a letter, hearing the sound, learning words that start with that letter, and writing practice. Some letter sounds work great and is accurate but others are quite confusing. For example, the /f/ sound is not at all similar to that heard in any of the words shown. If more emphasis was added it would be easier to hear in the video example. In the end, a master exam is given which includes working through each activity again. Once your child scores a 100% on each activity that letter is considered mastered.

Since Bam Bam has a speech impediment it has taken us quite some time to work through the phonics. He needs a lot of practice saying each of the letter sounds and over time he gained confidence in this area. The program will repeat each lesson until your child has mastered it which was a definite plus for me. I want to ensure that our son has a clear understanding of phonics because that is the baseline of his speech therapy. I didn’t mind him having to repeat lessons and made sure that I monitored his progress as he worked through the program. Once he mastered a letter no one was happier than his father and I because we know that they sounds did not come easily to him.

Upon logging into the teacher account you are greeted with a welcome sign and the dashboard menu. I thought that the layout for the dashboard was convenient and easy to use. In the Reports section, your options include looking at reports for individual students or an entire class, which is good for those of us who have multiple children. A generated report includes percentages for each available activity. The length of time the app was used for each day. The Materials section provides instant downloads of articles, teaching aids, and printables for your child. The other portions of the dashboard menu were not applicable to our homeschool because I only had one student enrolled.

You also have the option to preview some lessons and activities available via your dashboard by clicking Go to My Max. In this section you are shown an example of what year students dashboard would look like. From there you are able to click through the program and see what is offered. The only con for this section is that I believe that it should highlight where your child is specifically so you can view that first. I like the chance to get an overview of the entire program and seeing what is coming up so I can plan accordingly.

This is a convenient, easy to access, and user friendly website. It is recommended that you use this with a Chrome browser which does allow the audio instructions to play automatically. We tried this on a different browser and the program worked well. This website can be used on various devices but I strongly recommend using it on a tablet or computer. Cell phone view is a bit skewed and we had to constantly rotate the phone for the best view.

The MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs offer a variety of activities that can be catered specifically for each child in your household. Though all the features weren’t available to us, the phonics program did work well for Bam Bam and helped improve his impediment. Frequent use of the website and practicing letter sounds did build his speech confidence therefore, we will continue to use this program. With consistent use, people with other learning disabilities or struggling readers might also benefit.

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Review: Planet 316 Story Bible & 3-D, Interactive App

To date, the Bible is the best selling book in the entire world and I think it’s because each one shares the most amazing story ever told. Our family was grateful for the opportunity to review the new, interactive Planet 316 Story Bible and the companion Planet 316 Story Bible App by Planet 316 and WorthyKids/Ideals.

First, let’s discuss the features in this Planet 316 Story Bible. This children’s Bible includes over 100 stories from the Old and New Testaments. All the stories are written with early readers or those yet to learn in mind. Bam Bam and Princess were really excited to listen to each of the stories and couldn’t wait to hear what was going to happen next. The text seemed to captivate them and Bam Bam has actually memorized several passages already. The colorful illustrations will definitely catch the attention of the reader no matter their age. All the bright colors, attention to detail, and the illustrator’s ability to capture the story is spot on.

“I like this bible because I like to hear the people talking. I love the stories but I really like hearing them talk.” Bam Bam, 4 years old

Next, let’s break down the interactive awesomeness of the companion application. One of our favorite features of this Bible is that it offers augmented reality. Augmented reality is technology that superimposes a computer-generated, 3-D image with sound onto your phone or tablet. Yes! Your child will not only hear about Joshua fighting the battle of Jericho but they will get to watch him march into battle. Our children were especially fascinated with the sights and sounds provided via this application. Our oldest even took it upon himself to read this to his siblings daily because he thought the app was so cool. The Planet 316 Story Bible App is FREE and available for immediate download via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

“I like learning about the king and Jesus. The animals are so cute.” Princess, 2 years old

We used this Bible several times a week during our Bible study time. In most cases, I would read a story to the children or have them listen to their brother recite it. We have used the application on my cell phone as well as all the tablets in the house. We’ve never had an issue with the function of the application and it paired seamlessly well with the aforementioned Bible features.

“I like this bible because it is kid friendly. The stories are written at a level that my baby sister can even understand. The interactive capabilities are awesome! You can see the characters come alive and my brother and sister enjoyed it. This is my new favorite book to read to them.” Bear, 10 years old

Isn’t it truly amazing how the Bible has remained a relevant, timeless, truth-filled masterpiece since its creation? Our children have always enjoyed hearing the phenomenal Bible stories throughout their lives. With the Planet 316 Story Bible and the companion Planet 316 Story Bible App we are able to enjoy the word of God all the more. Planet 316 and WorthyKids/Ideals have definitely found another grand way to share God’s word.

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Review: Apologia Anatomy & Physiology Course

Our oldest son has thoroughly enjoyed his science experience while using Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology. Apologia did an excellent job structuring the scientific components and including the word of God in this curriculum. Let’s dive right into our thoughts on these products!

  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Text: This book includes over 250 pages of information for your student to discover, perform projects, and gain a clear understanding of anatomy and physiology God’s way. It is filled with a myriad of vivid illustrations and diagrams that allow the surrounding paragraphs to come alive to any student reading. Throughout the book, there are several helpful hints for the children including reminders to explain what they learn to someone else, key vocabulary words in bold print along with their definitions, a subject index, and narrative questions. The “Try This” and “Project” opportunities are scattered within the pages and each offers a deeper understanding of the lesson via crafts, experiments, and discussion. The 14 lessons cover various body systems, nutrition, health, how God designed their immune system, embryology and much more.

  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology MP3 Audio CD: Having the physical textbook was great but being able to listen to the text was truly grand. This audiobook is read by the author, Jeannie Fulbright. The past month has been extremely busy for us so we’ve had school in the car twice each week. It has been great to have the MP3 version playing while riding from various appointments and meetings. This format would also be beneficial to auditory learners and slow readers. Parents of students with disabilities that make reading difficult might also prefer this version. This is an MP3-CD that will only play in an MP3-compatible CD player or on a computer. Be sure to check your vehicle capabilities if you plan to travel while learning with this version.

“I think the textbook is really cool because it gives you a lot of stuff to think about with your body and opportunities to test the theories that you think of with exercises. The audio version was easy to listen to and follow along with. I prefer the textbook at home but on our busy Doctor’s appointments days it was good to have the audiobook as well.” Bear, age 10

  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Notebooking Journal: Seeing my son use this journal frequently was my favorite part of using this curriculum. He took notes while reading and conducting experiments, drew pictures, learned provided vocabulary words, completed puzzles, and practiced writing via scripture copy work. The journal includes a complete syllabus for your child with each assignment, project, and reading scheduled. There are also reminders to narrate the text, meaning your student must explain what they have read to someone. The narration is perfect practice for comprehension and public speaking, of course. Bear writes large, even in cursive so I allowed him to narrate the answers to the review questions too. The notebook also includes an answer key and mini flap books that will be created while using this curriculum.

  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Junior Notebooking Journal: The junior version of the original notebook is geared towards younger students still new to writing or children with limited writing skills no matter their age. This was also designed for students with learning disabilities. The beginning of each session has two coloring sheets for the students to complete while listening to the audiobook. The children are still given activities to complete but much fewer crosswords and overall writing time. The miniature books are still included but the aforementioned review questions are not.

“I think the notebook comes in handy for you to write what you learned in the lesson and what you think including whether you agree, disagree, like, or don’t like it. So far drawing the pictures is my favorite part and I try my best to make it look realistic.” Bear, age 10

Overall, Apologia has definitely won me over with this elementary science course. Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology takes your child on a journey from the history of medicine, through cells, DNA, and on into the body’s systems. Recently Bear was hospitalized and because of this course, he understood his diagnosis and treatment plan. I’ve found that the textbook (or audiobook) provides the details while the notebook activities give children the chance to illustrate their understanding. The whole curriculum uses the immersion approach to explain how and why our bodies work with language and activities appropriate for elementary aged children. The consistent acknowledgement to God for designing our bodies and creating everything was also a daily reminder of how magnificent he is. Finally, I was happy to see a science curriculum where the items needed for experiments are inexpensive, can be easily found in stores, or are most likely already in your home.

“I think this entire system works because the book gives great detail but the notebook allows you to break down what you’ve learned. Plus, you can always come back to your notebook and look at everything you’ve studied.” Bear, age 10

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Review: Princess Cut & Purity

Discussing sexual purity with your children at any age might seem a sensitive topic to some. But, as believers, we are encouraged to start this process very early on so that when our children mature into young adulthood they have a clear understanding of what the word says and how to apply the principals. That’s why I was truly excited to watch and review the Princess Cut movie by Watchman pictures.

Princess Cut is a movie about a young Christian woman dealing with the process of being pursued and dating. So many things were touched on during this film. Since I don’t want to give away the plot here are a few details on the topics covered.


The first thing that I noticed about this movie was that the young lady was still living at home. In this day and age, people are so set on pushing their children out of the house when they turn 18, upon the revelation that they are grown adults. I was elated to see that she was still at home and her family was still a major part of her life with her father being the forefront. I was also grateful that he wanted to meet the men that were interested in her and as a result of those conversations he was able to tell her who was good and bad. You are never too grown for parental advice and while your parents are alive you should appreciate their presence and wisdom in your life.


Another thing that was fascinating to me was that the whole family supported her desire to live for God and save herself for marriage. Her youngest brother even puts out a newspaper add about her ability to make delicious mac and cheese. This shows that what the parents are speaking and living is being soaked in by him. Her father’s love was portrayed when he worked hard to provide but was still present in their lives. A mother’s love and comfort were showcased by being there as a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear when she needed to vent.


This film touches on parts of friendships that can be quite sensitive. Sometimes your friends appear to have your best interests at heart but their secret desire is just to keep you on the same level. Your friends should honor your decisions, especially as a Christian, and they should also act accordingly. Insecure friends will also try to use you to act out their desires.


I thought it was so fitting that the love interest was not initially desired. I honestly think this seems to be the case for a lot of successful relationships, mine in particular. The chase makes the love story all much more intriguing, funny, and memorable in movies as well as a real life. Plus we know what we “allegedly want” but God knows what we actually need.


I enjoyed the repeated standard for abstinence (celibacy was also touched on) and I was proud of her for holding true to her convictions. We also teach our children not to kiss prior to marriage because it can lead to so much more. Finally, I was happy about the importance of dating with the intention to marry. I believe that if more Christians held to this standard during their pursuit of others then we would have more successful marriages. It is truly sad that in this day and age the Christian divorce rate is the exact same, and higher occasionally than that of the United States.

Overall Princess Cut by Watchman Pictures was fun to watch and should spark a conversation about purity with older children. This can also be a great opportunity to discuss celibacy amongst family and friends as well as young adults. I’ve already watched it twice and have several friends interested in purchasing it too.

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Currently, this film is available in DVD and Digital formats. You can also purchase the soundtrack for this film. Check out the trailer for this film via this YouTube video.

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