Today, I Need Some Encouragement 

Last month, my family endured a devastating loss and after all we’ve endured, rest is definitely needed. Usually, I’ve prepared my monthly blog posts well in advance but right now, my mind is all over the place.  I am typing this completely worn out at 1:00 am CST in our hotel suite.  My family is resting after a long two weeks and I think tonightI will FINALLY get a long overdue 8 hours of sleep.  I look forward to coming back in September with a tribute to our family member and some great series but until then, enjoy these reposts and recent videos. 

This week I needed some encouragement so check out my recent video about the covering of God and check out the blog post by clicking this fantastic hyperlink.

Make this week grand,

Ta’Neisha K. 


Burgundy On My Mind

Lately, I’ve been going through a burgundy hair phase that has me trying all sorts of cute hairstyles in that color.  Here are a few of my favorite burgundy wigs that allow me the opportunity to rock this color hair without actually changing mine.

  • Dominican Curly half wig has been my newest burgundy sensation because the curl pattern is gorgeous.  I also love that the length and the beautiful highlights that this unit features.  You can check out my review for this curly masterpiece in my recent video.

  • Janet Collection has a short and sassy curly unit by the name of Selina that has recently caught my eye.  This unit is perfect for the busy summer season and I also love to wear it on rainy days, accompanied by a headband.

  • Finally, I’m loving the 100% Human Hair unit by Model Model, called Yaky Cap, in the color 99J.  I have seen so many mixed reviews about this unit but when you work it (style it to your liking), you can WERK IT!  And for the low cost, it is definitely worth the try to check this unit out.


Now of course, I have so many more burgundy units I could share but for now, these are in continuous rotation.  Don’t be afraid to use extensions, clip-ins, and wigs to try out a hair color that is on your mind.  Step into your nearest beauty supply store, have a try on party, and step out wearing your new colored hairstyle with nothing but confidence.


Make this week colorful,

Ta’Neisha K.

God Has You Covered

I posted this status update on December 30, 2015 but the words still ring true today. Remember to remain obedient to God each day of every year and He will keep you covered.

“The story details are simply amazing but I will just hit you with the high points.

1) Quick transition can seem scary but when you’re obedient to the will of The Most High you shouldn’t be afraid to move swiftly. He’s got you covered.

2) Frustration in work is normal. Take a deep breath, take a break, and get back to doing what you’re supposed to. No labor, done in good faith is EVER in vain. He’s got you covered.

3) Keeping a prayer journal is an amazing tool. You have an actual log of every life battle and how God brought you out. Oh, and on the days you don’t think he is moving then just look in the mirror and realize that you’re still here. He’s got you covered.

4) As a wife I get the privilege to experience all our adult problems but not necessarily bear “ultimate responsibility” as my husband does. Sometimes life happens and it is super wacktastic. My favorite part of every day is letting him know that he is doing a great job. Our pastor, protector, and provider is awesome and I’m amazed at how he bears it all. Kevin is built for it and he has us covered. Kevin is obedient to The Most High God. HE HAS US COVERED!

Remain obedient in 2015 so you don’t lose your covering.”



Happy New Year!

Ta’Neisha K.

Best Wigs For Summer, Summer, Summer Time

I’m the type of woman that loves to change up her hairstyle and color on a whim.  Depending on my outfits, in one week I can wear my natural hair straightened or curly, and then switch to a platinum blonde pixie cut.  I always laugh when I look at #throwback pictures of myself and see a different hairstyle in each photo.  Wearing wigs has given me the opportunity to grow my natural hair and try various hair colors without dyeing it.

In the Lone Star State, the summer heat is nothing to play around with and even though braids are a popular for that season, some still choose to rock wigs.  Personally, I like to switch between braided styles and curly half wigs in the hot season.  Below you will see recent videos of my favorite summer wigs that will keep you stylish and cool during the summer months.

Have you been afraid to commit to dyeing your hair?  With Sensationnel Chic Bob in Summer you can rock the purple and blue hair trend with no remorse.


If you love the look of a loose straw set then check out Moonwalk by Model Model.


Celtic Girl is one of my favorite half wigs and it looks great in every color.


Fab Fringe is a gorgeous human hair unit that looks great in every season as well. You can see that unit and other short looks by clicking this link.

No matter what your personal wig style is , be sure to choose something that will not make your temperature spike during the summer months.  Stay hydrated and keep cool while  rocking  your summer style.


Make this week trendsetting,

~Ta’Neisha K.


Short Hair, Don’t Care #Fabulous


I came across the Sensationnel Fab Fringe unit several years ago when it was all the rage on YouTube.  Short hair in itself wasn’t new to me because I loved wearing my hair short when I was in junior high and High School.   Toni Braxton was super popular back then and everybody tried to rock her short look.   Unlike those who failed miserably at their attempt or barely pulled it off, I looked good!  But, even with that extra boost of confidence, I remember being so scared of trying Fab Fringe.

Short wigs can look phenomenal when styled right, but if you fail to cater the unit to you a disaster will be sitting on your head.  Another problem with short wigs that they usually make you look much older than you actually are.  However, the solution is simple, once you try the unit on be sure to make the time to style and adjust it according to your facial features.  If you do this immediately, the unit will look good the entire time you own it.

I love Fab Fringe because it it comes in a myriad of colors and can be styled various ways. I also love that it is human hair so it can be washed and will last years if you take care of it. My first Fab Fringe unit is 6 years old and it still looks great.

To see me style this unit in various ways, check out my recent video.

This unit is still available on various online beauty supoly stores, including, and Amazon.

Per the styling video, you can see that I’ve got plenty of short wig confidence. I loved this unit so much, I tried several more. You can also see me in other short wigs via the videos below.


Make this week glamorous,

~Ta’Neisha K.~

The Mom Bob

I know you’ve all seen her. That cool mom. The stylish mom. The hot mom. That mom looking so gorgeous and chic because her mom bob is on point. Don’t act like you’ve never seen and desired the mom bob

I must admit that the bob is my favorite hairstyle because it is so versatile and trendy. The bob is a timeless, ever changing, and unique hairdo that is sure to turn heads. The ease of manageability makes this hair style perfect for corporate women on the rise, busy women on the go, and the rest of us 24/7-365 moms. Let’s face it, the mom bob keeps us “hip” <Do people still say that?> looking like the mom we’ve all seen and secretly desired to be. 

Now, I currently don’t have my own tresses cut into a bob. Nope. Husband is out on me chopping off my mid back length, natural hair; however, I’m forever incorporating this look thanks to various wigs I own. My husband always says between my natural hair and the wigs interchanging, it is like meeting a new woman each week. I must agree that when I add a pop of color or wear an asymmetrical bob my swagger is undeniable. Nothing like looking cute and feeling great because your hair is on fleek. <Is fleek still a thing?>

So with all that being said, ladies embrace your bob! Rock your bob! Shake your bob! Take each stride in confidence knowing that your hair is so gorgeous  no one even notices that you’re wearing yoga pants to the library story time, again. Seriously, again. Whether you cut your own hair or wear a cute wig, own your bob and show it off like only you can. 

Make this week stylish,

~Ta’Neisha K.~

Check out my favorite bob units via my recent videos