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Another big THANK YOU to The Pencil Grip Inc. for sponsoring this giveaway!  Be sure to check out their website and social media for all the awesome products they offer.

Pencil Grip 3

If you didn’t win, please don’t fret because I am hosting another giveaway for this company VERY SOON. (hint hint)

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The winner has already been contacted, replied, and had the information sent to the company.

Make this week grand,

Ta’Neisha K.



Today, I Need Some Encouragement 

Last month, my family endured a devastating loss and after all we’ve endured, rest is definitely needed. Usually, I’ve prepared my monthly blog posts well in advance but right now, my mind is all over the place.  I am typing this completely worn out at 1:00 am CST in our hotel suite.  My family is resting after a long two weeks and I think tonightI will FINALLY get a long overdue 8 hours of sleep.  I look forward to coming back in September with a tribute to our family member and some great series but until then, enjoy these reposts and recent videos. 

This week I needed some encouragement so check out my recent video about the covering of God and check out the blog post by clicking this fantastic hyperlink.

Make this week grand,

Ta’Neisha K. 

God Has You Covered

I posted this status update on December 30, 2015 but the words still ring true today. Remember to remain obedient to God each day of every year and He will keep you covered.

“The story details are simply amazing but I will just hit you with the high points.

1) Quick transition can seem scary but when you’re obedient to the will of The Most High you shouldn’t be afraid to move swiftly. He’s got you covered.

2) Frustration in work is normal. Take a deep breath, take a break, and get back to doing what you’re supposed to. No labor, done in good faith is EVER in vain. He’s got you covered.

3) Keeping a prayer journal is an amazing tool. You have an actual log of every life battle and how God brought you out. Oh, and on the days you don’t think he is moving then just look in the mirror and realize that you’re still here. He’s got you covered.

4) As a wife I get the privilege to experience all our adult problems but not necessarily bear “ultimate responsibility” as my husband does. Sometimes life happens and it is super wacktastic. My favorite part of every day is letting him know that he is doing a great job. Our pastor, protector, and provider is awesome and I’m amazed at how he bears it all. Kevin is built for it and he has us covered. Kevin is obedient to The Most High God. HE HAS US COVERED!

Remain obedient in 2015 so you don’t lose your covering.”



Happy New Year!

Ta’Neisha K.

Happy Homeschooling Giveaway

I was blessed by a teacher friend of mine with a box full of school worksheets.  These worksheets were helpful to us to  review concepts as we ended our Second grade school year.  From this massive box I saved several sheets for our two younger children to use in a few years.  I also prepared two packages for friends that just had babies to help them transition into the next school year.  I even had more than enough copies to create not one, not two, but three packages for a HAPPY HOMESCHOOLING GIVEAWAY!!

Here are the **OFFICIAL RULES**

-Closes at 11:59:59 CST on 8/5/16

-You must be a subscriber to the avenue you choose to enter through. 

-You may enter all 3 giveaways via the hyperlinks below

-ONLY ONE COMMENT PER PERSON on each giveaway post 


**Blog Giveaway**

-Must be subscribed to the blog via email or wordpress account (photo directions below)

-Comment on this post and tell me your plans for the current/upcoming homeschool year.  Feel free to share any curriculum you’re using or ideas you may have to help others.

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For a quick glimpse at some of the worksheets that will be included in the prize package check out this one minute video.

Again, there will be a different winner chosen via each social media avenue. And YES, you can enter each giveaway one time. 

Happy homeschooling and make this week wonderful,
~Ta’Neisha K.

Comment on this blog post and tell me your plans for the current/upcoming homeschool year.  Feel free to share any curriculum you’re using or ideas you may have to help others.

And the Kingdom Woman winner is. . .

Congratulations Chickie Brewer and thanks for supporting my blog and YouTube channel. Your prize is on the way and I hope you enjoy it.

You didn’t win?!?!?!

Don’t fret friend,  another giveaway is starting in a few hours. Yes, literally a few hours. So watch out for your next Marriage, Motherhood, and Makeup email notification.

Make this week  “dy-no-mite,”

~Ta’Neisha K.