Today, I Need Some Encouragement 

Last month, my family endured a devastating loss and after all we’ve endured, rest is definitely needed. Usually, I’ve prepared my monthly blog posts well in advance but right now, my mind is all over the place.  I am typing this completely worn out at 1:00 am CST in our hotel suite.  My family is resting after a long two weeks and I think tonightI will FINALLY get a long overdue 8 hours of sleep.  I look forward to coming back in September with a tribute to our family member and some great series but until then, enjoy these reposts and recent videos. 

This week I needed some encouragement so check out my recent video about the covering of God and check out the blog post by clicking this fantastic hyperlink.

Make this week grand,

Ta’Neisha K. 


FYI: There is a Facebook Group For That

Now just in case you didn’t know, there is a FB group for whatever hobby, interest, and movement you can think of and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with my blog family.

Group blog 2

The first group is the YTHSC which is a place where YouTubers who homeschool can connect, share ideas, laughs, and of course videos.  There are also several challenges that are hosted by members and I enjoy watching the participant’s videos.

The second group I find myself spending time weekly in is Faith and Spiritual Happy Planner which is a great place to share ideas for faith planning and bible journaling.  Members share their monthly, weekly, or daily posts in their faith based happy planners and even provide links to FREE downloads.  I started my planner hobby this year and currently have a personal classic sized happy planner, faith happy planner that I document bible studies in, and the rose gold happy planner which I use as a gratitude journal.  I enjoy the inspiration that I receive from this group.

**FREEBIE ALERT** I recently shared this FREE DOWNLOAD from Dr. Tony Evans website featuring for I AM statements based on scripture.  You can download the I AM Statements FREEBIE via this magnificent hyperlink.


Group blog 1

Last but certainly not least, I wants to share the R Kids Closet Co-Op group which is a marketplace to buy in on bulk order items for children.  In this group you can find anything from fidget spinners (3 for $10), clothes, shoes, moccasins, blankets, water balloons, bathing suits, costumes, and more.  I always shop here for baby showers and for gifts for my friends because the mommy screen t-shirts are always super cute.  Please note that items are ordered, shipped to the bulk buyer, then shipped from the bulk buyer to you.  This process does take a few weeks.  I also suggest that you double check prices via eBay or Amazon because you might find it cheaper there.  This is a rare occasion though so I usually just order through this group.

Hopefully these groups peek your interest and you’re able to make some new connections or awesome purchases.

So tell me, which Facebook groups are you a part of?

Make this week fun,

Ta’Neisha K.

June Weight Loss Update

june weight loss 1


Hello June!

I’m so excited to share a quick weight loss update with you guys because the scale has been moving in the right direction, thanks to my new friend.  First, thanks for hanging in there with me while I enjoyed my YouTube break.  I may not have been posting weekly weight loss updates but I was checking in via Instagram and Twitter with weight loss related posts from time to time.  I decided to end May and kick start June with a fun video showing off my new, plum colored friend, Fitbit Charge 2 HR.



So now that you’ve caught a quick glimpse of this purple beauty that I’ve owned for nearly three weeks, let’s get into the quick stats for May.

  • Lost 8 pounds
  • Won my first Goal Day challenge with 13,228 steps
  • Won my second Goal Day challenge with 10,086 steps
  • Started the Leslie Sansone: 30 Day Walk Off Kit program **review coming soon**
  • Reactivated my MyFitnessPal account


june weight loss 4

These are just a few things to note because I haven’t taken my measurements or my progress selfies for my fitness journal prior to writing this blog.  I’m just happy that things are continuing to go down, down, down.  I didn’t start the 30 Day Walk Off program until I got my Fitbit because I wanted al those steps to count.  I forgot how fun it was to use a tracker and I’ enjoying competing with my friends and family.  I’m trying to persuade husband to trade in his MJFOX Fitness Tracker (aka FAKEbit) for the official Fitbit; however, he is content so I will leave him be.  His tracker does the same thing mine’s does and I will include a review of that in an upcoming Weight Loss Wednesday video.


june weight loss 7

One thing I did note during this month was that sugar is in so many of the things I enjoy, even if I didn’t know it.  I’ve combated that by making my own, from scratch items to replace the things that carried that sneaky sugar.  I’ve also been very mindful about reading labels to ensure I don’t unknowingly hinder my progress with it.  In addition, our family has found joy in the “new veggie of the month” portion of our family menu.  In fact, I picked up a Happy Planner Recipe Kit so I can always jot down my favorite dishes using the new items or healthier versions of our favorites.


june weight loss 8

Overall, I call May a successful month and I look forward to all June has to offer.  This month I am going on two vacations so I definitely need to be aware so I don’t go backwards on my journey.  So CHEERS to an awesome month ahead!

Make this week amazing,

Ta’Neisha K.

Maximum Results in May

May Weight Loss

Hey May!

This month I have set several goals pertaining to tightening up (or fine tuning) my diet and exercise program.  I have stalled out because I stopped pushing myself and I definitely didn’t consume enough water last month.  As I rushed through my days I also missed A LOT of meals which didn’t help my already hindered metabolism.  Of course, the scale reflected that I was only doing the bare minimum so this month I need to double down so I can achieve maximum results. 

Here are my goals for the month of May:

  • Complete 5 workouts each week
    • Cardio 5x
    • Weight 3x
    • Stretching before and after
  • Drink three (push for four) 32 ounce  cups of water daily
  • Enjoy outside play time with the children (family workouts) three times a week
  • Get eight hours of sleep nightly
  • NO electronics two hours before bedtime
  • Fasting cardio

To hear more about what I’m doing this month and how grateful I am for all the support, encouragement, and accountability I’ve received from you all check out my recent Weight Loss Wednesday video.

 Here’s to a great month and maximum results!

 Make this month marvelous,

Ta’Neisha K.



April Weight Loss Goals

April Weight Loss 2

So for this month’s weight loss goals I am going to start another 100 day challenge with the new found information I have obtained over the first quarter of 2017.  In this next stage I am going to apply the knowledge and couple it with my fine-tuned workout schedule, dietary changes for enhanced thyroid health, and biblical study.   I feel like the first 100 days were a nice jumpstart but I did have too many waves of passion on/off moments that kept me from achieving all that I could.  I love that I have the weekly videos to share my journey and keep me accountable but I am mostly thankful for my real-time support from my family and friends that have seen me working hard (or hardly working some days) and have committed to continue to push me toward my goal.  I will succeed at this and conquer every fear I have as it pertains to this journey.  I want to ensure that I am here for as long as God has intended me to be and to do that I need my temple to be in tip top shape.


April Weight Loss 5

 Here are my April goals:

1)      NO self-sabotage

2)      Lose 10 pounds

3)      3 mile walk or 8 mile bike ride for PM cardio

4)      Strength training 4 times a week

5)      AM and PM workouts twice a week

6)      NO sugar and NO soda

My weekly rewards for the month include a massage from my husband, uninterrupted bubble bath, new pair of workout shoes, and an extra date night.

April Weight Loss 4 

Thank you for continuing to check-in and support me along this journey.  I will not be posting daily on IG for this second session of the 100 Day Challenge; however, I will be sharing weekly YouTube updates for the remainder of 2017 as promised.  Don’t forget, if you missed a weight loss update or fitness product review this month then you can click this gorgeous and super long hyperlink that will take you through an imaginary virtual portal that ends at the playlist I’ve created.


April Weight Loss 3


Make this week jolly,


Ta’Neisha K.

Butt Bible Challenge Starts Today!

As with all exercise programs it is imperative that you participate at your own risk, as I assume no liability for encouraging you to exercise.  Be mindful of your body and please consult a physician prior to starting a workout or diet program.


Guess what?

Did you know that whatever day you choose to read this blog is a great day to begin this challenge?

Don’t fret about actual start/finish dates with this fitness experience, just make a decision to try it, push through it, and see it through until the end.

Today is your DAY #1!


Here is everything you will need (to do and know) to complete this workout:

  1. This is a 6 week program with four scheduled workouts each week, ranging from 20-40 minutes, including warm-up and cool down.
  2. Throughout the program you will need a few pieces of equipment including a towel, barbell (or equivalent), dumbbells, and a chair.
  3. You will need to download and/or print the workout calendar pictured directly below this list.
  4. You will need the complete Butt Bible series by Pauline Nordin, which can be purchased via Amazon. (Click this cool hyperlink to purchase)
  5. You can also access these workouts FOR FREE via my YouTube BUTT BIBLE CHALLENGE playlist. (Yes, this super long hyperlink is for the FREE playlist)
  6. I find Pauline’s butt banter to be a bit silly and borderline annoying.  I also realized today that she does use the word “a**” twice.  I’ve chosen to either start or end my day with these workouts when the children are asleep.
  7. Lastly, you will need a positive attitude and healthy eating habits to ensure you are successful in this challenge.


In addition to the aforementioned tips, I suggest a form of accountability via a workout partner, journaling, or posting your exercises via social media.  At the end of this six weeks, I look forward to seeing a healthier version of myself along with the best rump of my life. LOL I busted out laughing as I typed that.  The rump isn’t the big issue (my rump is a HUGE issue LOL), I just look forward to completing this challenge because I’ve started and failed this Butt Bible series several times.  But in 2017 I will conquer this!


I hope you will join me and if you do, just find this post on Instagram (yes, another cool hyperlink), follow me, and comment “I’m in” under the photo.  I don’t mind being your social media accountability partner and please help me along the way. Also, check out my weight loss progress this month via my most recent Weight Loss Wednesday video.

Make this week beautiful,

Ta’Neisha K.

February Weight Loss Goals


I am so excited to share all the awesome things that happened to me during the month of January.  First, I have dropped another 8 pounds! WHOOP WHOOP! I didn’t meet my goal of 10 pounds this month but that’s okay because I accomplished so much more.  I am now able to do strength training five times a week and I do at least 30-45 minutes of cardio six days a week.  On Sundays, I rest and do a complete body stretching session and give my body time to recover and prepare for the upcoming workout week. I am definitely pleased with the way January wrapped up and you can see more of my accomplishments and the failures, including a 2 pound weight gain, via the first three videos placed throughout this blog post.


Here are a few more great accomplishments:

  • Husband worked out with me 4 times this month
  • Our children participate in my daily workouts
  • Clothes are fitting looser in the legs and around the waist
  • Double chin on my face is smaller and starting to disappear
  • I signed up for my second 5K
  • My journey has encouraged others to begin their own weight loss journey


But wait, there’s more! Check out these additional accomplishments:

  • Stamina during workouts has increased tremendously
  • Able to complete an entire strength training session without taking longer rests in between sets
  • Family members and friends are noticing my weight loss
  • Tried (and enjoyed) two Salmon recipes
  • Dropped a dress size



So, in February I plan to tighten my diet and take the entire house with me down the narrow path to a narrower waist.  As the head chef for Château Kemp, it is my duty to ensure our household puts nothing but the best into our temples.  Four years ago I removed 90% of our dairy intake from our diets.  Yes, we enjoy the occasional cheeseburger and southern macaroni and cheese dish, but we no longer use cow’s milk in our recipes and have seen extraordinary benefits from it.  I’ve also increased the water intake of the entire house and decreased the sugar we consume.  I’ve eliminated high fructose corn syrup/corn syrup (except for birthday goody bags), alternative (diet) sugars, along with GMOs and gluten will be the next thing to go.  Yep, GLUTEN FREE IN 2017! 

You can find out more about our family goals, hear what Kevin (husband) thinks about the changes, and learn about my annual goals via my recent video.


There is no telling what other household transformations will take place during this journey but I looking forward to good health and soul prosperity this year (3 John 1:2).  I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13) so I’m going to continue to do my part and trust that He will help me be successful.

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Make this week prosperous,

Ta’Neisha K.