#ProudMom, Congratulations Bear!!

This summer Kenden entered several contests and he has won a total of $100. 

  • $25 for June Reading Contest 
  • $25 for July Reading Contest 
  • $25 for July Activity Contest 

The final $25 was won for achieving 1st place in the Writing Contest for 6-12 year olds.  He submitted his 500+ word research paper called A Primate’s Life.  I’m so proud of him! 

The most amazing thing about his prizes is that he gave them out to everyne in the household.  He said with everything that’s happened,  we all deserved to buy something.  He is my FAVORITE FIRSTBORN!!  Because of his generosity, his grandparents awarded him with double his prizes and the tablet he was saving up for.  Again, we are all so proud of him!

You can read excerpts from all the winners here: 

Summer Contest Writing Winners – Schoolhouse Teachers 
As a homeschooler I occasionally wonder if I am giving my children the perfect education.  Moments like these I’m so grateful for confirmation that we made the right decision and are on the right path. God is so faithful to ensure that his children are always reminded that he is guiding us and has perfected our path.  It is our prayer that he is glorified by the fruit of our household and the generations to come. 
Make today grand,

Ta’Neisha K. 

Today, I Need Some Encouragement 

Last month, my family endured a devastating loss and after all we’ve endured, rest is definitely needed. Usually, I’ve prepared my monthly blog posts well in advance but right now, my mind is all over the place.  I am typing this completely worn out at 1:00 am CST in our hotel suite.  My family is resting after a long two weeks and I think tonightI will FINALLY get a long overdue 8 hours of sleep.  I look forward to coming back in September with a tribute to our family member and some great series but until then, enjoy these reposts and recent videos. 

This week I needed some encouragement so check out my recent video about the covering of God and check out the blog post by clicking this fantastic hyperlink.

Make this week grand,

Ta’Neisha K. 

How to Survive the Family Reunion

Family Reunion 4

Summer is usually a great time for families to get together, reconnect, and catch up on old times which is always great.  I enjoy hearing the old school music, watching our children run around with their cousins, and listening to the elders tell stories from way, way, way, way back when.  I love the various sounds of laughter, dominoes slamming on the table, trash talk during the spades game, and forks hitting the plate all going on simultaneously.  And, let’s not forget the precious babies being passed from lap to lap or the hugs shared when the newest spouse is introduced.  I LOVE FAMILY REUNIONS!!

Here are my top five tips for surviving the family reunion:

  • Don’t sit at the spades or dominoes table unless you can actually play the games.  Just know that when people sit down at these tables during the reunion they are representing for their whole lineage and  will take no prisoners.  Most families only have reunions every two or more years therefore, the tournament winners have at least 730 days of bragging rights before defending their title again.  Please believe, family will hear about this again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and…
  • Have games and activities lined up for various age groups of children and adults to help keep everyone engaged and participating throughout the day.  For example, in the small children area include toys, coloring books, crayons, etc. In the early elementary area have various board games, family card games, etc.  Include a selfie station for the tweens/teens and even consider putting them in charge of being the photographers for the event.  The whole family can see and share the photos by creating a unique social media hashtag.  Finally, include games for the adults like a newlywed game or family feud as part of the event entertainment.
  • Be prepared for the family elders to say whatever is on their mind!  Age has given the family elders authority to speak it as soon as it enters their minds so if you are short, get ready to hear about it.  If your baby is ugly then come out of denial and get ready to face the music followed by a “bless his heart.”  If you are overweight or obese get ready to hear all their weight loss tips, even if they are big themselves.  If you are single and over 30, you better have a great explanation as to why you aren’t married yet accompanied with a matrimony timeline.  Now deciding whether or not to #clapback is up to you.  I just suggest that you respect their age, smile, and keep it pushing until you’ve hugged all of them.

Family Reunion 5

  • Go on a detox at least 1 week prior to the event.  Drink plenty of water and eat EXTRA healthy.  You may have to travel for your trip which means you might have to fast food along the way.  Plus, you know your favorite uncle will have the BBQ on point and your aunts, grandmother, cousins, and own mother will have assorted sweets available for all reunion attendees.  Don’t be afraid to use this reunion as your cheat day or cheat weekend but prepare your body in advance and don’t skip the leafy green salad at the event.
  • Last, but certainly not least learn all the latest line dances before you go.  In fact, if you are over 30, learn all the newest dances  just so you can show up the young people.  I love the look of surprise on their faces when out dance them in something that was made up yesterday. #yougotserved

Family Reunion 3

So as you pack, plan, and detox in preparation for your family reunion don’t forget the most important thing to do is have fun and make memories.  Enjoy seeing your awesome features and characteristics in your great grandparents, grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, children, and even those twice removed.  Love on everyone!  Hug on everyone!  Take a picture with everyone!  Remember, time spent enjoying family is definitely time well spent.

Make this reunion memorable,

Ta’Neisha K.

Happy Father’s Day

You know I had to take the time to wish all the fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day. So here’s a big salute to the real HEROES of the world, Fathers.


Fathers Day 3

To those that may have lost their father, I pray for peace and comfort during this holiday.  Let the memories of your father bring your heart joy and be sure to spend time with others so you’re not alone today.

Fathers Day 2

Finally, because fatherhood is so important I want to remind you that to put reminders in your phone to make sure your father has his gift on time until the year 2025.  Yes, procrastinators and planners I’ve got your back until the year 2025!  By then, it should be a habit so you shouldn’t miss anymore Father’s Day celebrations.

Fathers Day 1

For additional encouragement about the POWER OF DADDY, check out these blog previous blog posts.

You can also watch my recent video, dedicated to my own awesome father, phenomenal husband, and cool father-in-law.


Make this week grand,

Ta’Neisha K.


FYI: There is a Facebook Group For That

Now just in case you didn’t know, there is a FB group for whatever hobby, interest, and movement you can think of and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with my blog family.

Group blog 2

The first group is the YTHSC which is a place where YouTubers who homeschool can connect, share ideas, laughs, and of course videos.  There are also several challenges that are hosted by members and I enjoy watching the participant’s videos.

The second group I find myself spending time weekly in is Faith and Spiritual Happy Planner which is a great place to share ideas for faith planning and bible journaling.  Members share their monthly, weekly, or daily posts in their faith based happy planners and even provide links to FREE downloads.  I started my planner hobby this year and currently have a personal classic sized happy planner, faith happy planner that I document bible studies in, and the rose gold happy planner which I use as a gratitude journal.  I enjoy the inspiration that I receive from this group.

**FREEBIE ALERT** I recently shared this FREE DOWNLOAD from Dr. Tony Evans website featuring for I AM statements based on scripture.  You can download the I AM Statements FREEBIE via this magnificent hyperlink.


Group blog 1

Last but certainly not least, I wants to share the R Kids Closet Co-Op group which is a marketplace to buy in on bulk order items for children.  In this group you can find anything from fidget spinners (3 for $10), clothes, shoes, moccasins, blankets, water balloons, bathing suits, costumes, and more.  I always shop here for baby showers and for gifts for my friends because the mommy screen t-shirts are always super cute.  Please note that items are ordered, shipped to the bulk buyer, then shipped from the bulk buyer to you.  This process does take a few weeks.  I also suggest that you double check prices via eBay or Amazon because you might find it cheaper there.  This is a rare occasion though so I usually just order through this group.

Hopefully these groups peek your interest and you’re able to make some new connections or awesome purchases.

So tell me, which Facebook groups are you a part of?

Make this week fun,

Ta’Neisha K.

June Weight Loss Update

june weight loss 1


Hello June!

I’m so excited to share a quick weight loss update with you guys because the scale has been moving in the right direction, thanks to my new friend.  First, thanks for hanging in there with me while I enjoyed my YouTube break.  I may not have been posting weekly weight loss updates but I was checking in via Instagram and Twitter with weight loss related posts from time to time.  I decided to end May and kick start June with a fun video showing off my new, plum colored friend, Fitbit Charge 2 HR.



So now that you’ve caught a quick glimpse of this purple beauty that I’ve owned for nearly three weeks, let’s get into the quick stats for May.

  • Lost 8 pounds
  • Won my first Goal Day challenge with 13,228 steps
  • Won my second Goal Day challenge with 10,086 steps
  • Started the Leslie Sansone: 30 Day Walk Off Kit program **review coming soon**
  • Reactivated my MyFitnessPal account


june weight loss 4

These are just a few things to note because I haven’t taken my measurements or my progress selfies for my fitness journal prior to writing this blog.  I’m just happy that things are continuing to go down, down, down.  I didn’t start the 30 Day Walk Off program until I got my Fitbit because I wanted al those steps to count.  I forgot how fun it was to use a tracker and I’ enjoying competing with my friends and family.  I’m trying to persuade husband to trade in his MJFOX Fitness Tracker (aka FAKEbit) for the official Fitbit; however, he is content so I will leave him be.  His tracker does the same thing mine’s does and I will include a review of that in an upcoming Weight Loss Wednesday video.


june weight loss 7

One thing I did note during this month was that sugar is in so many of the things I enjoy, even if I didn’t know it.  I’ve combated that by making my own, from scratch items to replace the things that carried that sneaky sugar.  I’ve also been very mindful about reading labels to ensure I don’t unknowingly hinder my progress with it.  In addition, our family has found joy in the “new veggie of the month” portion of our family menu.  In fact, I picked up a Happy Planner Recipe Kit so I can always jot down my favorite dishes using the new items or healthier versions of our favorites.


june weight loss 8

Overall, I call May a successful month and I look forward to all June has to offer.  This month I am going on two vacations so I definitely need to be aware so I don’t go backwards on my journey.  So CHEERS to an awesome month ahead!

Make this week amazing,

Ta’Neisha K.

Happy Mother’s Day

I just wanted to take the time to say happy Mother’s Day to each and every mother that comes across this post.  I hope and pray that your day has been blessed and that you were able to love on each of your children.

Mothers Day 2

To all the mothers that have lost their children due to miscarriage or death I pray that you find comfort in the arms of the Father in Heaven and seek him for peace during this holiday.  I definitely understand what it feels like to lose such a precious gift but be encouraged that this holiday is still for you.  Your child may be in your heart but you too deserve to be celebrated on this Mother’s Day.


Mothers Day 3


Finally, to those of you who are spending this holiday with only memories of your mother, I pray you find strength and peace through connecting with others on this day.  Don’t spend it alone, but surround yourself with people that can support, encourage, and uplift you on this day.

Mothers Day 4


Make today memorable,

Ta’Neisha K.