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I’m a proud wife that spontaneously serenades her husband in public. I’m a cool mom that has dance battles with her children. I’m the keep it real friend that doesn’t tell your business. I’m also the lady that cries actual tears while watching romantic comedies. Taking care of my family is my ministry! I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord & the ONLY way to the Father is through Him.

If you’re a mom that loves to look red carpet ready on a tight budget then this is the blog for you. If you’re a homeschool teacher that enjoys a quick “I totally understand” moment in between subjects and chores, look no further. If you’re a woman that has hair but would rather wear a weave or wig then we could be sisters. If you’re a believer that lives a balanced life, I’m so glad you stopped by.

Please enjoy your time reading my brief blogs. Feel free to comment and share. You can also contact me directly via the form below.

Welcome to my wordpress corner filled with “Marriage, Motherhood, Makeup” and more.


Ta’Neisha K.


11 thoughts on “About Me & Contact

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  2. Watched your didnt know i was pregnant video “your miracle”. Had a couple of questions for you. I have a pretty weird situation going on in my life, that i wanted to share with you. God Bless

    • Sure thing. Just fill out the contact form within the About Me post and click submit. Any information shared there will be sent directly to my email address and I will reply from there. I look forward to speaking with you. Have a great day!

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  4. Idk what contact form you are talking about? About Me form? Im not sure where you this form is. You have my email address if you want to respond. Or hear my question.

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  6. Dear Ta’neisha,
    On youtube I stumbeld along your video, a miracle baby. What a blessing:)
    I was always a strong believer, grew up in Church. And always had one question in my life. What one’s Jesus with my life. (Sorry for my pore englisch, I am from holland)
    Im married for 8,5 years. And I’m truly blessed with 2 amazing boys. 7 and 5 years old.
    My youngest boy was one of a twin. And since then I had 3 miscairage’s. After the first 2 I found peace by and with God. Althought it was hard breaking. The last pregnantcy I was just past the 12 weak mark, when I lost that baby two. I am so upset, I search for God, but dind’t find him. I have stoppen searching and ask myself now and then. If there is a loving God. I can not talk with family or friends. Cause they dont understand or see me as weak, that I have givin up. But Im worn. So much stuff happend in are lives:(.
    And off course I (we) are extremly blessed, in lots of ways, I know that. But I’m Just so sad and afraid.
    You Just seem so happy, and I get why;)
    Docters dind’t find anything wrong with me btw.
    I dont know why im ridding you, but you just seem so confinced. I wanna believe 2.
    Love Jacqueline
    (Again sorry for my englisch, I was to lasy to look some words up *Shame.. )

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    • If you fill out the form (middle of page) it comes directly to my email. Don’t comment (at bottom of page), just fill out the form in the middle of this page and it ONLY comes directly to my email.

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