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FREE Family Fun at the Arena Game

Recently our family with blessed with several free tickets to arena games over the weekend. We had a awesome time attending games on Saturday and Sunday evening.

The football game layout was very casual where the players actually talked and interacted with the audience throughout the game. One of our friends is a coach and we were able to talk with him several times. It was amazing to be so close to the action, here the actual plays being called, and watch the referees have discussions over calls. They also let you keep any ball that landed in the audience our oldest, Bear was happy to be given the final game ball. After the game you’re also allowed to go out on to the field where the players hang out and sign autographs.

The basketball game is totally different when it comes to the atmosphere. Since the court is smaller they have areas for and workshops set up on each side of the court. Children are able to go down and spend the entire basketball game hanging out, building things, and are even given snacks. The building activities were awesome because they were made with kits provided by Home Depot. Home Depot also brought volunteers to work the stations while the children played. Most parents let their children go down alone but I prefer to go with my children and ensure their safety. If you arrive to the game early your children also get to participate in the opening. Here is some footage from our fabulous weekend.

If you have a arena teams in your area we definitely recommend checking them out. Not only did we receive free tickets for this game, they also passed out free tickets for the subsequent home games. We are able to enjoy the rest of the season for free!

Totally unrelated but here is the winner of the Pencil Grip Inc. Magic Stix Markers giveaway. Winner has already been contacted, replied to email, and her prize is on the way.

Make this week grand,

Ta’Neisha K.


Carole P. Roman Book Collection Review

Carole P. Roman is an award-winning children’s book author with series including everything from pirates, history, geography, various cultures and civilations, and even princesses. We received three stories to review from the Carole P. Roman books and collections to add to our home library.

The Crew Goes Coconuts!: A Captain No Beard Story is another tale featuring the wild imagination of Hallie and Alexander along with a crew of stuffed animals. The parched crew anchors at a deserted island and realize they have drank all the juice boxes on this ship. Rather then figuring out a solution they take their frustrations out on one another and begin to pick and name call. The captain quickly assesses the situation and teaches the crew that we should look for something to like in everyone. The Captain No Beard series currently includes 10 different adventures. I think young boys ages 4 to 8 will enjoy the creativity and imagination used in these stories.

If You Were Me and Lived in… the Ancient Mali Empire tells of the rich history of this African civilization. Information about the layout of the land including building structure, geography, and various towns are described in detail which paints a vivid picture for the reader. She also did a good job of explaining the government, caste system, education, and introducing the language. At the end of the book there is information about famous people from the Mali Empire as well as a glossary that provides definitions for the words used within the book.

If You Were Me and Lived in… Ancient Greece dates back well over 2000 years ago. We learned about their introduction of politics, the importance of Mount Olympus, various gods, their powers, and customary traditions to honor them. Details were provided about citizen’s diets, traditions for boys versus girls, types of jobs available, local leadership during this time, and the Olympics. Brief information was also included about various philosophers like Plato, Socrates, and Hippocrates as well as conquerors like Alexander The Great. In the final pages of this book there is a descriptive list of gods and goddesses along glossary of terms for additional understanding.

The books within this portion of the If You Were Me and Lived In… series include Ancient China, Mayan Empire, Viking Europe, Colonial America and several more civilizations throughout history. I think these are great to pair with history lessons. We also own several of the cultures around the world portion of this series. Those worked great alongside our current Geography curriculum. I think both types within this series are appropriate for ages 7 and up. Keep in mind that these books provide information about all parts of the culture or civilization, including religion. The author did a good job of describing the beliefs in all the books that we read.

Overall, these three stories are a fun addition to our homeschool library. Carole P. Roman has authored over 50 books so I’m sure you’ll find something your children will enjoy and benefit from. The books we reviewed and many others within the Carole P. Roman books and collections are available in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle formats.

Click this hyperlink to see the other books that Homeschool Review Crew members received.

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Ta’Neisha K.

Throwback Review: LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints

I realized that I have went this entire month without talking about makeup. Today, I am so excited to do a throwback post featuring a product that I have loved for years and still used today, LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints. These lip products go on smoothly and dry with a beautiful sheen to them. I love the array of colors included in the collection and was so excited to purchase all of them via a eBay.

I love that these come in a variety of colors that compliment every complexion and mood. The price point of these beauties is good especially because you can purchase them in a full set online. Finally, I enjoy that they can be worn year round, do not dry your lips, and a compliment any type of makeup. You do need a lip liner with these beauties because they do have a tendency to get everywhere. I also advise that you apply them sparingly and build-up the color to ensure that you do not put too much on your lips.

Even though I recently purged my make up collection and did give several of these away, I made sure to keep my favorite colors, which I model for you in this video.

You can purchase these lippies in local and online beauty supply stores, ULTA, eBay, the LA Girl website, iKateHouse, and other various retailers. The price for these varies so shop around for the deal that fits your budget.

So, have you tried these oldies but goodies? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section.

Make this week glam,

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March (& February) Planner Spreads

I always said I would never be one of those people who said “wow this year is flying by,” but in 2018 at by myself saying it often. As you’ve seen in my previous planner lineup I am working with several Happy Planners. I also just recently incorporated a recipe planner into the mix. I still have a desire to add memory planning to my repertoire but I have not started on that yet.

February completely flew by so I did not get a chance to edit and upload a separate video for those spreads. However, I came up with a cute compromised by incorporating both months into one video.

I made sure to get this video up for the month of March early. You can always see a close up of the weekly spreads via my planner Instagram, @Married2KDK. There I tag the shops in each post so you’ll know where the stickers came from.

I truly hope that you enjoy a quick flip through of my planners via this recent YouTube video.

Also, don’t forget to enter this month’s GREAT WASHI GIVEAWAY #2! This month I’m giving away this cute workout washi tape since I am back on my Weight Loss Wednesday (check that out here) journey. To enter you just need to be a US resident, 18+, YouTube subscriber and blog follower.


Oh, here are the winners from January. Yep, I decided on two winners 😊! These ladies received their prizes in early February and created some cute things.

Our Compassion Experience

This week our family was fortunate enough to attend The Compassion Experience tour when it arrived in The Lone Star State. I was so excited for us to attend because we missed it during its last tour in our area. This time I made attending top priority and we are so glad that we did.

The Compassion Experience is based off of ministries that help third world countries that are truly in poverty. Through their ministry they provide clean water, medical care, education to children and adults, food, and shelter. As children enter the program they are given opportunities that they would have never had because of their family’s current situation. Many families are introduced and excited to accept Jesus Christ through services offered by this ministry and from there they are introduced to everything else the Compassion Program has to offer.

When attending this FREE exhibit you are able to walk through the testimonies of children who have participated and subsequently graduated the program. It is truly an eye opening day in the life experience as you see pictures, video, and hear the participants guide you through their life story. We were truly amazed to hear how Jesus Christ changed the lives of parents and even helped the children forgive and show compassion toward others. This exhibit is also family friendly so even our two-year-old was able to enjoy and understand what was going on. Due to some of the vivid details in the stories most of the exhibits offer a child friendly version of the testimony. The stories change during the tour so feel free to visit the exhibit on each round of the tour.

You can watch clips of our field trip via this recent YouTube video.

We strongly encourage you to make time to attend this testimonial exhibit when it comes to your area. You can find out details on the tour by clicking this vibrant hyperlink. You can also find out more about The Compassion Program and how you can sponsor a child via this vivid hyperlink.

Make this week fruitful,

Ta’Neisha K

Magic Stix Markers Review/Giveaway

My children have truly enjoyed creating masterpieces with the Magic Stix Washable Markers by The Pencil Grip, Inc. In preparation for this review, we’ve been using these awesome markers for approximately 6 weeks and have enjoyed every minute of it.

You definitely recognize The Pencil Grip, Inc. because I have reviewed for them before. Upon receipt of this new product I was intrigued by the information they offered with the package. I made it my mission to test every fact to ensure its veracity. By the end of this review you will find out if these markers passed every test and also be given an opportunity to win a set for your household.

The first thing that I tested was the company’s claim that these markers are odorless. I had everyone in the house smell them over, and over, and over, and over again. I was pleasantly surprised that these don’t even have the normal marker scent that other companies have on their “unscented” products. To date no one in the house has been able to catch any scent from either of these markers.

Next we tested out the brightness and boldness of the colors as well as the overall quality of these markers. I was very excited with the packaging of this product because it is sleek, stores easily, lays flat, and doesn’t take up much space at all. I really think this one of the best packaging set ups that I have seen offered by this company. I love that all the caps are the same color so that way you don’t have to worry about trying to match them specifically. The colors were all vibrant, unique, and looked great on the artwork that my children and I created. No matter how many times we’ve used them, even the lightest color still comes through with perfect pigment. I’ve even used these when Bible journaling and noted that the colors dried quickly and did not bleed through to other pages.

Pencil Grip 3

Last and definitely not least the biggest claim that these markers will not dry out with the cap off for 7seven days was tested. I was the 100% skeptical about this alleged fact and I couldn’t wait to prove them wrong. I left the light brown marker sitting on the bar top, without the cap for seven days. I placed the cap back on so I could record the giveaway video. The cap was only back on the marker for three minutes before I recorded the results. So, did the marker work after seven days with the cap off? You can find that out those results as well as information about the giveaway via my recent YouTube video.

Overall, the Magic Stix Washable Markers are another true testament to the high quality items that The Pencil Grip, Inc. adds to their product line. We appreciated the opportunity to review these markers and to give a set away to one lucky supporter. As stated in the video this is a United States only giveaway. Please refer to giveaway rules for additional requirements and information.


Be sure to check out additional reviews on these markers by members of the Homeschool Review Crew.

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Ta’Neisha K.

Jan/Feb Homeschool Wrap-up (2018)

Oh, did you think I forgot to share our January and February homeschool wrap-ups with you?

In January we spent time reconnecting with each other and our curriculum, went on field trips, attended church co-op classes, took a family vacation, created several art masterpieces, completed a couple of DIYs, held a balloon release in memory of a loved one, and celebrated a myriad of silly holidays. We also participated in Jamerrill Stewart’s Mega Motherhood daily photo challenge on Instagram.

January Homeschool Wrap Up

Here you’ll see a few moments during our celebrations of fun holidays:

We visited Texas Motor Speedway for a fun field trip

Last but certainly not least we celebrated my father-in-love’s birthday via balloon release. We decided to share the video about Vernon R. Kemp, on YouTube so the whole family could see it.

In February, we enjoyed getting back into our routine again. This year Texas actually had a winter season so it was hard getting out of the warm bed and back on track. We had a great time getting together with our church homeschool group and they even started a book club for all ages. One of the children’s favorite things was creating Marble Shaving Cream art. It was so much fun and the children had a blast getting messy while creating masterpieces.

We celebrated Bear’s 10th birthday. I cried tears of joy but I managed to get through it. We turned our house into an arcade and it was awesome!

All in all the past two months have been full of joy. I truly love educating my children at home. I also had some pivotal moments when I decorated our kitchen, created a gallery wall, and decorated our bathrooms. These changes definitely made a difference in our household atmosphere.

You can hear more about dealing with the loss of another loved one, our new schedule, and curriculum update via this recent YouTube video.

Comment below and tell me how your homeschool year has been going.

Make today grand,

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