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Bear’s Book Review: Worthy Kids/Ideals

Our oldest son, Bear, has enjoyed reading the first two books in this new biblical time-traveling adventure series by Worthy Kids/IdealsThe Secret of the Hidden Scrolls is designed to help children discover the bible as the read the adventures of Peter, Mary, and their dog Hank.  This new series currently houses two titles from author M. J. Thomas but after reading, my son hopes more will be on shelves soon.

Worthy Kids 1

In The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: The Beginning (Book #1) we are immediately introduced to nine year old Peter, his older sister Mary, and their dog Hank as all were dropped off with a relative to stay while their parents travel to Africa.  While left in the care of Great-Uncle Solomon they learn he is an archaeologist that has discovered amazing things some which are stored in his home library.  The best part about his artifacts and treasures is that they prove the bible to be infallible!  The most important discovery is the renowned Legend of the Hidden Scrolls wherewith an adventure can be had as each one is unrolled.  In the first scroll the children are walked through the creation of the world and meet the angel Michael, who will guide them through their time travel experience.

Worthy Kids 2

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: Race to the Ark (Book #2) includes a new scroll and begins as any great sequel does, with a few reminders in the prologue and first chapter.  Unlike most children’s stories where the characters have fantastic time-travel adventures without the adult’s knowledge, in this one the Great-Uncle knows and encourages the children to enjoy.   During this second experience Peter, Mary, and Hank have several interactions with people from Noah’s time that don’t go so well.  Remember, during this time the bible explains in Genesis 6:5 KJV, “The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”  M.J. Thomas did an excellent job of portraying this through his words making it easy for the young readers to understand that in this time the people were truly evil.  Within the pages of this book the children assist with completing the Ark all while learning more about the power of God, fortitude in faith, and even some dog history.

Worthy Kids 3

Overall the first two books in The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls were a fun read for Bear and even for myself as we prepared for this review.  I believe this new series by Worthy Kids/Ideals would be a great gift for young readers, ages 6-11.  I would also use these stories during homeschool breaks for the holidays, summer enrichment, or even with the church for Vacation Bible School activities.  My oldest son enjoyed reading both and was able to finish each one within an hour.

“I really liked the book and want to read the next ones as they become available.  I think the stories kept true to the bible principles but added adventure for my age group.  I think these books are good for children ages 6 and up.  My younger brother and sister even liked listening to me read the first book to them. I like the characters and the added adventure of finding the words to complete the lesson while they are there.” Bear, 9 years old



As always, you can read more reviews about this new biblical time-travel series for children via this ancient and legendary hyperlink.

And, because this company is so fabulous, they are currently offering a FREE PREVIEW OF THE FIRST BOOK!  You can access this by clicking either hyperlink throughout this review displaying the series name.

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The Lizard Won

This is another long social media status update that popped up in my memories from five years ago. I definitely wanted to share this and the lesson said I learned from the experience.

One of my favorite scriptures is 2 Timothy 1:7 which reads, “for God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”  It was the first scripture that I taught Bear, our oldest, and I use it in prayer daily.  I truly believe that God has not given me the spirit of fear, I have power through him, I love everyone, and my mind is equipped to make sound judgement calls and initiate self control.  I walk boldly in faith knowing that God is always in control and I’m equipped to handle whatever comes my way. 

But occasionally, I’m reminded that I am still human. Sometimes I might find myself in a situation that causes me to feel nervous, anxious, or even scared.  Especially when I lift up the laundry basket and see a HUGE, three inch lizard sitting on my couch.  At which point I scream and quicly spray air freshener at it.  Then in order to protect myself and my son from this dinosaur, I immediately flipped all the couch cushions over. 

I figured that wasn’t enough to ensure Godzilla was gone so I mustered up my SUPER HUMAN mommy strength and flipped over the couch. I then ferociously sprayed my Lavender Vanilla air freshener defense shield to ward off the HUMONGOUS three inch lizard.  There might have been some screaming, praying aloud, and even a couple of tears as I battled the world’s largest small house gecko. I’m 100% sure those came from me. My son BEAR, who was four at the time, stood firm and said “Mama, God has not given us the spirit of fear.” I quickly replied, “that doesn’t apply to lizards,” as I cautiously scanned the living room to ensure our white, four legged visitor was gone.

So with that being said clearly I have power to lift couches.  Eventually, I used my sound mind to (self control) to calm down because I realized that I’m bigger than the terrible lizard.  I also used it as an opportunity to teach my son what not to do when you’re scared.  I also reminded him that the little lizard was afraid of me too.  Shall we say love caused me to spray my Lavender Vanilla air freshener defense system to protect my son? 

But, when it came to fear…

On this day, THE LIZARD WON.


To hear about how to put faith over fear, watch my challenge video. 

Make this week fantastic,

Ta’Neisha K. 

Review: Let’s Go Geography

Our 4th grader has been having so much fun with this new world geography curriculum. Let’s Go Geography covers a variety of countries across the globe each year.  This program also features several subscription options to meet your family’s curriculum needs. 

 Lets go geography 3

Initially, I was excited to try this product because our oldest truly enjoys geography lessons. He gets really excited about learning information from different cultures, especially as it pertains to their access to the scriptures and belief in Jesus Christ.  Prior to our official first day of school we followed along with the provided lesson plan for Bear’s coursework to get him back into school flow.  As a complete curriculum I enjoyed the weekly reminder emails featuring information about upcoming lesson and a download link.  This made things so simple because I could easily open the file and print while I enjoyed my favorite makeup guru on YouTube or clipped online coupons.  And, for those of us who occasionally procrastinate or suffer from the forgetful “mom brain,” having your lesson waiting in your inbox is definitely a plus!

 Lets go geography

Once school started, I realized that this curriculum also came at the perfect time because we are currently finishing another world geography series. While lesson planning I was grateful for the option to use the lessons that coincided with the country we were already studying.  So, if your child is enjoying their time in South America feel free to skip around and enjoy the remaining lessons for that continent. Although we had to skip around these last few weeks I look forward to going back to visit the countries that we missed.

 Lets go geography 2

The Let’s Go Geography curriculum provides lessons for two regions of the United States along with twenty-six additional countries each year.  We are currently in year one of the program which includes lessons about Greenland, Columbia, Ecuador, Chile, Norway, Sweden, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Cambodia, and so many more. The activities in the lessons range from listening to music from the country, creating unique art work, map work, and time to write about what they have learned.  Even though various activities are included, you can easily complete a lesson each week including teaching and activity time. You also have the option to create a passport for your child to use as they enter each country as well as a Travel Journal to hold all of the favorite things they’ve done each year. I look forward to saving Bear’s Travel Journal as a keepsake. 


Finally, I had to share that this program is able to be used with all of your students from Kindergarten up to Fourth grade.  Our preschoolers even have their own passport and enjoy listening to the songs or watching videos about the various countries.  I get so excited in knowing that I can adapt the lessons for our younger students and have even found several board books about the countries we’ve visited at the library.  Let’s Go Geography is definitely large family friendly!

Lets go geography 4

Overall, our experience with Let’s Go Geography has been so much fun. Every week we look forward to exploring each continent via this homeschool geography curriculum.  The lessons are jam packed with so much information and there is even a blog on the website dedicated to providing great articles to heighten your homeschool experience. But wait, there’s more! Right now you can visit the website to get a FREE DOWNLOAD of continent coloring pages. You can also check out the special offers section for the current coupon codes to save on your membership subscription. 



As always, be sure to check out additional reviews on this awesome homeschool geography course by clicking this WORLDWIDE hyperlink.


Make this week grand,

 ~Ta’Neisha K.



I love my Bible!

I posted this Facebook status update back in July of 2013 and thought it was worth sharing again today.
Every Sunday I look forward to seeing a little boy at my church. Why? Well because EVERY SUNDAY he proudly shows me his Bible.  He tells me who bought it for him and why it is his favorite book.  He shows me the maps and talks about how he is going to learn about every place shown.  This is one of my favorite weekly moments because each week he is more excited about that Bible than he was the previous week. 

Do you remember the day you realized that life without Christ wasn’t worth living? 

Do you remember when you learned that Jesus is the only way to the Father?  

Do you remember going through your ABCs (Acknowledge, Believe,  Confess)? 

Do you remember the day you gave the Most High God, the only wise and true God your heart?

Do you remember when you got saved? Yes I said “got saved”.

Are you saved?

If not, don’t wait because time is running out. 

I REMEMBER!! And every Sunday I’m reminded, via this child’s enthusiasm, just how important that decision was then and still is today.


 I thought that this was a great reminder and an opportunity to issue a couple of challenges that I shared in previous years via my YouTube channel. I am challenging myself and every reader to participate in both. Feel free to comment below and let me know which plan you are completing on the YouVersion app or which book and/or book of the Bible you are studying.  Currently I am studying the beattitudes and I’m really enjoying it. I’m also 66% through my Bible in 90 days reading plan on YouVersion.

I’d also like to share with you a quick video about a free Bible devotional for children called Keys for Kids.  You can get this daily via email, online, or mailed to you quarterly.

Make this week grand,

Ta’Neisha K.

Get into HOOPLA!

One of my favorite pastimes is to ride in the car while listening to a good book. Yes, as an avid reader I would love to sit down and flip pages, but as a mom I realize that those opportunities are few and far between.  I’m grateful for my local library’s connection to Hoopla, the digital library, and the myriad of books available.

This month we started our new homeschool year and have been enjoying our continuation of the Christian Heroes Then and Now series via Hoopla.  We love the audio versus be different voices excite the children and help the stories to come alive.  Of course, audio books aren’t the only great reads available in this digital library. Our preschoolers enjoy the children’s section and Bear has been really into biographies of his favorite sports icons. 

As a homeschooler using My Father’s World curriculum, I’ve realized that there are several other homeschoolers around us on the same schedule. Oftentimes I need to reserve a book at least a month in advance to ensure I will have it in time for our lessons. If our lessons for a certain unit are delayed I can rarely renew the book because another family has already reserved it.  Thankfully, Hoopla can help with those hard to find or impossible to renew moments. 

Finally, as a professional book hoarder, I’ve been able to stop myself from purchasing every new book I desire. I forgot have fun at used to be to go to the library, find something amazing to read, take it home, read the book, and simply return it.  With the digital options you complete the same process at home, at your office, or at Chick-fil-A while your children play after lunch.  I’m 100% sure that I have so many books in my personal collection that are available at my local library and via Hoopla. I bet my husband is reading this paragraph while calculating all of the money we could have saved.

This isn’t a review post, but a quick FYI to check with your local library and see if they have a Hoopla account. If they do, you’re well on your way to having a vast collection of books LITERALLY at your fingertips.  Use the program and encourage others to do the same because this helps local libraries determine if they should continue their partnership or cancel it. Believe me, you going to want them to continue it. Like, continue it forever.

Happy reading and happy homeschooling, 

Ta’Neisha K. 

Harvey Relief and How You Can Help

The great thing about being a Christian is the wisdom in knowing you should put works with your faith.  Right now, during the devastation of hurricane Harvey more than prayer is needed.  People need season appropriate clothing, food, clean water, shoes, and so much more.  Diapers, wipes, formula, and other baby items are also in high demand.  There are also many organizations that you can provide a financial donation to as well.

Even if you are nowhere near the devastation, and you can still put together a donation drive through your local church, school, or community.  Seeing people come together in times like these is such an amazing testimony to the power of working together.  Even though people have lost their homes, precious memories, and other material things, we as believers can ensure that they never lose their dignity.  We can ensure that they never go a day without feeling loved and cared for during their transition to a new home or back into their own home.

If you can’t give financially then you can donate your time by volunteering. Sending encouraging letters to first responders in the affected areas, helping a donation drive sort out items, and providing a foster home for displaced pets are a few ways you can help out.  And, even if you can’t do any of that, keep praying for everyone affected and those working or volunteering. 

Last but certainly not least, please be mindful of what to send and where to send it. For example shipping water is expensive so just donate money to a specific organization and they can buy water.  Also, if you are donating clothing please donate CLEAN, season appropriate clothing and only donate NEW underwear, panties, bras, undershirts, and socks.  Here is a recent article with additional detailed suggestions on how you can help: How to help Hurricane Harvey Recovery.

Make today grand, 

Ta’Neisha K.