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The ULTIMATE Brow Blog

This post is your all in one stop for everything that has to do with grooming, filling in, and shaping your eyebrows.  I have several product review and tutorials that I’ve filmed over the years so sit back, eat your favorite snack, and enjoy this ULTIMATE brow blog.


Brow blog 1

EYEBROW GROOMING for me is extremely simple.  I just apply some razorless cream shave to certain areas while my brows are filled in and wipe off the product after three to five minutes.  You can learn about this product via my detailed review and my updated brow grooming routine videos.



FILLING IN MY BROWS varies depending on the look I’m going for and the amount of time I have to apply my makeup.  Sometimes the fill in process takes three minutes and other times it takes ten minutes but that is only when I am going for a super detailed full face.  Here are a few tutorials featuring some of my favorite eyebrow products and methods.

Perfect Beginner Tutorial


e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit


Reverse Method (applying concealer and then filling in)


Wet n Wild Eyebrow Mascara


Hopefully you were able to pick up some new tips or reminded of things you used to do that worked well for your eyebrow routine.  I’m not saying every makeup application has to have pristine eyebrows HOWEVER, I do believe that taking an extra minute to fill them in doesn’t hurt.  You can see me complete a FULL FACE featuring the popular “no makeup, makeup look” in this tutorial and the eyebrow portion only took one minute.


If you missed something and don’t feel like scrolling back up, you can just click this hyperlink which will open up an ULTIMATE YouTube playlist in you BROWser.


Make this week BROW-tastic,

Ta’Neisha K.


Happy Father’s Day

You know I had to take the time to wish all the fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day. So here’s a big salute to the real HEROES of the world, Fathers.


Fathers Day 3

To those that may have lost their father, I pray for peace and comfort during this holiday.  Let the memories of your father bring your heart joy and be sure to spend time with others so you’re not alone today.

Fathers Day 2

Finally, because fatherhood is so important I want to remind you that to put reminders in your phone to make sure your father has his gift on time until the year 2025.  Yes, procrastinators and planners I’ve got your back until the year 2025!  By then, it should be a habit so you shouldn’t miss anymore Father’s Day celebrations.

Fathers Day 1

For additional encouragement about the POWER OF DADDY, check out these blog previous blog posts.

You can also watch my recent video, dedicated to my own awesome father, phenomenal husband, and cool father-in-law.


Make this week grand,

Ta’Neisha K.


Homeschool with Joy, Focus, & Confidence

Apologia 6

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear are “how do you get started homeschooling,” which is where I usually refer them to a few videos and blog posts that tell our story.  Now, that I’ve had the chance to review How to HOMESCHOOL with Stunning Confidence, Contagious Joy, and Amazing Focus (DVD & Coursebook) from Apologia Educational Ministries, I will also be sure to include it in my list of resources.  This course in based in Christianity and includes two DVDs with videos that accompany the chapters in the provided course book.  Various topics are covered within this course that will help get the family started, keep them motivated to continue, and even look beyond a high school diploma into continued education.

Apologia 5

First, let’s discuss the videos provided on the two DVDs.  Initially I assumed the videos would go through different steps, similar to a class or online course, and provide the viewer with the information in a formal way.  Apologia decided to take a different approach and I’m so glad they did.  These videos are approximately ten to fifteen minutes and honestly feel like you are in the room chatting with your friends, Rachael Carman and Leslie Nunnery.  I was so happy to hear the women share their personal stories, testimonies, frustrations, challenges, tips, tricks, and solutions with such transparency.  I do this all the time because you never want to share only the good when someone is about to embark on the homeschool journey.  These ladies covered so many topics during their dialogue and their words were extremely encouraging.

Apologia 3

Next, let’s dig into the course book information and assignments.  I found the course book to be a synopsis of the conversations had between the Rachael and Leslie.  Within the pages you will find approximately two pages of reading per chapter and a connected page for notes per chapter, along with scriptures, and continued encouragement.  I love that the lessons aren’t designed to take up much of your time and the information provided is easily accessible and relatable.  Some of the course topics include setting goals, tips for choosing curriculum, dealing with opposition, finding support, organization, continuing education, and even marriage.  During this course you are also given ten assignments which have you do some research about local programs and your state homeschool laws, organize items, spend time in prayer, and so much more.

Lastly, I was happy to find even more resources within the FREE online appendix.  Through a password protected website you will be able to access special blog posts, Pinterest Boards, prayer and family resources, and printables not include within the course book.  You will also be given access to join the private Facebook group for others who have previously taken or are currently taking the course.  There is something amazing about have a social media group that you can access 24/7 for feedback, encouragement, and support throughout this journey.  I also love that there are new homeschoolers and veterans in the group from so many places, making it easy to reach out for understanding to situations that might only pertain to your area.

I don’t doubt that this course will be extremely helpful to those interested in homeschooling and who feel overwhelmed by the very thought of it.  As I was going through the videos, I thought about our decision to homeschool years ago and I realized that I did every one of the assignments based off of advice and conversations with other homeschoolers.  Now, I look forward to sharing Apologia Educational Ministries, step-by-step approach to getting started with those interested in embarking on the call from God to educate your children at home.  Use How to HOMESCHOOL with Stunning Confidence, Contagious Joy, and Amazing Focus (DVD & Coursebook) to light an educational fire in yourself and your children.

Apologia 4

Be sure to click this magnificent hyperlink to read additional reviews on this course as well as the Internship for High School Credit book by the coolest Homeschool Review Crew around.


Make this week educational,

Ta’Neisha K.



We love Whistlefritz!

Whistlefritz is a language curriculum which offers complete programs designed to teach your children various languages.  Our household was so excited to receive and subsequently review the Educator’s Spanish Collection.  This collection includes the five Spanish for Kids DVDs, three  Spanish for Kids CDs, the Spanish Lesson Plans for Kids book, and Spanish Matching Cards.  This program is designed for Pre-K and early Elementary students.

While using the WhistleFritz Spanish curriculum we decided to focus mainly on introducing the new language to our preschoolers. With Bam Bam and Princess we were able to go through the lessons fairly easily.  Both enjoyed repeating the Spanish words and holding a conversation in their new language. I always smiled while watching them get excited about viewing the DVDs and learning about the characters. Each DVD allows you the opportunity to watch it completely in Spanish, with or without English subtitles.  We chose to watch these without the subtitles and the children were able to still pick up on the new words and understand the conversations.  We always watched the DVDs together and the preschoolers had so much fun learning about the various topics.


These products were also helpful for reviewing Spanish with Bear. Even though he was doing his own school work,  I’d hear him quietly responding during the preschooler’s lessons.  He also enjoyed playing the memory matching cards game with Bam Bam.  Bear also liked following along with the DVDs because the conversations were completely in Spanish and provided additional practice opportunities.  The music CDs were also a huge hit for our preschoolers.  Music is a great way to teach and reinforce new things so we were happy to use these every week.  As our children practiced their new language, I also made it a point not to focus so much on translation with them.  By just using the words frequently and repeating the teaching text, as stated in the lesson plans, I found that all the children picked the language up a bit more quickly.  Turns out, they didn’t need as much help adjusting to Spanish as I originally thought.

Overall our family has enjoyed using the Educators Spanish Collection by Whistlefritz.  I love the idea of teaching via a multi-sensory approach coupled with language immersion in all areas.  We also took our lessons on the road by creating different Spanish playlists on Spotify.  In the car we were able to listen to familiar nursery rhymes, family favorites, and even worship music in Spanish.

Whistlefritz also offers language curriculum options for French.  You can click this hyperlink to read more about how other Homeschool Review Crew members are using the various products offered by Whistlefritz.  

Hacer esta semana fenomenal, 

Ta’Neisha K. 

FYI: There is a Facebook Group For That

Now just in case you didn’t know, there is a FB group for whatever hobby, interest, and movement you can think of and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with my blog family.

Group blog 2

The first group is the YTHSC which is a place where YouTubers who homeschool can connect, share ideas, laughs, and of course videos.  There are also several challenges that are hosted by members and I enjoy watching the participant’s videos.

The second group I find myself spending time weekly in is Faith and Spiritual Happy Planner which is a great place to share ideas for faith planning and bible journaling.  Members share their monthly, weekly, or daily posts in their faith based happy planners and even provide links to FREE downloads.  I started my planner hobby this year and currently have a personal classic sized happy planner, faith happy planner that I document bible studies in, and the rose gold happy planner which I use as a gratitude journal.  I enjoy the inspiration that I receive from this group.

**FREEBIE ALERT** I recently shared this FREE DOWNLOAD from Dr. Tony Evans website featuring for I AM statements based on scripture.  You can download the I AM Statements FREEBIE via this magnificent hyperlink.


Group blog 1

Last but certainly not least, I wants to share the R Kids Closet Co-Op group which is a marketplace to buy in on bulk order items for children.  In this group you can find anything from fidget spinners (3 for $10), clothes, shoes, moccasins, blankets, water balloons, bathing suits, costumes, and more.  I always shop here for baby showers and for gifts for my friends because the mommy screen t-shirts are always super cute.  Please note that items are ordered, shipped to the bulk buyer, then shipped from the bulk buyer to you.  This process does take a few weeks.  I also suggest that you double check prices via eBay or Amazon because you might find it cheaper there.  This is a rare occasion though so I usually just order through this group.

Hopefully these groups peek your interest and you’re able to make some new connections or awesome purchases.

So tell me, which Facebook groups are you a part of?

Make this week fun,

Ta’Neisha K.

The K5 Learning Experience

k5 info 6

Bear was recently given the grand opportunity to use the K5 Learning online program via a six month subscription and I asked him to help me write this review.  We want to share how you can unlock your child’s potential using the reading, math, and spelling activities available on this website.  K5 Learning is an online supplemental education program that can be used to help your children review what they already know, develop study habits, and fine tune things they need to improve on.  All programs are customized based on your child’s skill level, not grade level, giving them a completely customized learning experience.

k5 info 4

Upon registering for the K5 Learning website you are able to access all areas of the program during your FREE 14 DAY TRIAL.  During our first few uses we gave Bear access to the student login via a personalized username and a creative password which allowed him to complete a few activities while I set up assessments via the parent side.  He took one assessment each day and per the results we decided to move him up to the early skill level, in the next grade level for both reading and math.  This program was designed for kindergarten through fifth grade and you’re able to move your child up or down via early, mid, or late skill level for each grade.  For the remainder of the review period, Bear used the program at least four times per week and he has enjoyed it.


k5 info


“K5 Learning is fun!  It helps me grow and it challenges me to actually think things through.  My favorite things in this program are all the math lessons because even though the problems were hard, each lesson takes you through stages that break down the problem for you.  My second favorite was answering the questions while reading and the daily riddles were always funny.  The spelling was great because I learned so many new words and I was able to figure out the words using only the definition.   I recommend it because it helps children to learn all while having fun.”  -Bear, 9 years old.


Though this website is not a complete curriculum, I do find that it is helpful in practicing and reviewing what I have already taught during school.  Each assignment gives your children the opportunity to perfect what they have previously learned which is especially helpful for things you may not have covered in a while.  The reading program covers phonemic awareness, sight words, reading comprehension, phonics, and vocabulary while the math covers numbers and operations, data analysis, measurement, algebra, and geometry.   The spelling portion is unique because it gives children nontraditional lessons and quizzes.  Both spelling sections provide the definition and an example sentence; however, the vocabulary option has you guess the word before hearing it while the spelling tutor option will say the word while you spell it.


k5 info 2

Personally, I enjoyed the immediate feedback given to Bear when he answered something (right or wrong), the short lessons, parent’s report, unique spelling program, and creative lessons with accompanying printable worksheets.  I did find it a bit peculiar that this program was not able to be used on our tablets or iPad so Bear could only use it at home; however, that small con is nothing compared to the numerous benefits you receive with your subscription.  **The subscriptions are available for a monthly or annual basis with the ability to add up to four students per account.**  Overall we’ve enjoyed using this six month subscription to K5 Learning and definitely recommend it.



As always, to read additional reviews about k5 Learning, you can click on this scholarly hyperlink to see various members of the Homeschool Review Crew share their thoughts.


Make this week superb,

Ta’Neisha K.




Lord, I Remember That Miracle!

There are times that I still remember the days that I prayed for the things I have now.  This is not just a popular meme and quote, but it is literally the story of my life.  I can recall praying sincerely, fervently, and without ceasing, for all of my favorite things including my husband, children, and even my current career as a stay at home mom.  Yes, I prayed for each item until I received them!  I prayed for a marriage where divorce isn’t an option, having the three children we desired, the opportunity to stay at home with and homeschool my children, and even for relationship growth within my family and friendships.  To look out and see these things occurring is just a true testament to how wonderful God is and how he loves to take care of his children.

Miracle 1

I also have a plethora of testimonies where I’ve had to pray over bad, sad, or even terrible situations where God has also provided me with victory.  For example, dealing with miscarriage wasn’t my favorite thing to do, but I am thankful that God strengthened me when I was weak and healed me from the accompanying depression.  In the middle of the hurt, pain, and confusion I never thought it would get better but I remained obedient while praying sincerely, fervently, and without ceasing, only to have God come through and get me together.  Another example is dealing with losing friendships but again that was a result of what I call the ‘Mathematics prayer.’  Yes, I am one of those people that seek God in adding people to and removing them from my life.  I also ask him to have the people remove themselves and each time someone disappears, I may feel the cut but eventually the revealed truth confirms that God had my future and best interest in mind.  He is ALWAYS MINDFUL of his children and their future.

Miracle 2

I could go on and on about the wonderful and MIRACULOUS power of the Most High God but instead I will encourage you to sit and remember how good he has been to you.  I think that each day on earth affords God opportunity to perform miraculous things including every breath we take in, birds chirping, children laughing, and even healing from hurt.  Those miracles also include staying married, breaking the family history and curse of divorce, having a child after dealing with infertility, and even rekindling a relationship with a family member.  I encourage you to write down your  prayers and miracles as they occur because it will provide a written record for you and a testimony journal to share with your children, family, and friends.

For more encouragement and to hear about our infertility story and subsequent miracle childbirth check out my video explaining how I didn’t know I was pregnant.  Yep, it happened to me! #iwasthere


Make this week first-class,

Ta’Neisha K.