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March/April Homeschool Wrap-Up


I’ve had several fun moments with our children during the past two months that I can’t wait to share with you so let’s dive in!


March April wrap up


In the month of March we only had a couple of weeks of school and then took a nice, LLLOOOOONNNNGGGG Spring break for the latter part of the month.  I always use the month of March as our review and catch up month so we can move forward with a clean slate after our break. During this time we complete any projects we’ve missed, I skipped due to lack of time, or that have been started but not finished.  We also review concepts with all of our children (students) and use this as a preliminary assessment.  I use these results to determine if our arrows are ready to move forward or if subjects (TEKS for our oldest and milestones for our preschoolers) need to be retaught or practiced for the remainder of the year.  So far, so good and our children are enjoying the curriculum.



At the end of March and in early April we took two field trips to local zoos for their homeschool day.  The videos (vlogs) showing these fun family moments can be found above and below this blog paragraph.  If you need more information about how to create, locate, and find out about field trips for homeschool students then you can check out my blog post via this wonderful hyperlink.



In April I always ramp things up with our preschoolers and use this time to establish our early summer routine which includes a short, twenty minute school day three times a week.  We will continue our weekly story time at the library, weekly water play, and weekly messy art but on the days we don’t have “school” the younger children have personal ABC Mouse accounts that I do with each of them and every child is encouraged to read and play often.  We are continuing the ‘ABC, What Shall I Be’ program via and the children are enjoying dressing up and using their imagination to become firefighters, doctors, horse trainers, bakers, astronauts, etc.  Our local library and hoopla have also been also been a great source for finding books and movies for each career we learned about.  Of course I’ve included a myriad of alphabet and shapes games as well as opportunities to practice writing.  Bam Bam and Princess have been enjoying preschool this year.

Be sure to watch the video below to get a closer look at the things we’ve enjoyed during April.




I was able to have a mother and son day with our oldest, Bear during which we discussed his current and future homeschool goals.  He has started a research paper on Primates and after a couple of weeks of research and prewriting, he has already started his rough draft.  I am so excited to watch this process and I can’t wait to see him conquer his first four page research paper.  Bear also had several review opportunities over the past two months that he has enjoyed.  For each review I also had him assist in writing the blog post and editing the video footage if we decided to record one.  His most recent project participation involved the Creating A Masterpiece online art classes and you can read that review and watch the video via this artistic hyperlink. 

creating a masterpiece 6


All in all the past two months have been awesome.  Even on the “bad days” (we all have them) I am grateful to be at home and to have a daily opportunity to sharpen our arrows.   You can also see more of homeschool at our house, field trips, library visits, etc. via @teamkempacademy on Instagram.  I decided to create the new account because I was following so many makeup, homeschool, blogger, planner accounts on one Instagram that my feed was too saturated.  Now, when I need homeschool inspiration, I can go to one place and get some encouragement.

TeamKempAcademy Instagram


We will be finishing up our school year within the first two or three weeks of May, take a three week break, and then begin our three day summer enrichment program.     I will tell you all about that in the next homeschool wrap-up post.  Until then you can find additional homeschool and motherhood encouragement videos via this YouTube playlist.

Make this week joyful,

Ta’Neisha K.


Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” Review

Our family thought watching Dave Scotts lead our tour in the new series Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” was such an awesome experience and we are so excited to share this review with you.  Let’s get started!

Drive Thru 1

Approximately 2 months ago our family started watching the Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” from Drive Thru History® .  Upon arrival we anxiously opened and inserted the first DVD, soon thereafter we found ourselves engulfed, watching two or three episodes in one sitting.  This series is giving you the historical background to what was going on in present day, during the Life of Christ.  We loved how it provided not only the physical locations but great graphics, detailed footage, and even the updated indoor tourist attractions that were around during the Life of Christ.  We also learned many things about the people, disciples, and leaders mentioned in the bible because the history mentioned included their lineage as well.

In our household we decided to use these eighteen, thirty minute episodes and provided study guide as a weekly family bible study.  Right after breakfast we all gathered around the television, watched an episode, and talked about what was going on using the study guide questions provided or our own.  Most times after our discussion we would actually watch the next episode and converse about it as well.  We always made it a point to read the Bible scripture that was discussed during each episode.  My husband was also ready to answer any questions that I or our children had pertaining to what we saw.

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Currently, we are thirteen episodes into this Drive Thru History® series and here is what my husband Kevin and eldest son, Bear had to say

“I think it is cool because you’re getting so much information in 30 minutes.  It isn’t boring because they break the topics down and the discussion questions help you retain the information.  Watching this made me feel like I was there in the moment.  I also like how he gave information about before and after the current parable he was discussing.”  Bear, 9 Years old

Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” is an in depth, historical look at the stories that we are already familiar with.  Even if you have heard these stories numerous times you will ABSOLUTELY benefit from watching this.  These episodes give me who, what, when, where, why, and how explanation that makes you appreciate the parables even more.  For example, when I’ve heard the birth story I’ve always thought about a wooden manger, as shown in pictures, I never knew it was most likely stone.  This would advantageous for 5th grade or higher in a home or church setting but our son is nine and enjoyed it.  This will definitely keep all ages interested.”  Min. Kevin Kemp, super cool husband

Drive Thru 2

As a family, we believe that this series is an excellent opportunity to sit and watch with your entire household around.  Our faith is the most important thing that we can share with our children and it is required in the Bible that we should “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6  It is equally important for us to teach our children scripture so they can know who the God that we serve is.  They need to have a complete understanding of the love of God, rules of our religion, and the reason behind our faith.  We definitely feel that this will be a great DVD series to use in a church setting as well for youth 5th grade and up, or with the adults.  With anything done for children my husband always encourages that parents are involved and encouraged to participate.  He also had a great idea to provide the discussion questions as a take home to those who decide to use this with a youth group.

Drive Thru 5

We definitely believe that Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” series and provided study guide is a good introduction to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  This would also be great as a continuation to a study that you are already doing.  This series has done a phenomenal job of explaining the history of biblical times so that the viewers can have a clear understanding and correlate that to the scripture.  It is truly important to acknowledge that the “God breathed text” (2 Timothy 3:16)  is not mere clichés but powerful words about powerful believers who walked this Earth.  We think Drive Thru History® did a great job of explaining the times and will definitely be enjoyed by all who are ready to learn the background of the scriptures, Heavenly Father, and resurrected savior we know and love.


For additional reviews about this series click the magical hyperlink that will take you to the Homeschool Review Crew blog post.

Make today historical,

Ta’Neisha K.


Today is 4/24, let’s CELEBRATE!!

Saw this in my Facebook memories and I had to share.  You can read more about The Fragrance of a Godly Woman in my blog post. 

Posted on 4/24/13

“Every year on 4/24 I’m reminded of my awesome grandmother Deborah Dunmore. 

A woman whose prayers sounded like a song and I loved to hear her and bow next to her as she held a conversation with God.  A woman whose husband loved her so much he never complained about spending her last years taking care if her just as she had taken care of him for do many years prior.  REAL LIFE TILL DEATH DO US PART!  

A woman who loved her children and grandchildren, of which I was the favorite, and great grandchildren <– verified! 

A woman who was the strongest and tallest short woman I know, besides my mother, that was a pillar in the community and her church.  Can’t tell you how many times I would see grown folks hide their alcohol and cigarettes if they passed our house and my grandmother was outside. 

A woman God loved so much that he gave her life on April 24, 1931 and called her home on April 24, 2006.  Yes she went up on her own birthday! 

Life may seem long but it is so short. My grandmother never saw me get married or met my son but that’s okay because I remember her praying for my family long before I had one.  In fact our last conversation was about “this guy i met that i knew God said was my husband.” 

Her last words to me were “I love you.”  Words I cherish because some never heard any and others only got a smile.  I always say she not only taught me how to live in Jesus name she taught me how to die in Jesus name.  The gain in doing so is sweet. 

Cherish your family.  Demand that “drama” ceases.  You can’t get that time back.”

Be sure to watch my video about the fragrance of a Godly woman for additional encouragement. 

Make today memorable, 

Ta’Neisha K. 

The Cutest $2 Spring/Summer Hat

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For the past few Sundays my cute little daughter, Princess has been wearing some beautiful $2.00 hats that I decorated.  Yes, this entire DIY project cost me $2 since I already had the glue gun and glue sticks at home.  Our local Dollar Tree had some colorful straw hats available for the Spring season and I decided to purchase one in every color available.  I haven’t decorated the purple or red hats yet; however, my pink and blue creations came out beautiful.

Spring Hat 1


As you can tell, Princess loves the hat so much.  She wears these hats to church, around the house, and on sunny days when we are outside.  I’m happy that I picked up every color because she will be able to wear these hats for a few years.  My only regret is that I didn’t pick up the matching purses Dollar Tree had available.  If you are interested in trying out this do-it-yourself project then watch my video for details and a quick tutorial on how to recreate this look with your own spin, of course.



I hope that you enjoyed that tutorial and if you decide to try out this Dollar Tree DIY then please let me know.  You can also check out my blog post about our front door Spring themed wreath made with items from Dollar Tree as well.


Spring Wreath Video Pic


Another great thing about these spring do-it-yourself projects has been working outside and enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having in the Lone Star State. Don’t stay inside this spring!! Get out there and enjoy the sun while you read a book, play with your own children, or create your own beautiful Dollar tree project.


Make this week a masterpiece,

Ta’Neisha K,


$ Well Spent: Must Have Makeup


Makeup blog 2

Recently I’ve shopped at several online boutiques to add various products to my makeup collection.  I have enjoyed all the items I’ve purchased and I definitely had to share several haul and review videos with you.  If you missed any, consider yourself in luck as we take a quick walk through the beauty aisle of my blog and see the new items I purchased during the first quarter of 2017.

 Makeup blog 3

First, I fell in love with the reviews I’d seen of these gorgeous liquid lipsticks that were premium quality and only cost $1.  Yes, you heard me $1!! But I was able to snag an even better deal and purchase the entire collection of these lippies for $19. So that is 24 lippies for approximately $0.80 each, shipping included.   You can see this array of metallic, matte, and glossy lippies along with their bright blush collection via this video showcasing the Kleancolor company products.


Next I made a trip to ULTA to spend and rack up some points where I happened upon some beautiful highlighters.  I tried out the new J. Cat Beauty You Glow Girl collection and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality, design, and staying power of this product.  I most definitely had to create a quick show and tell video to share these babies with you all.



Last, but not least I just happened to click on an email notifying me that Milani cosmetics had a two new blushes and a new bronzer available on their website.  My local drugstores didn’t have either item so I ordered them to continue my Milani collection.  In this recent video you can see up close swatches form a woman a color’s perspective and hopefully it will help you make your decision on whether or not you will purchase them. 


Thanks so much for strolling down the makeup section of my blog and I hope you enjoyed a glimpse (and my review) of all the products shown.  I am on a NO BUY for the month of April and May so I don’t think there will another haul collection post until after my birthday spree.  If you end up purchasing something based off my review please let me know your thoughts.  Also, don’t forget to check out my review and face of the day featuring Black Radiance Beauty products by clocking this radiant hyperlink.


Make this week gorgeous darling,

Ta’Neisha K.

April Weight Loss Goals

April Weight Loss 2

So for this month’s weight loss goals I am going to start another 100 day challenge with the new found information I have obtained over the first quarter of 2017.  In this next stage I am going to apply the knowledge and couple it with my fine-tuned workout schedule, dietary changes for enhanced thyroid health, and biblical study.   I feel like the first 100 days were a nice jumpstart but I did have too many waves of passion on/off moments that kept me from achieving all that I could.  I love that I have the weekly videos to share my journey and keep me accountable but I am mostly thankful for my real-time support from my family and friends that have seen me working hard (or hardly working some days) and have committed to continue to push me toward my goal.  I will succeed at this and conquer every fear I have as it pertains to this journey.  I want to ensure that I am here for as long as God has intended me to be and to do that I need my temple to be in tip top shape.


April Weight Loss 5

 Here are my April goals:

1)      NO self-sabotage

2)      Lose 10 pounds

3)      3 mile walk or 8 mile bike ride for PM cardio

4)      Strength training 4 times a week

5)      AM and PM workouts twice a week

6)      NO sugar and NO soda

My weekly rewards for the month include a massage from my husband, uninterrupted bubble bath, new pair of workout shoes, and an extra date night.

April Weight Loss 4 

Thank you for continuing to check-in and support me along this journey.  I will not be posting daily on IG for this second session of the 100 Day Challenge; however, I will be sharing weekly YouTube updates for the remainder of 2017 as promised.  Don’t forget, if you missed a weight loss update or fitness product review this month then you can click this gorgeous and super long hyperlink that will take you through an imaginary virtual portal that ends at the playlist I’ve created.


April Weight Loss 3


Make this week jolly,


Ta’Neisha K.

Book of the Month: Shepherd, Potter, Spy–and the Star Namer

For the past month I have been enjoying my opportunity to read (and review) a great, historical fiction book written by Peggy Consolver – AuthorShepherd, Potter, Spy–and the Star Namer is a biblically-based novel that tells the story of Joshua through the eyes of a thirteen year old Canaanite boy name Keshub.  During this story, Keshub goes from being a young shepherd to having numerous adventures as a spy in the Jordan Valley.  As you continue reading this post, I definitely want you to grasp the importance of author’s concept, attention to detail, and meticulous research, as well as the other resources offered. I believe this is a story that the whole family will enjoy so, let’s dive in!

 peggy c 1

The first thing that I noticed about this book is that it portrayed the story of Joshua with such imagery and detail that it made me want to go to the word and verify what I was reading.  I found myself looking at maps and doing my own research to learn more about the character’s surroundings.  This book is based off of scripture from Joshua and Numbers, along with several passages from Genesis to Psalms. I enjoyed the provided Bible passages list that coincided with the background and each section of the story.  You can tell that time was taken to ensure history was told correctly through Keshub’s point of view. AsI was reading, I could easily refer to the characters and relationships list in the book, which briefly explains each person in the story, to remember meanings of names, family history, character traits, and occupations.

peggy c 2

Mrs. Peggy Consolver has also created an accompanying study guide called Digging Deeper into HIStory, which features research links and discussion questions, along with  additional opportunities to learn more about the history of the characters and timeline of events. Direct links and several videos are provided for detailed explanation or to provide examples of portions of the book, which makes the words jump off the page all the more. This study guide is available for purchase in a Kindle or physical version; however, there is a sample available on her website that you can look over. The book also has small group discussion questions located in the back.

 peggy c 3

Overall, I think this is a great read for small groups or families, as long as they will make the time to read the scriptures. I’m adamant that as you read this you should study Joshua’s story in the bible. I’d also suggest this as a homeschool study where the student reads this and subsequently provides a written description as to whether it correctly portrays scripture.  With this option, I suggest the students be in middle school or high school due to the length of the book.  You can also include an opportunity to have your child recreate some of the mentioned battles or places through artwork.  A diorama or map will be great way to showcase different scenes as well.  In Shepherd, Potter, Spy–and the Star Namer,  Peggy Consolver – Author,  did a great job of telling Keshub’s story while maintaining the integrity of God’s word.

Blog cropped disclaimer

As always, you can read more reviews on this book by members of the Homeschool Review Crew via this magnificent hyperlink.

 Make this week phenomenal,

 ~Ta’Neisha K.