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Florida’s Treasure Coast Here We Come!


This month our homeschool had the grand opportunity to review a book from the By the Way Book Series collection.  Bear, our eldest, chose to read Florida’s Treasure Coast Here We Come because his aunt recently moved there and he wanted to learn about the area.  This book is one of six, currently available, that showcase the adventures of two children named Alex and Lexi.  Every book is hardcover and features a different location on the globe, fun facts, scripture references, and beautiful pictures.  To see a few pages in this book, check out our February Homeschool Wrap-up via my recent video.

First, let me say I was so excited to check out this series because it offers a biblical worldview and acknowledges God as the creator of all the amazing places the children visit.  The beautifully written parent letter on the inside cover explains how our lives are to be “one gigantic teaching classroom where faith is passed from one generation to another,” which is the basis for this series.  Throughout each page you will see your faith being shared within the scenarios as well as the science, geography, and history facts.  I also love that this book was filled with many interactions, portraying that the wisdom of God and his praises can be shared at every age.



In our story, Alex and Lexi leave their snowy abode to visit grandparents in West Palm Beach, Florida. FYI: I’m 100% jealous of these fictional characters because I’d definitely trade cold air and snow for sandy beaches right about now.  While in town these two visit the beach where they (and the reader) learn about various trees, climates, sand, hurricanes, birds and how God cares for them, and the ocean. The book also gave detail about various sea creatures, the history behind Treasure Coast, and Native American Tribes from that area. Various parts of Florida’s wildlife, bugs, insects, animals, and reptiles were also discussed in detail along with local historical figures and landmarks. The tale flows seamlessly and every mention made sense and added to the story in a great way.
Here are my suggestions for reading this series in a school (homeschool) setting.

  1. Look through the book to see the variety of topics included and decide on what you want to cover.  Since it is filled with so much information, you can choose to focus on certain topics and skim over others. 
  2. Take your time reading the book with your students.  For example, we spent a week reading this book and focused mostly on the story and marine life.  The historical portions of the book can definitely be used as a separate study or to enhance a history curriculum you are already using.
  3. Create age appropriate activities based around the topics you’ve decided on so these books can be used with every grade you teach.  For 3rd grade, I had Bear summarize the pages read on the previous day and asked him questions about the facts included.  This was great practice for public speaking and reading comprehension.  He also practiced writing by sharing a schedule of his perfect day in West Palm Beach, FL.  For our preschoolers, I used the animal an marine life photos to share how God created so many amazing things.


current books.jpg

All in all, I was happy with the outcome of our experience in Treasure Coast with Alex and Lexi.  Florida’s Treasure Coast Here We Come is the first book in the By The Way Book Series.  According to the teaser on the last page, the children’s adventures continue in the Smoky Mountains wherein these two are sure to fin more of God’s wonderful creations.  As of now, there are also adventures written for Pennsylvania, Ohio, Washington, and Colorado.  In late April, you will be able to find books about their newest journey through New York City and the first international trip by the pair to Ireland.  These books are currently only available as physical copies; however, you can expect to see news on eBook versions in the near future.


For reviews on the remaining books within this series be sure to check out The Homeschool Review Crew post by click this super long, yet amazing hyperlink.



Make this week adventurous,

Ta’Neisha K.







What’s New at Black Radiance



If you area a makeup connoisseur and haven’t checked out Black Radiance cosmetics, “whats wrong wit chu?” They have quality products, ranging from makeup accessories to collection kits, at a price point that won’t break the bank.  In local drug and beauty supply stores you will find their eyeshadow palettes, lip products, foundations, and face powders.  I’ve yet to see the entire collection at one store, however, the website offers free shipping deals often (currently free shipping at $19) along with several web exclusives.


Here is my list of 4 MUST HAVE from this cosmetics company:

  1. Eye Appeal Shadow Collection includes various eight color palettes that are perfectly labeled with browbone, crease, accent, and eyelid colors.  You can follow their suggestions for a traditional eye look or mix it up for something a bit more dramatic.
  2.  Artisan Color Baked Blushes/Bronzers have a velvety texture, staying power, and include shades that look great on women of every complexion.  Their newest bronzer shades look great as highlighters and shine gorgeously during the day or night.
  3. Eye Appeal Kajal Eyeliner is my go-to for every makeup look I wear.  For natural looks I use it as an eyeliner but I get the most compliments when I use it for my smoky looks.
  4. True Complexion Soft Focus Finishing Powder has been used daily every since i opened my package.  I love how it blends seamlessly into my skin and makes me look like the vibrant fun mom and not the sleepy mom I truly am.


All in all I am truly enjoying the items I won in a recent giveaway they hosted on Facebook along with the ones purchased online.  To see the aforementioned makeup must haves featured in a FOTD look check out my recent video.

You can also see more items from my haul (second shipment) including some web exclusives in this recent video.


Make this week radiant,

Ta’Neisha K.


You’re Never Too Old For Ponytails


Here recently, I’ve been enjoying the ponytail hairstyle.  I love the tousled and care free as well as the sleek and sophisticate versions of this timeless style.  As a wife and mother, I’m always on the go but I still like to maintain a sense of style outside of wearing workout pants everywhere.  In 2017, I’ve committed to stepping up my normal mom routine from super frumpy, to cute and chic even at the house.  This promise doesn’t mean that I’m getting all dolled up to never leave the house; however, I have committed to completely styling my hair and wearing cute workout or lounging clothes when I’m home.

To help me implement my new “cute mom” movement, I went back to my faithful wash and go hair styles including the big puff ponytail, sleek bun, and various drawstring ponytails.  I love having my hair in a ponytail (or bun) because the style is quick and can easily be dressed up for a date night with my favorite (and only) husband, Kevin.  I can also run to the store without a hoodie, retrieve the mail without scaring the neighbors, and make it to the homeschool play date on time because my hair is already done.  Yes, ponytails are a classic style that has kept me cute since I was established in the early 80s.


Here is how I prepare my hair for ponytail or bun hairdos:


Here are a few of my favorite ponytail hairstyles:







I hope you enjoyed this quick post on the perfect ponytail and join me in my mommy commitment to skip frumpy and always have “your together, together” (look nice at all times) because one never knows what the day may bring.

Make this week remarkable,

Ta’Neisha K.



Celebrating the Love of My Life

First let me say that I am honored to celebrate the most amazing man on the planet.  For this birthday I wanted to take a trip back down memory lane to the the birthday posts from the past, thanks to Facebook Memories.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today, in honor of this handsome, suave, intelligent, upstanding, strong, courageous, honorable, sexy, chivalrous birthday boy we created a fun video to show our love and appreciation for him.  It was so much fun to record and edit with my children and each one of us shared a special message with him.  We hope that you enjoy it just as much as we did.

On this Valentine’s Day, make time to let your family (estranged or close) and friends (near or far) know how much you love them.  Life is short so don’t waste any more precious time remaining distant from those you love.  Forgive, apologize, take lots of pictures, hug often, laugh until your stomach hurts, and make great memories with the ones that you love.


Oh and ladies, if you have a hot date planned for tonight, watch my recent tutorial for a beautiful makeup look that will sweep him off his feet.


Make today lovely,

Ta’Neisha K.

Butt Bible Challenge Starts Today!

As with all exercise programs it is imperative that you participate at your own risk, as I assume no liability for encouraging you to exercise.  Be mindful of your body and please consult a physician prior to starting a workout or diet program.


Guess what?

Did you know that whatever day you choose to read this blog is a great day to begin this challenge?

Don’t fret about actual start/finish dates with this fitness experience, just make a decision to try it, push through it, and see it through until the end.

Today is your DAY #1!


Here is everything you will need (to do and know) to complete this workout:

  1. This is a 6 week program with four scheduled workouts each week, ranging from 20-40 minutes, including warm-up and cool down.
  2. Throughout the program you will need a few pieces of equipment including a towel, barbell (or equivalent), dumbbells, and a chair.
  3. You will need to download and/or print the workout calendar pictured directly below this list.
  4. You will need the complete Butt Bible series by Pauline Nordin, which can be purchased via Amazon. (Click this cool hyperlink to purchase)
  5. You can also access these workouts FOR FREE via my YouTube BUTT BIBLE CHALLENGE playlist. (Yes, this super long hyperlink is for the FREE playlist)
  6. I find Pauline’s butt banter to be a bit silly and borderline annoying.  I also realized today that she does use the word “a**” twice.  I’ve chosen to either start or end my day with these workouts when the children are asleep.
  7. Lastly, you will need a positive attitude and healthy eating habits to ensure you are successful in this challenge.


In addition to the aforementioned tips, I suggest a form of accountability via a workout partner, journaling, or posting your exercises via social media.  At the end of this six weeks, I look forward to seeing a healthier version of myself along with the best rump of my life. LOL I busted out laughing as I typed that.  The rump isn’t the big issue (my rump is a HUGE issue LOL), I just look forward to completing this challenge because I’ve started and failed this Butt Bible series several times.  But in 2017 I will conquer this!


I hope you will join me and if you do, just find this post on Instagram (yes, another cool hyperlink), follow me, and comment “I’m in” under the photo.  I don’t mind being your social media accountability partner and please help me along the way. Also, check out my weight loss progress this month via my most recent Weight Loss Wednesday video.

Make this week beautiful,

Ta’Neisha K.

January 2017 Homeschool Wrap-up

January is always a fun month because we get to review what we have learned in elementary while my preschoolers get started on their new curriculum.  This month I started two new lessons with our preschoolers via and they have been a hit.  I truly enjoy the creative play that ignites as my toddler and preschooler pretend to have whichever career we are learning about.  It has taken the phrase “use your imagination” to a whole new level of play.  We enjoyed reading the book I Want to Be an Astronaut by Byron Barton, watched several NASA launches via YouTube, and enjoyed seeing real-time footage via their live feed.


Our oldest student at Team Kemp Academy enjoyed reviewing everything we’ve covered from August until December.  We were also able to revisit the countries we’ve visited so far via My Father’s World ECC with a focus on their government to coincide with our presidential inauguration.  To continue our presidency discussion we read the books When Penny Met POTUS by Rachel Ruiz, Grace For President by Kelly DiPucchio, and Arthur Meets the President by Marc Brown.  My favorite book that we read was Grandaddy’s Turn: A Journey to the Ballot Box by Michael S. Bandy and Eric Stein.  I suggest every family borrow it from your local library or purchase it for your home library.  I also had Bear write a schedule of his perfect day with any president, dead or alive, wherewith he played soccer, went to Hollywood, and gave the weather report on the news with George Washington.  I thought he’d pick a different leader; however, he reminded me that nothing is cooler than the FIRST. Touché son, touché.


In addition to sharing our homeschool high points for the month of January, I also included a Dollar Tree haul in a recent video.  I was able to purchase counting blocks, arts and crafts supplies, posters, and a myriad of geometry items for $1.

All in all, January was a success and we look forward to what February has to offer.  I hope you are enjoying our monthly wrap-ups because they have been great encouragement for me on those hard days.  Hold your heads up homeschoolers, every day will not be perfect, but with God (through Jesus Christ) we will see fruit of our labor from sharpening our arrows.

Make this week successful,

Ta’Neisha K.


Journaling Bibles 101

I get so excited each time I open the pages of a new book.  Even if you know the title, you don’t know which way the author(s) decided to take the story or how it will end. You never know which emotions will be pulled and whether the characters will grow/mature during trials or just run away.  I get those same emotions each time I open my bible.  Yes I know the title, subject, some of the main characters, plot twists, and even the ending but I still feel a rush of excitement, anticipation, and peace when I reach for the word of God.


This year study, journal, pray about what God has shown you and repeat this process daily.  Never underestimate the power of the unblemished, God breathed scripture because it is truly the LIVING WORD that prunes and molds us for growth naturally and spiritually.

Make this week reflective,

Ta’Neisha K.