Today is October 15th

​Let’s all take a moment to pray for those families that have lost children God deemed too precious for Earth. 

I am a proud mother of beautiful children.  I’ve held some only in my dreams and I am honored to love on 3 #coolkids every day.  I’m so grateful for my blessings because we suffered so much to gain them. 
Through our testimony  we’ve been able pray with couples all over the globe. God is STILL healing wombs and performing miracles! We spend time weekly praying for healthy marriages, fruitful spouses, pregnancies carried to term without incident, and successful deliveries.  To hear our TTC testimony and how God gave us a miracle, check out this video.

If you are a married couple having trouble conceiving, feel free to send me an email and we will add you to our prayer list.

If you are a woman needing encouragement after an abortion or miscarriage, then watch this video.  The DVD mentioned is no longer available, however I do recommend any of the ministry DVDs on this page.  You can also find FREE sermons available for download here.

Make this week joyful,

~Ta’Neisha K. 


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