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Dear Wal-Mart Grocery Pickup, YOU’RE AWESOME!!! 

I was definitely skeptical when this new service hit our area. “The same Wal-Mart that NEVER has enough registers open has the audacity to offer a service for the customer’s convenience?!?!”  Yep, totally skeptical.  But, after trying this service three times I can honestly say that Wal-Mart grocery pickup IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! 

Here is a quick list of the pros and cons

•convenient, uninterrupted ordering and pickup
•FREE SERVICE, $0 cost to pick up groceries 
•can use Savings Catcher app for money back
•can use Ebates for cash back
$10 off your first purchase and with each referral
•free gift for new customers 
•free upgrades when product is out of stock

You must leave your house to get your order
▪Sorry couponers, you can not use coupons on your online grocery purchase yet.

Grocery shopping with my 2 and 1 year old children can be a big hassle.  Our 8 year old even gets distracted and forgets to help me most of the time. This pick up option has been a lifesaver for me!!!  During my three pick ups I’ve only had one missed item which they replaced immediately and profusely apologized for.  So Wal-Mart, I’m giving you a big WHOOP WHOOP for this idea. Please don’t let the excellent customer service at pick up go down the drain. 

For a quick glimpse of my school shopping via this service check out my recent video.

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If you’re interested in trying the Wal-Mart Grocery Pick Up with a $10 off coupon then click this really long hyperlink. You can see if your area already has the service, when they will start the service, and again you get $10 off your order.
Make this week  


Happy Homeschooling Giveaway

I was blessed by a teacher friend of mine with a box full of school worksheets.  These worksheets were helpful to us to  review concepts as we ended our Second grade school year.  From this massive box I saved several sheets for our two younger children to use in a few years.  I also prepared two packages for friends that just had babies to help them transition into the next school year.  I even had more than enough copies to create not one, not two, but three packages for a HAPPY HOMESCHOOLING GIVEAWAY!!

Here are the **OFFICIAL RULES**

-Closes at 11:59:59 CST on 8/5/16

-You must be a subscriber to the avenue you choose to enter through. 

-You may enter all 3 giveaways via the hyperlinks below

-ONLY ONE COMMENT PER PERSON on each giveaway post 


**Blog Giveaway**

-Must be subscribed to the blog via email or wordpress account (photo directions below)

-Comment on this post and tell me your plans for the current/upcoming homeschool year.  Feel free to share any curriculum you’re using or ideas you may have to help others.

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For a quick glimpse at some of the worksheets that will be included in the prize package check out this one minute video.

Again, there will be a different winner chosen via each social media avenue. And YES, you can enter each giveaway one time. 

Happy homeschooling and make this week wonderful,
~Ta’Neisha K.

Comment on this blog post and tell me your plans for the current/upcoming homeschool year.  Feel free to share any curriculum you’re using or ideas you may have to help others.

And the Kingdom Woman winner is. . .

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You didn’t win?!?!?!

Don’t fret friend,  another giveaway is starting in a few hours. Yes, literally a few hours. So watch out for your next Marriage, Motherhood, and Makeup email notification.

Make this week  “dy-no-mite,”

~Ta’Neisha K.

Glitter Makes EVERYTHING better!!

I remember the day I was first introduced to my “glitter” and how it changed everything.  It was a sweltering hot day in July and after some labor pains, I got a chance to hold my “glitter” in my arms and we named her Princess.  Every since she has been in our lives things have been even more lively, colorful, and joyful.  Even during my pregnancy I would tell people, I can’t wait until she gets here so I can have some extra glitter in my life and Princess has done just that.


To most people reading the title you’d think I was talking about actual “glitter” but don’t fret, I kind of am. My definition of “glitter” is anyone that adds a sparkle to your life or makes you want to be better. My family does that for me but I must admit, having my own Princess steps everything up to a “whole notha level.”  I push extra hard to be a great wife and mother because we’re raising a future one via my mini me.  I want her to know that her mother led by example through faith and deed so she will be able to do the same for her family.  Life before Princess was great, but having her here definitely adds much more sparkle, laughter, and glitter to our lives.

For those of you that thought this post was literally about actual glitter, enjoy this recent eyeshadow tutorial.


Make this week glamorous,

~Ta’Neisha K.~