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The Fragrance of A Godly Woman

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Today, I had to take time to remember my beautiful Grandmother, Deborah Dunmore, for everything she instilled in me by raising my mother.  I’m still in awe that I remember so much of what I watched her do for her family, even though she was gone before I had my own to tend to.  She had her own businesses, ran a beautiful home, was active in church, and always honored my grandfather, the lord of her home.  Initially, when Kevin decided to allow me a chance to stay home, I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to do what I saw my mother and grandmother do.  Years later, I am so grateful to be a pro at this, while having my own businesses, and teaching other women to do the same.


I remember a preacher speaking at my husband’s grandmother’s funeral about the fragrance of a wise woman.  Fragrance lingers, whether it is sweet or a foul stench, you will smell it.  You can catch someone’s fragrance on your clothes and pass it along to others even if you’re not trying.  So, looooooonnnnngggggg after you’re gone, people will smell your fragrance in how you reared your children, took care of your husband, paid your debt, handled priorities, etc.  Deborah is no longer here but I CAN STILL SMELL HER FRAGRANCE in the way her husband still smiles when I mention her name.  Her children, grandchildren, great grands, and great great grands are coming along just fine because of her sweet smelling fragrance.


Daily, I tell Trinity that she will be an awesome wife, mother, helpmeet to her husband, and sweet fragrance to her household.  Some days, I’m not sure what life will bring or how we will move forward after things happen.  Some days, I’m not sure if I can tend to my great husband, Kevin Kemp, teach my wonderful children, keep the house in order, and have some time to exercise and read for “me time”.  But, God! I do it all, barely on some days, but I do it all.  I’m doing my best to leave a SWEET FRAGRANCE that passes along to my family and everyone I come in contact with.

For more on my testimony of being raised by fragrant women check out my recent video.


So, wives, mothers, women of God, what fragrance are you wearing today? Sweet? Sour? Spicy? Foul?  Is your life a true sacrifice to God through Jesus Christ? 



Make this week fragrant,

~Ta’Neisha K.



Celebrating Friendship & Bull Riding

There is nothing like a great friendship that lasts and grows with you over time.  I am honored to be friends with some great women but I must admit that these ladies (and Jennifer) are my favorite college friends.  They knew me well before my YouTube channel; in fact they still don’t watch all of my videos.  They knew me well before motherhood, and were probably the most surprised that I decided to be a stay at home wife and homeschool my children.  They knew me well before I was a Mrs. too and even had a firsthand viewing of Kevin and I go through some crazy things.  If you ever want the “tabloid worthy” information on me then these ladies are the two ladies that you would ask.


First there is my girl Bridgette, a PK that gets along with everybody. Like for real, she gets along with everybody! I’ve never known anyone to have a legitimate issue with Bridgette that can’t be resolved because she is a natural counselor and the queen of conflict resolution. My secret truth about Bridgette is that I admire her tenacity and initiative.  If she has the will to do it, then she will make a way to get it done effectively and efficiently.  Oh and I’d also like the world to know that she has the best hair out of all my friends.  You remember that doll whose hair would grow when you moved her arm?  Yep, that is how Bridgette’s hair grows.


Next, there is Shekeira who is the mother to a handsome son, sophisticated journalist, and an educated, soulful queen.  She’d love to be described as a “diva” but the truth is, she is one, therefore the description would be accurate.  She is truly the most supportive person that I know.  If people gave 60% of the support to others that she gives to her family and friends, the world would be a magnificent place.  My secret truth about Shekeira is that I truly admire her strength as I’ve watched her deal with many things and survive like none other.  Oh, and she is beautiful too. My ultimate goal is to look like her when I grow up.

In 2016 my 2nd quarter goal is to connect with my friends more because there is no way to turn back the hands of time.  In life, we make time for what is important to us and our friends should definitely be on the list of things that matter. I plan to get out once or twice a month and just go do SOMETHING!  Not just because our friends are awesome, not just because they’re cool, but keeping in mind that having fun with your girls is necessary.

So here’s to friendship, fond memories, and all other shenanigans you can have with your home girls. Oh and here’s to bull riding. Yep, check out my recent video for some great times with two of my college best friends.


Happy Birthday Bridgette and Shekeira! Candy Girls, I love y’all dearly and I’m so grateful for your friendship. You two ladies are the reason why the month of March was so awesome! WHOO-DE-WHOOOO!




Make this week exquisitely beautiful,

~Ta’Neisha K.