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#BrowGameStrong but Brunette STILL isn’t dark enough

I was super excited when I came across this a new product from wet and wild called Ultimate Brow Mascara. I picked up the darkest color they offered which was for brunettes and did my best to get it to work for me. In order to have the perfect color match I also used a black mascara to darken the product. I love the formula of it because it is light and not cakey; however, I wish that it did come in a color that is similar to their mink brown eyeliner pencil.

I believe this product is great for filling in a natural brown without taking away from the original beauty. I also really appreciate that it fills and sets your eyebrows in one step.  Overall I give this product 4/5 due to the ease of application and formula. I’d recommend it to makeup beginners and any woman looking for a quick brow enhancing product.

Now Wet’n’Wild, you’ve made me grin with your new product but let’s go darker. My brow game is strong but brunette STILL isn’t dark enough for most women of color. Update the colors and that missing star might just magically appear.

For a quick tutorial featuring this product, check out my recent video.

Make this week simply Brow-tastic,

~Ta’Neisha K.


Rember Your History of Victory

This challenge comes at a time in my life when so much transition is going on in a grand way.  First, we completed our family when we were blessed to have a great little girl (pregnancy blog coming soon), and second we have moved from the home and town where our love and life began.  Both of these wonderful things have been a marvelous addition to the story of our lives as #TeamKEMP but come with natural moments of excitement, nervousness, healthy fear, and more.  The good part for obedient believers is that all these emotions also come with a pure peace from God once you realize his plans are perfect and have never failed you before.

I took some time while packing to remember what life was like for Kevin and me before marriage, children, and all the adult responsibilities we’ve added on over our fifteen years of being together.  We were eighteen and nineteen year old young adults when we met and through obedience unto God, our life has turned into so much more than we could’ve ever dreamed.  I’m so glad that I made time to journal some of our triumphs, testimonies, dreams, goals, and blessings because it has given us a record of our victorious history in Christ.  The Most High God is so faithful and we are grateful for the care he has taken of us as we have dated, gotten married, been fruitful, and multiplied.

history of victory.png

This month I suggest you make some time to go back down memory lane and REMEMBER YOUR HISTORY OF VICTORY.  Doesn’t the bold and underline make that phrase sound super awesome?  That’s because your story is super awesome, amazing, fantastic, and even prize-winning.  Your obedience in Christ has allowed you to accomplish great things and God has blessed you more than you’ll ever know.  So, when you think of a “thank you Lord” moment, write it in a journal so you will never forget.  Tell the stories to your children, grandchildren, and teach them to do the same so the faithfulness of our never failing, omnipotent, and omnipresent God will continue to be told forever.  And always read, memorize, and speak scripture to share the foundation of and history of our beliefs.

Check out my recent video to hear some of #TeamKEMP’s history of victory and what I use my various journals for.

Make this week prize-winning,

~Ta’Neisha K.


100% Wack! Wet N Wild Ombre Blushes

You ever get so excited about purchasing a brand new makeup product that you can’t wait to get it home?

You ever get so anxious for the release date of a product that you stalk their social networks just so you can be the first person to purchase it?

You ever get so disappointed upon opening said product because you realize that your money has been wasted?

You ever purchase something that you had high hopes for only to have it end up being 100% WACK?!?!

<Raises hand>

I’m the only one?



That’s what happened to me just 4 weeks ago when I picked up these blushes. I was so excited to see the advertisement for them and couldn’t wait to order each via the Target website. While picking them up, I had a quick make-up chat with the cashier and told her to check out my channel for a prompt review. Since then, I’ve seen her twice and when asked about the review I scurried off. I didn’t have the heart to tell everybody how horrible these products were because I love Wet’n’Wild so much. I’ve never been more disappointed in Wet’n’Wild for the horrible quality and pigmentation in these blushes.


Ombre blushes

The look of disappointment due to the Super WACK-ness of these blushes

I hope that this is just a brief error in the Wet’n’Wild history and that this product quickly leaves our memory because it is replaced by something that is actually fantastic. Wet’n’Wild you know better, so please do better.  For more details, lives watches, and my reactions to this product check out the video.

Make this week dazzling,

~Ta’Neisha K.