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Great Things of 2014 (3rd Quarter)

This third quarter of 2014 has been tremendous and awesome! I am so grateful for the many accomplishments and family memories I experienced. I’m excited to share them all with you so, let’s get started.

We kicked off our third quarter with a relaxing summer vacation. We just vegged, got ice cream wasted, slept in, and swam often. Since I live in a house full of a Kings, we also had several impromptu family Nerf gun battles. We concluded summer with two family vacations during which we visited our grandfathers. In August we started our first grade journey and our theme is EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

In September I decided it was time for some super deep cleaning so I began a household purge. We donated many items, cleaned out every natural room, closet, and drawer. To my surprise, a natural deep cleaning will help you clean house spiritually as well. I won’t go into too much detail, of course there is a video or blog coming, but the energy in my home is amazing now thanks to a declutter session.

I also started a great Bible Study on the book of Esther via Love God Greatly. I can’t begin to describe how much I’ve grown. This was my first time studying Esther as a married woman and I truly related to her. Humility and strength is what I took away from the study. My favorite scripture from the study was A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭25‬:‭11‬ ESV)


Guess what else I did? I REACHED MY ONE HUNDRED POUND WEIGHT LOSS GOAL!!! During this time I finally started and completed a squat challenge. I have to admit that these squats will “get you right” and have you “bootylicious.” <– Do people still say that? Probably not. Either way, I strongly suggest that everyone complete a squat challenge before the end of this year. It works!!!


Last but certainly not least, I have to include the great time that I had at my church. We finished out the last quarter with a women’s fellowship week and it was truly amazing. We did so much during this week including shooting at a gun range, community service event, luncheon, and an Amazing Race. Of course there was a little bit of friendly competition, which I’m proud to say that my team, AMAZING GRACE won with flying colors! If you would like to see the great time we had then click on the video below.

As you have read, this third quarter has been wonderful and I look forward to making more phenomenal memories and accomplishing even greater things to end 2014.

Check this message for my end-of-the-year encouragement

Remember that games are won and lost in the fourth quarter.

Are you prepared to FINISH STRONG?

Make this fourth quarter awe-inspiring,
~Ta’Neisha K.~

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Grandfathers are GREAT!


Here recently, we went on two vacations which included visits to our grandfathers. Now that you’ve read the previous sentence, ask yourself these quick questions:
-When is the last time you visited your grandparents?
-What is the last time you visited your aunts or uncles?
-When is the last time you visited any of your older family members?

If you have to really think to remember these visits, then it is past time for you revisit those people and create some fresh memories.


There is nothing like spending time with those who are responsible for creating the awesome parents that created you. There is nothing like taking a trip down memory lane and learning some of the history that lies within your veins. There is nothing like watching eyes of all ages light up as older generations meet, hug, and love on younger generations. There is nothing like family.


During our visits I got to meet family on my husband’s side, that I’d never met before. I met aunts, uncles, cousins, and second cousins that I have enjoyed getting to know. I made some precious memories, tasted Aunt Barbara’s famous culinary creations, attended a birthday party, and pick some apples from my grandfather’s Apple tree. I learned the history of my husband’s grandfather and how he changed his life. I also enjoyed listening to my own grandfather tell me where he was when President Kennedy died. He also shared memories of my grandmother that I’d never heard before. While visiting, I made sure that I asked hard, life questions and I received truthful answers from both of them. I was so grateful that they were open, honest, and willing to share their lives with me.



Life is short. My grandfathers have lived on this earth for 80+ years but that is not a long time. No matter what older relatives you have left, MAKE THE TIME to spend time with them. MAKE THE TIME to spend with your family. Share the history with your children and take photographs of these precious memories.

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Make this week memorable,
~Ta’Neisha K.~