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Mom Chic with POP of color

Anyone who knows me in real time understands my love of age appropriate bold makeup looks. Yes, I’m the woman that will be rocking blue eyeshadow in my 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond because I’ll know how to apply it correctly to enhance my seasoned style.

When it comes to a pop of color many were surprised by my color choice and placement for this Summer eyeshadow look. Rather than place the color on the waterline only or in the center of the eyelid I opted for a bold inner tear duct highlight that continued into winged liner.


Yes, I placed my kelly green eyeshadow there and I LOVED IT!! Truly amazed me that a thirty-one year old homemaker could create a slightly daring yet completely darling with makeup look without going overboard.


So my fellow wife &/or mother if you’re ready to escape the regular mascara and gloss “mom look” and step into the “I love your makeup” compliment club then try a pop of green. Don’t let it stop there this look works well with turquoise, teal, blue, purple, or pink. Check out my Kaboom Kelly tutorial for details on how I achieved this look.

If you aren’t ready step out with color then try my Mommy 10 Minute Makeover routine for a quick fresh face.

If you are truly pinched for time then get “the glow” by trying my Simply Enhance tutorial.

I’m a mom and I’ve perfected the “beat face” in ten minutes routine and the “you look great without makeup” even though I’m wearing makeup routine. You too can be a fly wife and mother again with or without makeup. Just remember that no matter what, you’re NEVER TOO OLD for a pop of color!

Make this week colorful,
~Ta’Neisha K~


My Motivation

Sometimes life just comes at us. Sometimes things just happen. Situations occur that can knock us down but that’s just life. As a believer I know what type of days I’m promised and though the not so good surprises occur I’VE STILL GOT JOY! Here are just a few things that motivate me to move forward.


1.) My husband and children are my main motivation. I love my family. No matter what comes our way I’m always mindful of my reaction because I know my children are watching. I’m also conscientious of reactions to my husband because I don’t want to discourage him. In return, my family notices when I’m feeling down or need an extra push. I can always count on slobbery kisses from our infant and a pat on the back along with a “you’re the best mom” from oldest. And even when I try to hide my feelings, my husband still knows the perfect moment to just hold me or smother me with compliments. My awesome family keeps me motivated!

2.) My hobbies keep me motivated too. I enjoy singing, dancing, creating videos for my youtube channel, blogging, and my weekly manicures. I also look forward to my monthly girls night out and the quiet evenings where I can curl up with a good book under my leopard blanket. These may seem like simple things to you but I think they are future memories worth living for.


3.) Victory and freedom are my final means of motivation. Of course both of these are tied directly to my faith. As a Christ believer I get excited because I know the outcome of my life is victory and not defeat. My obedience to the word, perfect will of God, and faith gives me freedom to not be bound by the troubles of life. I keep pressing on because I’m determined to endure until the end just so I can share the story of how I MADE IT.

There are so many things that can keep you bound and pull you down but don’t spend too much time focusing on those. Let the great, good, awesome, and spectacular things motivate you.

Let victory motivate you.

Let peace motivate you.

Let faith, family, friends, and love motivate you.


For more encouragement to endure, break fetters, and live check out my recent video.

Make this week enlivening,
~Ta’Neisha K.~