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Our Family Favorites

If your family is cool like mine is, you must enjoy the most random, yet truly awesome things. Here are a few of our family favorites. FYI: kdk is our 6 year old son, kdk2 is our 5 month old son, and KDK is Kevin, my awesome husband and boyfriend on the side all in one.

So, our oldest had a hard time narrowing down his current favorites but here is what made the final cut in his own words.

“My favorite thing about my toys is because I can play anything that I want. I have lots of toys and I can play lots of games. I like dinosaurs because there are so many cool things about them that people don’t even know. They can be omnivores, carnivores, or herbivores, and some were really tiny and some are medium sized or really really really big. I like learning about lions. I like wrestling because when they fight you see which one is stronger and which one is weaker.” kdk <– my favorite first born son


Of course kdk2 can’t talk just yet but I think his favorite thing is mommy because I breastfeed him. LOL Well food might actually be his favorite thing but since I make and serve his meals I must be his favorite thing. We’ve been occasionally introducing him to some mashed food which he enjoys. And I can’t help but hear my grandmother, may she rest in peace, telling me to give him bean juice, pot liquor from greens, and a chicken leg bone. Ha! Old school baby food is still the best. Laughing and rolling over are the things we are enjoying most about him right now. He is truly a happy baby just like his brother was. And you know kdk2 is my favorite second born son.

I’m enjoying my recumbent exercise bike which has helped me lose almost 100 pounds. I’m also enjoying drinking water. Crazy favorite, I know but I really didn’t like water prior to having our second child. Now I can’t get enough of it. I’m sure the breastfeeding has aided my desire for it. My new favorite drink, Mint Lemonade, comes courtesy of my fab friend Felecia who is now required to have this prepared EVERY TIME I come over. Mint Lemonade is simply made using lemonade sweetened as desired and adding fresh mint leaves. After your first sip say “Thanks Felecia!” Finally, I’m loving this cool tool I picked up recently from Dollar Tree called a long reach and pick up. If you are short like me this is a must have tool and considered one dollar that was well spent.

Long reach & pick up

Long reach & pick up

KDK, also known as Kevin or husband, has some great favorites to add as well. Daily he uses the SportsDay Talk App for his iPhone where he can stream, pause, and rewind live radio. He can also play past clips of the live radio when something is currently streaming that he doesn’t want to hear. On the way to work he also enjoys listening to Pastor Rickie G. Rush via our local gospel radio station. Kevin isn’t a daily coffee drinker but while at work does enjoy an occasional cup. To make it more flavorful he pours the coffee into a cup, adds cream, sugar, and then some cocoa powder to kick it up a notch. This chocolaty coffee creation goes great with his next favorite, my half baked dessert. For this I make homemade brownies and drop in homemade cookie dough then bake for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees. And last but certainly not least he had to include Top Golf. He recently won a contest at work and his team was rewarded with a visit to this place. He had an awesome time and said the food is excellent! If there is a Top Golf in your area then definitely check it out.

Top Golf

Top Golf

Longest blog ever, but I hope you enjoyed it. If you have some cool things to share feel free to comment below. For more of our family favorites check out my recent video

Make this week spectacular,
~Ta’Neisha K.~


Urban Decay’s Naked 3: Haul, Review, & Tutorial


Check out this FOTD via Chocolate Covered Strawberries link.

Check out this FOTD via Chocolate Covered Strawberries link.

I know you all were wondering where the makeup portion of my blog was. Today it has arrived with a quick glimpse of my new palette, Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette. This Rose colored palette consists of beautiful shades that will compliment all complexions. If you are a fan of pink, mauve, rose, cream, and gold hues this is the palette for you. If not, avoid this palette at all costs. I purchased my palette via my recent haul.

I also created a cute eyeshadow look that I call Chocolate Covered Strawberries which also features the new Wet n Wild glitter eyeshadows.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I am definitely enjoying this palette; however, the color pay of this version is not comparable to the others. The shades are beautiful, even on women of color, but I did find that this palette required several applications for the colors to show completely. I’m not a fan of the packaging design either. Seriously, who decided to make the palette bumpy? Hello! It is a Rose hued palette so how about adding roses to the packaging rather than the waves. Overall, I rate Naked 3 a 8/10 due to the color pay off and funky packaging design.

I like to end all reviews on a positive note which isn’t hard for this palette. The looks you can create are endless and the colors can easily be turned into cheek highlights or blushes. I’ve also added a small amount of clear gloss to my lips and placed dust over it. Dust looks great on the lips and as a cheek highlight on women of color. Let record also reflect that the rose gold color in this palette, trick, is gorgeous!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries without glitter

Chocolate Covered Strawberries without glitter

For additional thoughts on this palette and a tutorial using it check out my recent video.

Make this week grand,
~Ta’Neisha K.~

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Special shout out to my great husband for encouraging me to be better, reach higher, work harder, and especially for his persistent pushing.

If my Comfort Zone were an actual place, I imagine that it would have mood lighting, plenty of plush of pillows, and a sectional couches with recliners. Why? Because I love seating options. In my Comfort Zone there would be soft music playing, a fire place, and a waiter serving my ginger peach tea with lemon 24/7. Did I mention the on demand masseuse?

Doesn’t my Comfort Zone sound like a relaxing establishment? So you can understand that when this challenge was suggested to me it made me COMPLETELY UNCOMFORTABLE. Nevertheless I’m glad I decided to do it. That’s why I’m so grateful for my husband. He truly knows what I need before I notice it.

I could give you a myriad of reasons as to why you should stay in your comfortable place but the truth is none of them matter. As a believer, I understand that when it is time to move then it is time to move. Even if you try your hardest to stay in your Comfort Zone, God is going to make it so uncomfortable that the thought of remaining there will be unbearable.

Tips and Reminders
1) Don’t be scared to leave the familiar for the unknown. Truth be told we can all sense “the shift” prior to that season starting. You can run the opposite direction if you desire but I prefer to go forward and strive towards the next level.
2) Don’t let your “first step fear” cause you to miss out on grand opportunities. I know how nervous I feel when I decide to take on a new task but I enjoy the feeling I have once I’ve exceeded my initial goal and expectations. I would never experience that success if I didn’t move from my Comfort Zone, in obedience to God, with confirmation through his word.
3) Complacency will halt your growth. Saw this picture via Encourage Me Rofasho’s Instagram and thought it was a #nuffsaid moment.

Via Rofashojo Instagram

Via Rofashojo on Instagram

Is it scary to step out of and subsequently depart your Comfort Zone? Ummm YES! But I am excited to see what lies beyond my cozy and convenient corner. I’m not sure where life will take me but I know that in over 30 years God has never failed me. Look for clarification in his word. God is faithful and will fulfill every promise.

To hear details about how I’m stepping out of my Comfort Zone check out my latest video.

Make this week AWESOME,
~Ta’Neisha K.~